How Much Does It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App like Bet365?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App like Bet365?


Sports gambling or betting, as it’s called, is quite common in the world of sports. This standard is evident in pretty much every sport, whether it be baseball, tennis, rugby, basketball, or football. A love-hate relationship seems to exist between the audience and gambling. Whereas in some countries gambling is legal, in others it is prohibited. A great deal has changed since 1997 when online betting was released. It hasn’t looked back since.

With the launch of a mobile application for sports betting, the betting industry has taken a tremendous leap forward. Bets have even become less risky as a result. Nowadays, people don’t have to visit these physical betting places or online websites to place their bets on sports matches. Your Smartphone will do the job without any risk, simply by tapping it. What’s the worse that can happen? What’s the best that can happen?

Businesses are racing to mimic the success and popularity of sports betting platforms like Bet365 when it comes to replicating their success. The following information will give you an idea about how to create a legal, risk-free sport betting app like Bet365.

Some Reported Facts:

“It is estimated that the international sports betting market is worth $250 billion. Licenses from sportsbooks generate upwards of $39.7 billion, according to Statistic, a highly-respected company.”

“With global revenue of $217 Billion and a 0.6% growth rate, there are 230,558 jobs and 21,046 ventures around the world.”

Before we begin, let’s clear up a few points:

An app for sports betting can work in various ways through the following points.

  • Determine the best course of action for the development process.
  • Getting a bookmaker’s license for the set of targets.
  • The provider must provide you with a payment method.
  • Establish the purpose of the site.
  • Betting niches should be chosen carefully. A niche can be determined by several factors ( game type, framework, etc.)

However, setting everything up is not an easy task. Hard work is required to build a business, and more often than not, money is also needed. So, in our article today, we will show you how much it will cost to build an online betting site, to help you out a bit.

Our team will be able to answer any questions you may have. Here we go!!!

Big-Name Sportsbook Bet365

Changing the landscape of sports betting and especially mobile sports betting apps did require a few brands and their steadfast commitment. Bet365 is more common than any other. William Hill is confined to iOS but it does sport a lot of amazing features like betting insurance.

However, the grammar for sports betting can be credited to this app called Bet365. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad and it also offers a lot of in-play markets. It incorporates an intuitive user interface that enables users to navigate easily through different categories and events. Bet365 can be considered one of the best apps for novices better to start with sports betting.

Some of the features available through a Bet365 app can be considered the most important. Any sports betting app like Bet365 should include these features.

As betting & gambling is legal in America & Europe, the idea of online gambling works best here, whereas betting is still considered illegal in places like Japan, India, and the Middle East.

How Bet365 Runs Its Business

Bet365 achieved great success within a few years of its establishment. In 2020, the company is expected to generate sales of USD 4.07 billion, employing over 4,000 staff. Their business model consists of four pillars: Subscription Revenue, Fees & Commissions, Advertising, and Brand Promotion. To get a better understanding of these revenue streams, let us get some insight.

Subscription Revenue Model

  • Subscriber-based revenue is generated by providing consumers with access to a service or product in exchange for recurring fees that are processed periodically. Additionally, Bet365 uses this model for revenue generation. Dormant users are also charged every month, along with active users.
  • It is quite linear for Bet365 to generate revenue from subscriptions. The platform charges a nominal subscription fee to provide a premium sports betting facility; and, bettors place bets on events in one or more leagues of their choice. Given the size of their user base, Bet365 has reported a huge increase in revenue of 9.7% over the past year.

  2. Commission & Vigorish Model

  • It refers to the commission charged by Bet365 on winning Bets, whereas the Vigorish represents the amount the company charges for placing the Bet. Gambling companies derive their income from commissions and wagering returns, or Vig.
  • Bett365 charges a relatively lower Vigorish than its rivals on all markets to build and maintain its reputation as a fair bookmaker. Several news reports are claiming the company made more than $64 million in commissions and Vigorish in 2018-19.

