Best OpenCart E-Commerce Store Modules 2017

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OpenCart is the leading and fast growing open source ecommerce platform worldwide. Open cart perform multi -platform functionalities and easy to set up and having a tons of add on features. Also providing innovative themes with additional plugins. OpenCart comes with free downloads and updates and modules which expand your store functionality. Designers and developers investing a lot of time in making unique themes which are attractive and engage more users. There are large number of themes available to choose for your ecommerce website. OpenCart Development Company comes with the feature such as SEO optimized, responsive, Ajax search and quick product view, which will increase more user experience.

Meeting customer needs will lead to successful online business. To make you select the best themes, OpenCart has comes up with user friendly themes and modules. Designing the themes may take some efforts but with responsive OpenCart it will become easier. OpenCart provides features 12,000  modules and themes to start, grow and expand your business, service integrations, payment providers, shipping methods, social media, marketing, accounting, reporting, manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes as well as language packs.


Best OpenCart Modules

OpenCart Modules have make ecommerce website more accessible and design in such a way to provide user friendly platforms and also support multi languages. Here are some of the best OpenCart modules in 2017. Add any of them to your store, and people will love to shop on your site. Such as:

Opencart Marketplace

If you want to choose OpenCart as your platform as it is open source, easy to set up, widely respected, and growing like, you need to use marketplace extension. Opencart Marketplace is the latest and updated version provides flexible module which convert your OpenCart store in to Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating.

This module also contain the custom shipping feature, where you can add own shipping rate according shipping area and weight of product.

Extension Uninstaller

Extension Uninstaller is one of the most commonly used module that completely delete all extension files. With Extension Uninstaller, you can safely remove extensions you no longer need for your OpenCart store. In your OpenCart, go to admin panel, open extensions, select Extension Uninstaller and place the zip file there that has been removed easily. So it is very easy to access and use this module.


Email Verification

Through Email Verification customer need to verify for activating their account. Email Verification provides security by preventing multiple registration on one account. As one user can access one account at a time. While when customer create their account, they get email notification   confirmation link. It will provide authentications to users and securely save your account details. Email Verification support multiple languages, so you can send customized emails for all countries and module can also be enabled across multiple OpenCart stores.

Code Manager

Code manager is free and light version and provides an easier way to OpenCart developers to get direct access to admin panel. Code Manage include simple drag-and-drop way to upload thousands of pictures to your server. You can easily create a personalized admin access account and disable access once. There is so much you can do with Code Manager such as: create, edit, and delete files. Upload, download files and duplicate or change file permissions.

MasterCard Payment Gateway

OpenCart provides easy integrated MasterCard payment gateway services. For easy payment you need to have account and your MasterCard details. It support global payment system, while making the extension usable by OpenCart stores around the globe. You also have the option to specify your own custom payment gateway. All the data is managed and details are kept secure. The MasterCard Payment Gateway Services for OpenCart comes with Google Analytics integrated so that you can easily track interactions with the checkout.

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