Hybrid Mobile App- 5 Amazing UI Frameworks

hybrid apps

As the technology is boosting, a number of frameworks and tools are developed for making development easier and provides users with the more interactive UI. There are different types of App developing such as native, web and hybrid App development. Whereas a hybrid App framework is popular among all, and provides cross platform Apps to run and easy access. Hybrid mobile App development frameworks uses technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for developing the Apps smoothly. The biggest reason why hybrid App development framework is in demand, there is a huge growth in the number of hybrid App users as it can run on every platform and very easy to develop without putting any extra efforts. Hybrid Mobile App Development Company developing the Apps that provides more quick and easy framework that involves user’s engagement. Developers can design the Apps that are responsive and fit different screen size by using HTML5 framework.  Hybrid Apps are wrapped in native framework, which allow users to access the native features easily. While one can access native features such as camera, accelerator, music etc. by adding native APIs in the framework. The best hybrid framework available in the market for deigning interactive hybrid mobile App framework:

hybrid apps


Ionic is the popular framework for hybrid App development which provides latest updates and trends.  This framework is free to use and open source through which developers can easily develop the Apps. Ionic is wrapped in an Angular JS framework which provides accessibility utilized native, hybrid and other platforms. Ionic framework is easily manageable and comes with highly improved libraries with HTML and JavaScript components which are useful in delivering interactive Apps to the user.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an open source framework and under the apache license utilized the Angular JS features, it comes packed with jQuery based components. One can easily choose to Angular or jquery to build hybrid Apps. Onsen UI provides features that are equipped to use components, responsive that allows you to build, mobile, and tablet as well as desktop Apps easily. It also allows developers to write Apps in HTML5 and JavaScript and push it over Phonegap & Cordova for native components. The flexible, easy to use components gives better performance to develop the Apps.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a new kind and different from the rest of other framework, it includes the tools that complete supports development, testing as well as debugging. It is open source and support of Intel. Intel can be installed on Windows, OS and allows the developers to build Apps that can run over cross platforms. It is best for developers to choose this framework for creating more interactive Apps for user experience.  Intel XDK also supports JQuery mobile, bootstraps and many UI components that are useful in making successful Apps.

hybrid apps

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular is one of the best frameworks which includes Bootstrap and Angular for developing UI component. With Mobile Angular UI, you get best of both Bootstrap 3 and Angular framework to build HTML5 mobile applications. It utilizes components and makes Apps smooth and provide a better mobile experience. Mobile Angular UI provides directions for building UI component such as switches, sidebars, overlays and navigation bars for easy access. These components are very much essential for developing Apps quickly.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is used for building cross platform Apps more smoothly and includes rich features which makes Apps easy to use. Provides high performance with JavaScript framework and use widgets that does look like native experience. Sencha having features such as drag and drop and ready to use HTML components which makes UI more interactive and easier to work. Sencha having a wide variety of products which are costly, so as compared ionic framework would be a better choice for hybrid mobile App development that is cost effective and easy to maintain.

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