     3. Advertisements Model

  • All premium services feature advertisements, not just a sports betting site. Several brands and franchises that are associated with sports appear in Bet365’s advertisements. You can gain ad revenue, as well as increase your brand’s identity organically, by including space on your sports betting platform.
  • Bett365 is one of the leaders in the betting technology industry, so many brands and companies want to advertise on the platform. Advertising revenue accounts for a significant chunk of Bet365’s total revenue, so it is safe to assume.

     4. Brand Promotion Model

  • Brand promotion involves informing, persuading, convincing, and influencing the decision-making process of consumers regarding which brand products or services to purchase. Well-planned brand promotions generate more return on investment and yield successful results.
  • Budgets should be set aside for brand promotion as it is an essential expenditure. By sponsoring the Stoke City, soccer team, Bet365 strategically promoted their brand. As a result, they are already reaping the benefits of effective product placement and brand promotion.

Key Features of BET365

USER PANEL: Since its inception, Bet365 has been improving its features. Bet365 provides users with a basic set of features, which are required for any modern mobile sports betting app. An app like Bet365 must have the following features on the user panel.

ADMIN PANEL:  To run the services smoothly, sports betting applications such as Bet365 would definitely require a detailed and dedicated admin panel that grants administrators complete control over the platform. Following are some of the key admin panel features of betting.

User Panel

Admin Panel  

Sign up New users are registered to your platform using this feature. It is the first step in registering with a valid email, social media, and banking account for new users.      

Managing users It is possible for administrators to supervise the actions and interactions of users/bettors within the application, including banning them if necessary.     

Current Results and Final Results In order to benefit users, every type of sport covered should have live results and final results. Bet365’s popularity is fueled by its live streaming of matches.      


Gaming Management Administrators can use this module to monitor matches/events. As well as setting Bet limits, they can modify the market settings.

Alerts regarding results When working with users from a wide range of native demographics, multilingual support is essential. The betting results must be updated live in the app and notifications must be interactive. 

An overview of dashboard statistics A dashboard is a centralized area where a number of features are arranged in neat, cascading menus, such as schedules, updates, bets, etc. 

Information exchange Users must be able to communicate among themselves, as well as with the administrator, as the service must be supported in more than one language. 

Tools for marketing and monetization In terms of monetization and marketing, administrators are in full control over the platform.      

Betting Pattern Selection You can use this feature to present to users the various betting strategies your mobile sports betting service offers, including head-to-head betting, totals betting, money line betting, call betting, spread betting, etc.  

Management of bookmakers It is used for ensuring a smooth, seamless betting experience by controlling and governing bookmaker activities. 

Know Your Position It is incredibly useful for players and teams to be able to bet based on player and team rankings. Based on past playoffs, the rankings are updated in real-time.    

Editor Content that a platform administrator puts out on it can be created, accessed, updated, and removed with this feature.   

Tips for Bettors It explains how sports bets work and what the users can expect     

Template Manager for Emails Email communications templates are used for various user interactions; this feature controls how they are received by each user.      

BET365 Popularity Comparison:

Alternative betting services have been unable to match Bet365’s success for several reasons. It is impossible to compete with Bet365 in terms of mobile usage stats to excel as a sports betting platform that is innovative and engaging.

Revenue of USD 3 billion in 2020

  • In the financial year 2020, Bet365 recorded a startling revenue of 3 billion USD

Major listings average 4.5 out of 5

  • In most of the leading gambling listing and review sites, Bet365 has received an average 4.5-star rating.

Active Users: 53 Million+

  • Bett365 has a strong customer base of almost 53 Million active customers worldwide, according to publicly accessible data.

2,049,637 monthly visits

  • With over 2 billion visitors each month, sports betting app Bet365 has grown from thousands of visits per month in 2000.

Stack of Technologies

It is determined by the client’s requirements which determine the technology stack. At Orion Infosolutions, we take maximal advantage of the most reliable, industry-hailed, and widely adopted technology frameworks to construct every aspect of your sports betting application.