How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Mobile Application?

Bitcoin mobile Application Development

The demand for Bitcoin mobile App is increasing because with the time Bitcoin has emerged as best cryptocurrency due to its demand, its price and benefits. A person everyone who wants to invest their money is seeking new crypto coin and most businessmen are releasing its own crypto coin. It has become most demanded and biggest digital currency that is huge in demand. All around the world people are making an inquiry about this and they are taking more interest in it. Most people consider Bitcoin as cryptocurrency but they are not aware of the fact. At present digital currency is booming with high speed and investor from all around the world are making business with it and dealing with it. So, everyone is curious that how it works? How to make investments in it? How can we access it by software? Is it secure or not? So, according to that we here we will give a brief introduction about Bitcoin mobile Application that how we can develop it and what is a process for that.

Every guy is producing own cryptocurrency and creating new cryptocurrency and ruling it in the market.

A crypto coin is based on the advanced feature that is having security due to using 256-bit SSL layer that makes it advance and highly secure that is impossible to break. This is based on the two-factor transaction that also makes it important and secure. Bitcoin is recognized as the most business App platform at present and it is developed in 2013 and it was a totally new innovative invention for tech and financial world.

Bitcoin App Development process

Here, we will discuss the feature of Bitcoin that should be in the Bitcoin mobile Application.


It totally depends on the seller and Buyer base because it should be user-friendly for both buyer and seller so that they can easily perform their task in an easy way. These features are below as:


It is just like other Apps where we log in through login credential and social network website login details. As it will more easily as more users will be attracted by this.

Account Management

After successfully login, the user should be able to sell and buy Bitcoin with legal information and right address. Here, all kinds of information regarding Bitcoin prices and it’s all information should be there. So, all management work is done here.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Here, the user should be able to buy and sell their crypto coin with the right information and here, they should also know about user coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


Search option should be based upon the price of the crypto-coin so that we can easily filter our data and can make proceed to sell and buy process and all task, we can complete easily. Filter search helps us to make our investment process simplified.


When our deal is completed in cryptocurrency then we proceed for user verification that user is real or not if the user is genuine then we will proceed for next step and if the user is fake then we will boycott it.


In this process, the seller can check the list of buyer and in this list, name and number of buyer and seller appeared there. Here, you can also check all information regarding Bitcoin buying with the deal number and transaction number. So, this part plays an important role in App.


After user panel, we proceed for the send and receive Bitcoin part. Because in user panel, we can only make a login and can check the status of our and seller and after this, we go for send and receive the part. In this part, we can send and receive Bitcoin by using Bitcoin Wallet that is based on the Blockchain smart network. It is counted as the most important part of the App because all kinds of transactions are proceeding here with accuracy and high security. It is the most important part that should be used by us very carefully because the one you send your coin then you will be not able to get it back. So always focus on it. In this, we count two main services as:

Send and Receive Bitcoin

User Status

By the help of this, the user can check all information with your account information.

Push Notifications

It is just for the notification and in this, any kind of new activity regarding services, transaction and activation of users we get the notifications.


Admin panel is handling by the administrator where admin provides us with all kinds of services and manage all services. Admin is authorized for content analysis; modify the setting, currency withdrawal and all other services. He can access all kinds of information and he will be responsible for handling all services and manage services that all system and functions can work properly. Admin handle these services as a priority.

Dashboard and Login

Membership management

User Management

In dashboard and log in, the user can log in easily in it and can check their status and can view their profiles. The user can also update their information like data processing and transaction at any time, only if they are having a log in the credential.

Membership is based on the Application package that is defined when we are signup in the App.

User Management is totally based on the user and its account information. When a user login by login credential then, the user will be able to all activity and website etc.

Specification of Bitcoin App Development

App success depends on its features and functionality. If you will give more features in your App then the user will show more interest in it. We should have below given features in our Application as:

QR Code Scan

It is best features that are liked by the user too much because it saves time by scanning all things by QR code by using the camera. By just scanning, we can easily make our transaction in an easy way.

Two Step Verification | Billing & Invoicing

2 steps verifications help us to increase more security and in this process, we can easily make our transaction without facing any problem. When we make payment then at first, it will send OTP that is the unique number and if we are having that code then we can proceed further and can successfully do our payment.

Billing and Invoice are totally based on the wallet App. In Bitcoin, each activity and transaction is recorded and that is called invoice.

Bitcoin Development Process

In Bitcoin App development process, it consist Analysis, design, Development, Quality Assurance and launch.

In this phase at first, we will make an analysis and then we will proceed. We will inquire all aspects of technical, economic and operational. The design phase is focused on the architectural module and it should always eye-catching that user will love this services more. After design and analysis, we will proceed with the implementation and then we come to quality assurance.

After successful completion of all these stages, we make live our Application and then anyone can use it.

Cost of Bitcoin Application Development

Orion Involutions that is Global IT services providing company developing Bitcoin App and taking charges according to their features and it charges start from 15000$ USD. If we want to hire their developer on hour basis then it will be 20$-30$ per hour. All features depend on the client and according to that prices are decided. Orion Infosolutions is counted as the best cryptocurrency development company and deal in all services related Bitcoin and its development.

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