Difference Between Android and iOS

Difference Between Android and iOS

iOS was born because of a great vision of Steve Jobs. Android was born because people weren’t allowed to mess around with iOS. The amount of security iOS provides has made it undoubtedly the most protected and ideal operating system to use. Android, on the other hand, provides the opportunity to use the base-operating system and develop your own version of it.

iOS is owned by Apple, a company which believes in creating the best version of anything. Android is owned by Google that mostly copies what Apple does. iOS is flawless to use without major bugs whereas Android phones follow the age-old tradition called ‘lag’. Although the number of apps on an android play store is larger (3.3 million) as compared to the number of apps on an iOS platform (2.2 million), quality can never beat quantity. Download of any unwanted application could lead to your device is corrupted. Apple (iOS) takes major precautions in this area.

Security is the reason people use Apple-pay, one of the most secure forms of payments in the US. Ever heard of Google-Pay?

The user interface on an iOS device is designed in such a way that a 4-year-old kid can use it and even his 70-year-old grandfather. iOS was the first operating system that allowed the use of the best pointing device that God invented (your fingers).

Almost all of the Apple devices get an update of the latest version of the iOS released in the market. Android lags far behind in this segment. Most of the devices running android do not get the latest version of the iOS. The ones which get are mostly delayed. And even that might slow down your device causing you to kick yourself for updating it in the first place.

The ‘i’ in iOS stands for Internet, like in all other Apple devices. This basically means all your data can be synced on all your Apple devices seamlessly through the internet. You might be working on your project on your MacBook and might want to review on your iPad later that evening, thank God for iOS. Android is restricted mainly to mobile devices so Apple wins hands down in this segment.

“Hey Siri, What time is the game tonight”. Say Hello to Siri, your very own private, virtual assistant. No matter what you want to find out, just say it out loud and Siri will do the job for you. Sorry to say this but the only thing “Google Now” has helped me find is the President of United States. Android is lacking behind miles in the virtual assistant category. The only thing Siri can’t do is go out on a date with me.

Android phones have been consistently demeaned for their poor battery life. If you own, Android mobile better carries a portable charger with you. Never know when you might need it. iOS phones are known for better performance while consuming a minimum battery life.

People may argue that Android phones have the option of customization and that it’s an open-source platform where one can explore their creativity. The fact remains that iOS has always been the most popular operating system in the world.

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