Emoji App Development Cost Features

Emoji App Development Cost Features

“A picture is worth a thousand words, no matter how much the language evolves.”


You can often convey a complex thought better with an image than through a series of winding, hard-to-follow sentences, whether you’re texting, posting on the social network, or contacting colleagues. As a result, emojis have gained popularity.

Nowadays, emojis are more popular than words for expressing emotions. Facebook and Facebook messenger is used by more than 5 billion people every day. Surely, according to a survey this year, the number of emojis will increase to 3,090, helping people express their emotions with emojis. Emoji applications have become increasingly popular with budding start-ups and entrepreneurs as emoji use and emoji apps grow in popularity.

It must have occurred to you, as a business entrepreneur, how difficult it is to build an app? In this blog, you can learn how to make an emoji app and learn how to do it, let’s get started.

Why Create An Emoji App?

Emoji apps are useful for increasing your brand’s value, offering unique services to your customers, and customizing your advertising.

Therefore, emojis are becoming a business tool as well as a tool for entertainment. Brands such as Domino and Starbucks that use emojis to promote sales prove this.

Pizza chain Domino’s jumped on the emoji train and now lets customers order pizza via emojis. How cool is that? As a result, you can choose your pizza without even typing. It also contains 28 Starbucks-specific emoji icons for all coffee lovers to share with their friends. Domino’s uses it to maintain emotional contact with users.

The emoji wave has been embraced by many other businesses as well. In addition, celebrities like Kim Kardashian have created their own emoji collections so that fans can use emojis on social media and text messages. Therefore, you can add unique features to any messaging application such as Snapchat, request emojis, and even create emoji keyboards.

Use Emoji- A Professional Environment

Our daily conversations revolve around emojis without a doubt. Does business communication make use of them? It is here where there is a more pronounced divide in opinions. Business professionals, who are more traditional, or rather older-fashioned, may be less enthusiastic about emojis. The younger generation understands and appreciates the benefits of emojis equally when used in a business setting as they do in casual communication. Maybe these statistics will sway you away from belonging to the latter rather than the former.

Are you interested in making emoji apps? Discover how to create an emoji app for Android and iOS using the following four steps.

What Is The Best Way To Create Your Own Emoji App?

This section will answer your question if you want to learn how to create an emoji keyboard app as a business. In this article, we will introduce you to four simple steps to create your own emoji app. The following is a step-by-step explanation of every step:

1. Analyses of the market

App development requires more than just emoji app ideas. Identifying the target audience is the first step. For the following audience:

  • It is a convenient way for users to express themselves.
  • Those who are shy and prefer emojis over writing and talking.
  • Emoji sets featuring celebrities, such as sportsmen and TV presenters, are popular among celebrities’ fans.
  • Sending greeting emojis is a favorite activity for some people. Often, people send well-wishes through an emoji or sticker.
  • Start-up companies that are interested in buying sets of emojis and emoticons (for example, fast food chains would like stickers of food items).

Discover the weaknesses of your existing competitors, and where your competitors do not provide customers with the services you provide. Install and test the apps of your competitors for a while to identify the flaws. To know how you can improve your app’s features, you will need to check performance, speed, design, colors, and fonts. You should also consider how you can exceed their service expectations. As feedback and ratings are generally expressed in this section of Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can check them out. Most feedback on application performance and their expectations of the application comes from the users of the application. Having successfully taken the first step, now proceed to the next.

2. Analyze Your Needs

Before you start creating an app, you should analyze your requirements as far as the type of app you desire, the number of screens you want to include, any special design (UI/UX) you have in mind, or any particular features functionalities you require. Take a minute to review what you need and create a document detailing your requirements so that you can share the document easily. The following sub-points can be helpful if you need assistance identifying your needs:

  • Whether it is a native app, hybrid app, or web app
  • Apps can be built on platforms like iOS or Android
  • Emoji design and size requirements
  • When creating an MVP, make your requirements clear

3. What features you should include

Although the requirements have been inspected, the next step is for you to decide which features would lend themselves to your app. In the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can review the comments of the top emoji applications to see what the essential features are. It's here that users comment on the product, share their feedback and expectations, and describe features they want to see. As part of the process, ask your target audience to answer a question about the features they prefer. The following features can be included in your emoji app if you aren’t sure which features to offer:

  • Feelings expressed through animated emoticons
  • Emojis in 3D
  • Offering individualized forecasts
  • Themes that work best
  • The ability to connect to the cloud
  • The ability to input emoticons easily
  • Using gestures when typing
  • Decides to work on your emoji app

You now need to identify an emoji app development company that specializes in your type of idea. You can find seasoned developers in our app development company when you visit Orion InfoSolutions, which lists experienced developers. On our websites, you can find a list of top developers along with their work history and portfolios. As per your project requirements, create a list of developers that fit your needs. By now, you must be curious about the cost of creating an emoji app after learning the steps. The next section examines the factors that may influence app development costs.

Costs of Developing Emoji Apps

Various stages of developing an emoji app are included in the estimation of the cost. For an estimate of how much it would cost to build an emoji app, refer to the given table.




Outline and Prototype

50 – 100 hours

$3,700 – $4,000

programming and design

650 – 700 hours

$30,000 – $47,500

Application testing

70 – 100 hours

$2,000 – $3,500


Additionally, we mentioned the costs associated with developing the app based on its complexity. If we use a $25 per hour rate for the app development, the cost of emoji app development will typically range from $10000 to $45000.

Approximate Emoji App Complexity

Based on the complexity of the app, here is an estimate of the cost. The feature set of the application makes it more complex. Due to this, the cost of developing the app automatically increases.


Key features

Cost Estimate

Easy-to-use application

Keyboard with Emojis
Fonts, GIFs, and sticker types
Keyboard with custom design
Settings for general use

$12,000 – $20,000

App with complex features

Keyboard with Emojis
Forecasting customized to each individual
Typing gestures
Automatic corrections
Keyboard with multilingualism
Dictionary-based emoji prediction
Translator built into the program
Emoji words and text

$90,000 – $300,000


Location-Based App Development Costs

App development costs are also affected by the location of the developers. Listed below are four different app development locations and their hourly rates. We’ll look at the costs of hiring developers in various locations.


Per Hour Cost

The United States & Canada

$150 – $300 per hour

Western Europe

$100 – $250 per hour

Eastern Europe

$50 – $150 per hour


$25 – $60 per hour


The steps for developing an emoji app, the cost to build one, the top examples, and the most frequently asked questions have been discussed in this post. The details that we took you through step-by-step should have helped you reach a good decision. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can work on your own emoji app idea and earn a passive income.

We will get in touch with you as soon as one of our sales representatives receives your contact form. With years of experience in the mobile app industry, our experts will suggest the best possible solution based on your app idea and requirements. Get in Touch with the Mobile app development company, Orion InfoSolutions.