Best Online Payment App in India

Best Online Payment App in India


In recent years the growth of Online Payment has been increasing as people are using digital payment systems more often. With the increase of internet and mobile among the people, they are going for digital transactions compared to previous years. So what is online payment? It is an application that lets users make an online payment to purchase goods and services.

It is known as an E-wallet where users can pay through their account directly and without cash transactions. The main motive is to become cashless and promote digital payment through your mobile App.

Online payment has been increasing, and people are looking for a safe and secure way for it. Therefore people are using plastic money more frequently as it is a secure and easy way to transfer money. There are so many payment applications through which we can quickly transfer money online.

Choosing the best gateway for online transactions is not easy as there are some of the best applications through which we can pay online such as BHIM App, Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, MobiKwik, etc.

Top Online Payment App


BHIM App stands for Bharat Interface for Money Application is a digital initiative taken by NPCI(National Payment Corporation of India) to make India cashless. After demonetization, the BHIM app has become very popular. The government recently launched the application in December 2016, and we can easily & quickly send money online. It is fast, secure, and reliable for online payment through your mobile. So you have to first register with your mobile number, and it will automatically connect to your bank account. You can make direct bank to bank transactions & also track your transaction details easily. And also, by sending invitations & Referral codes to your friends and family, you can earn exciting rewards on the App.

What you require to register your account

  • To link your account with your mobile number
  • Valid debit/credit card details
  • Register your account for mobile banking


Paytm is an easy and convenient platform for online transactions launched in August 2010. It is one of the most useful applications which allow users to access multiple features within a single application. The App is available for users to book tickets, DTH recharge, and quick bill payment; these features are for mobile users only. One can also use it for sites like IRCTC, Dominos, online cab booking payment, and instant payment to local shops.

How does it work

  • Register with your mobile number
  • Add money to your Wallet with a debit/credit card
  • Transfer money to any Paytm wallet


MobiKwik is a fast and straightforward online payment app launched in May 2016. A customer can add money quickly to the Wallet and pay through the digital Wallet. You can load your Wallet with money and do not need to add debit/credit card details, and it also offers instant transfer of money to friends and family. It does not charge over any mobile recharge and is very easy, saving time and effort.

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is one of the major online payment service providers launched in January 2016. It allows the customer to send and receive money through an application. Oxigen Wallet is the first online Wallet that allows users to add cash to wallets and transfer money safely. It provides DTH payment, movie ticket booking, recharge, etc. We can send money to friends’ wallets or any bank account, anytime.

It lets the user make secure payments anywhere, and all the details are safely stored.


PhonePe is an online payment app which is launched recently in January 2017. We don’t need to exchange bank details; you need to share your verified mobile number and bank name. Also, Flipkart and Myntra can be received into your PhonePe Wallet. You don’t need to enter any debit/ credit cards details and do not need to add money to your Wallet. It will directly transfer from the bank.

How to register for it

  • Open the App and verify your mobile number
  • Enter your name, email and 4 digit password to activate your Wallet
  • Confirm your bank details and send or receive money quickly.

Future of Online Payment App

Definitely future of online payment is very bright as many people prefer to buy and pay online. In recent years, we have seen a rise in the online payment system as it is more convenient for people and is much faster and more secure to use. The growth of mobile payment has increased as more users are satisfied with the service and use digital payment more frequently. Online payments provide solutions according to customer needs and provide the highest security. Social purchases and instant payment are increasing day by day and becoming very useful to the users, which will lead to the digital growth of our country.

A large number of mobile app development have entered into the online payment system, including big cities that also have been using this for online shopping, bill payment, etc. The online payment trend is increasing rapidly, and in the coming years, it will lead to a bright future for our country.