Difference Between Apple Watch and Android Watch

Apple Watch vs Android Watch

Smartphones are very important part of our life, and the world is becoming digital, smart watches have been launched in the market and created a huge buzz. Wearable devices becoming new trend and fast growing in the market. Like Fit Bit band that are also considered to be smart watch as it tracks your health. So smart watches are getting in demand and people are willing to buy them and becoming more digital. Smart watches are categories into Apple Watch and Android.

If you have to choose between Apple Watch and Android Watch, both having features and specifications with some pros and cons. The designs and functionalities are quite different user friendly. Apple Watch App Development Company are set to  develop more interactive apps as this will lead to increase in the number of users as people will buy  smart watch that would be beneficial and affordable for them. Both the Apple and Android Watch trend has been widely increased and new series has been upgraded with all new specifications and easy to use features.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is wearable devices that considered to be smart watch runs only on iOS platforms, have remote app for controlling the functions with 22 interchangeable bands, starting price $300. Apple Watches are quite stylish, having crystal glass and much more powerful than the Android Watch. Apple Watch series 2 has been designed wisely and with upgraded features, much faster than the Android Watch. Apple Watch also having features of calling but it is only possible when connected to Smartphone. Some of the upgraded series include features like waterproof, GPS chip, extended battery life, light sensors, having 4GB of internal space.

Apple Watch App Development

Some of the upgraded Apple Watch series 2 are:

  • Apple Watch Nike+
  • Hermes Apple Watch

Android Watch

Android watch run on Android platforms and comes with thousands of interchangeable bands. And the device can track your heart rate, also price starting form $192 which is cheaper than Apple Watch. It will track your location and gives notification & reminder alerts, easy access to the actions with an apps. We can connect with Wi-Fi and play online music and synchronize notifications via Google server. Some of android watches are compatible with data plan, so one can contact through message or call very easily without using Smartphone & have in built speakers and microphones. Android wearable are independent to perform functions easily when your phone is not nearby , also including features like Fit Bit which automatically track your health.

Android Watch App Development

Some of the smart watches that upgrades with Android 2.0 are:

  • Asus:Asus Zen Watch 2Asus Zen Watch 3
  • Casio:Casio   WSD
    Fossil: Fossil Q Founder, Fossil Q Wander, Fossil Q Marshal
  • Huawei:Huawei Watch, Huawei Watch Ladies
  • LG:LG G Watch R, LG G Watch Urbane (1st gen), LG G Watch Urbane (2nd gen)
  • Motorola:Moto 360 2, Moto 360 Sport 

Apple Watch V/S Android Watch

Both Apple and Android Watch having different functionalities, to make a choice between both is quite difficult. Android wearable works on Android phones and Apple wearable compatible with IPhones only. As Apple Watch is considered to be best, it has cellular connectivity with high performance and able to identify user identity. Android watches are much cheaper and affordable than Apple Watches. As compared Apple Watches are best to choose as it offers more functionalities and more security with an interactive design and tend to run faster. Including Wi-Fi connection, weather check, smart home devices, reminders, and also track your health. Newer versions are getting upgraded with more features and very convenient to use and in coming years most of the people are getting into this technology and will become more digital.

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