Apple iOS 11 Update Announced

Apple iOS 11 Update

Apple is the most booming industry, as they always comes up with innovative and exhilarating features which lead to more growth and generate more revenue for the company. Apple has recently announced the iOS 11 Update and is the most advance mobile Operating system. The new OS provides great user interface to iPhone and iPad. As it makes iPhone to operate more easily and also enable more flexibility for iPad. With iOS 11 with advanced features is the most powerful update that will lead more growth. The new features let the user work more easily and developers modify the changes and provide a user experience for interaction.

What is New in iOS?

Apple new mobile operating system iOS 11 comes with new and exciting features that gives user a new design and user interface. Also support various different range of apps with 64 bit OS.  The new control center makes it more easy to use and redesigned controls with simple buttons let the user to explore the features such as quick access to Apple TV remote and also it records the movie while whatever you are doing on screen. iPhone App Development this time comes up with the newest and electrifying features that will let user a new experience while operating them. Here are some of the features that make some changes in OS:

Updated Siri

The Siri app is getting popular in iOS as as it is the more intelligent app .By listening to the user’s voice and return back the response. With the updated Siri app user will get new voice option with clear pronunciation and also it translate English language to any other language quickly. While using this app user can easily learn and understand and synchronize all the information and quickly provides the results. Siri syncing is a new feature that added to enhance the app and make it more smarter and faster than before and also includes the new and different sound for user to understand better.

Control Centre

iOS 11 has let the user to manage the control Centre just by swiping upward the button  and  provide an entirely new look with all latest design and icons. As lock screen and notification center has merged in iOS 11 and provides a great user interface. There are primarily two sections for the basic control options. While for controlling Apple Music controls, plus sliders for volume and brightness the larger icons are available and the smaller icons are available for lock rotation and Do Not Disturb options. Customization option also expand the control center to access the additional 3D touch easily.  While control center in iPhone and iPad works differently.

File App

In Apple files are stored generally on iCloud such as drop box, Google Drive which do not have a proper way to store the data. Now in iOS 11, the new added feature is file app which can easily manage the data and synchronize all the information at one place so that user can access the file. While file app maintaining the file for different folders and user can search the file and easy dragging the file save time and efforts.

Screen Recording

Apple has comes up with latest feature to user for easily recording the screen. While this feature was not available before and developers has put a lot of efforts in creating the feature. As it will also works while user doing other thing. This is very useful feature as one can easily record the screen without any disturbance anytime and quickly.

Augment Reality

Apple has provided a huge environment for gamers to play the games with augment reality effects on their iPad. Augment reality is increasing rapidly and in enormous demand and the future in gaming world is very bright. Developers focus more on creating the apps which are compatible with te devices and provides user experience with the real time gaming through ARKit is really possible to connect the users with the real world object while playing. Developers has done a great job while providing the virtual objects to users for playing and exploring the gaming world.

Easy Multitasking

iOS makes it easier to do multitasking as in iPad, user can operate the apps directly from the dock at the bottom with the slide view multiple window can operate simultaneously. User can drag one app to the slide view and by using the app switcher one can redesign the dock style and choose the app which is more useful to work.

Apple Pay

Apple iOS integrated with an app i.e. Apple Pay that allow user to transfer money instantly to friends and family. Just by adding amount to the Apple wallet through debit or credit card to the message app and transfer the money easily. And user can easily transfer the amount into their Bank account through the app only. Also user can make purchase form app store while using the Apple wallet, send or receive money quickly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple has recently make few changes in the keyboard as now double keyword is placed as user can use letters and number while the secondary number and symbols including downward would be easier for user to access the keyboard. This is a small change but is very useful and effective. User do not need to flip back for other symbols and number as everything is in front and it will save time.

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