How Flutter Can Help Reduce Overall Mobile App Development Cost

How Flutter Can Help Reduce Overall Mobile App Development Cost

Usually, when you build natively, you have to build two separate apps for Android and iOS, using only the platform-specific language. It consumes way more time and energy than building cross-platform apps. Cross-platform app development makes it possible to develop apps that can be exported to different mobile platforms, without having to build separate ones for each platform. Cross-platform app development reduces the expenses, time, and efforts to a great extent. It increases the app uniformity among separate platforms. This creates an easier and familiar user experience.

The cross-platform app development market is expected to rise up to 26% before 2023. There are many cross-platform SDKs like Flutter, React Native, NativeScript, Node.js, etc, but Flutter SDK’s framework is a different one than its competitors. It is more effective in reducing the overall mobile app development cost. In fact, being cost-effective is one of its main features.

According to Google’s Tim Sneath, approximately half a million developers use Flutter on a monthly basis. Flutter is seen as one of the top-three favorite SDKs in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is developed by Google in 2017. The open-source UI is used to develop mobile as well as web apps across multiple platforms. Flutter uses the straightforward, head-of-time, and easy programming language ‘Dart’. Flutter has a unique feature of widget creation and combination to create apps which makes it a child’s play to locate and rectify errors. Flutter launched its latest version in May 2020. Flutter provides prominent solutions to some of the major issues of the cross-platform mobile app development processes, companies, and individual developers. Huge market players like Alibaba, Group-on, The New York Times, eBay, etc. utilize and depend majorly on Flutter SDK.

1. Dart

Coding time and the length of the whole code majorly contribute to the cost of the development of apps. Being an easy and simple SDK, flutter does not need for the developers to write a lengthy and time-consuming coding process. Because Flutter uses Dart as its programming language. Dart is a straightforward and object-oriented language. It is optimized according to the client's needs and increases the overall app performance and reduces the cost of development.

You can create customized widgets and native app interfaces with lesser coding, without compromising on the attractiveness, creativity, and UI of the app.

2. Coding

Flutter provides highly flexible UI components. Flutter allows the developers to reuse the code. Meaning, code written one time can be used across different mobile platforms without having to be written again from scratch for separate platforms. Developers can reuse 90 percent of the original code. You can imagine the time and effort of the developers saved with this feature. This also maintains the uniformity and consistency of the apps. Much of the app development cost is reduced with the provision of this facility by Flutter. The users experience a seamless UI and the developers are saved from the exhausting process of writing multiple codes for multiple platforms. This also enhances the creativity and interest of developers while building the app.

Using the code reusability feature, the testing time is consistently reduced in Flutter.

Apart from code reusability, widget testing is performed as Flutter develops apps using its widget building and combining technology. It is easier and less time-consuming.

Flutter has its own unique technology named ‘Flutter Driver’ to carry out app testing efficiently and effectively.

3. Hot Reload

Flutter proves to be the master of high performance because of its unique feature named ‘Hot Reload’. This feature enables the developers to easily perform changes in the coding which will directly reflect in the app. With the ability to provide changes to be seen in real-time, it becomes a quick and effortless process for the developers and designers to coordinate. But it takes time in the Native app development process and other cross-platform app development frameworks, to view the changes in coding, which means higher time and efforts in the overall app development process.

4. Widget feature

Flutter provides app development through the creation and combination of multiple interactive, in-built customizable widgets. This helps them to create ‘close to native apps, in very less time than other SDKs. Other than the in-built library of widgets, developers can also create new custom widgets according to their needs.

Widgets reduce coding time, testing time, and also, error detection is a way easier task. In Flutter, error detection is based on widgets. In other native and hybrid SDKs, the task of error detection and rectification is tedious. But Flutter makes it possible to identify the exact location of the error which saves a lot of time and effort on the developers’ part. It is a very useful feature that contributes to the lesser costing of the overall app development process.

5. Open Source

Google provides Flutter as an open-source SDK framework. Being a ‘free for use’ software, the developers find it easier to seek solutions for any issues. They can also view Flutter’s documentation for free. Also, the large community makes it easier and very helpful to discuss and resolve developers’ issues. There is no need to hire experts with 5 years of experience for that matter. Flutter has a huge client base of renowned companies and the support of many high-quality developers. All this makes Flutter a free software with huge qualities and communities, saving a lot of money on app development.

6. Maintenance

It is absolutely important to know that apps created using flutter have designs that are compatible with other older versions of the operating costs. There is no need to pay extra for that and the app maintenance is also not chargeable. Isn’t this amazing?

You now have great insight into how the Flutter framework works to reduce the overall cost of Flutter App Development Services. It is no doubt, the best option if you are a start-up or if you need a minimum viable product (MVP). Flutter makes the overall performance of the app attractive, efficient, easy to create, and cost-effective. All these features collectively make flutter one of its kind which proves to be the best player in the market when it comes to reducing the cost of mobile app development. If we talk about cross-platform development, you can now see that Flutter is able to reduce a significant amount of app development costs than any other cross-platform SDKs available in the market. And all this is possible without cutting short on creativity, user experience, and security.

We hope that you can start using Flutter, as you are now at an advantage that you know how to utilize Flutter and how to reduce your mobile app development costs.

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