13 Amazing Facts About Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks in 2018

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Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks and its magnificent features will take you to an amazing adventure where you can seriously and systematically develop an agile, powerful, and integrated mobile hybrid application.

And what else, it will also save your dozens of money in a virtuous manner…!

It is true that peoples never want to expend more money uselessly, even it though useful.

So, similarly, the hybrid frameworks are the best realm with this. You can build an amazing and powerful hybrid application along with its duly notable features (that right now hundreds of thousands of in-house business leverage) in a cost-effective way.

With new and extra, millions of web audiences divert towards the use of mobile (especially based on the hybrid)…!

Well, who don’t want perfect things, even if you asked from me, definitely I (and you) will go to prefer the best of best. (Isn’t it true?)

Even, I relate these words to technologies, enterprises first choice is the hybrid applications. Hybrid app development makes work more convenient, quick, and simple for web developers as it is based on single app development which really and significantly performing charming on fabulous OS like Android, iOS and windows etc.

It’s not stopped here, it leverages many edges which includes high support and security, cost-effective development, access to the wide range of various programmes (include various hardware and software). So, it is a profitable venture (business) for the Enterprises, Clients, and Corporators.

What is Hybrid Mobile App?


hybrid mobile app


At the time when the hybrid does foot in the market, many enterprises facing problem in generic terms. Sometimes it leads to cost high, wastage of resources, un-quality applications etc.

But walking with time, technologies greatly influencing and dominating the market, in that sense hybrid applications and it’s (later on) frameworks greatly helps enterprises to develop one and kind of satisfied application.

So, hybrid applications are that type of application which sounds ‘write once, run anywhere’…!

It is a medium that loftily allows developers to writing code once and uses it on any kind of platform. Due to its reliable and utmost features developer’s largely using hybrid frameworks to build one smart and user-friendly hybrid application.


Features of Hybrid Application Development: –

Easy deployment process

Cost-effective platform

Enable high user experience

High accessibility

Fast and responsive

Simplicity of integration

Work in offline mode

Reduce development cost

Faster than a native application


11 Amazing and Powerful Hybrid Mobile App Framework Lighten in 2018


11 Amazing and Powerful Hybrid Mobile App Framework Lighten in 2018



Well, there are best of best alternative available in the market right now to develop the hybrid application. Although one framework doesn’t match with the utility satisfaction factor, mean to say that one framework does not conclude all features of hybrid application development, so to decide which will be the best for the development process, you can go with their advantages and limitation.

But I am not here to discuss their merits or demerits, in this blog my major and the most emphasis is about on hybrid app frameworks (which lighting in 2018)…!

There is top niche Hybrid Mobile App Development Company investing high capital to get a return more, using top and user-friendly hybrid framework for hybrid mobile app development is the next biggest thing which helps magnificently to achieve adorable success. [Check this infographic]…!


Let’s get well understand in deep...!



1. Easy Development with Appcelerator Titanium (2008)

Easy Development with Accelerator Titanium (2008)


Appcelerator Titanium or Titanium SDK is an open source and powerful hybrid framework that allows creating a hybrid application in the easy, simple and cost-effective way.

Do you know?

In 2013, Business Insider estimated that 10% of the worldwide smartphone is well enabled and developed with Titanium.


2. Move Faster and Responsive with Sencha Touch (2010)

Move Faster and Responsive with Sencha Touch (2010)


Simply when it comes to taking advantages of UI, Sencha touch (UI) is well played here. It is a User Interface, JavaScript library that specifically built for the mobile web. It is based on web excellence like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

The main and major advantage to use Sencha Touch is to facilitate the quick and easy development of hybrid application in competitive plus cost-effective manner.


3. Lesser Timeline with Mobile Angular UI (2010)

Lesser Timeline with Mobile Angular UI (2010)


Mobile Angular UI was released in the market for first time in 2010, with the aim to get the best bootstrap 3 and Angular framework to build high and dynamic hybrid application in less time period.

To experience the smooth and fill app with full of integration, this framework plays best in all class role.



4. Leverage Low Cost with Xamarin (2011)

Leverage Low Cost with Xamarin (2011)


Xamarin is from the family of Microsoft, which is based on software development which supports cross-platform execution of Common Line Infrastructure (CLI) Common Language Specification (CLI).

Developers use Xamarin tools to write native OS (Android, iOS, and Windows) with the native user interface and share code across multiple platforms.



5. PhoneGap



PhoneGap is also known as Apache Cordova is an open source mobile hybrid app development framework which supports to build an application for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

As PhoneGap touches the significant heights, it immensely encourages the developers to build a strong and flexible user-friendly user application in low expenses.


6. Intel XDK

 Intel XDK


Intel XDK is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created by Intel for emerging technologies like mobile phones and tablets using web technologies.

The main and foremost task of this hybrid app development framework is to reduce the amount of code required to ship a cross-platform application.

Do you know?

The Intel XDK is largely being utilized in IoT developers…!


7. Onsen UI

Onsen UI


Onsen UI is an ultimate open source UI framework for hybrid mobile app development. Its aim was to allow developers to create mobile apps and create mobile apps with or without any JavaScript framework.

Do you know?

Onsen UI is giving the tough competition to the Ionic framework…!

Due to its marvelous and cost-effective features, it allows to build an application with easy, flexible, and integrate application which supports semantic mark-ups.


8. Kendo UI

Kendo UI


Kendo UI is an open source and JQuery mobile app development framework which enhanced comes packed with 70+ interesting and JQuery widgets.

It is based on an HTML5 framework for creating dynamic and scalable cross-platform mobile application.

As it is based on JQuery, a lot of developers well known its features and functions…!


9. Ionic



Ionic is a modern art of technology used in and by millions of enterprises dramatically and significantly. Due to its open source (in nature) and its power pack features, tons of developers are happy and supporting the Ionic framework for hybrid app development.

Ionic is 100% user-friendly and easy. It has the agile support of HTML5, CSS3, and SaaS.

It saves time plus efforts of the developers, it allows developers to code in the easy and simple way.


10. React Native

React Native


Well, there is no doubt that reacts native increasingly fascinating the developers so much, due to its free less and time-saving functionality. It is an open source SDK that design and adds the code of the application in a smart way.

But it has only one limitation is that it only approaches the Java-based mobile application.


11. Native Script

Native Script


As it landed in the worldwide market, it changes the pace of application development, through its major execution progress, it supports both Vue framework via grouped developed plug-ins.

Originally, Native Script apps are built using JavaScript which transformed into JavaScript (through any supporting language).


Oh! This is a lot…!

After reading the best hybrid mobile app development framework in a revolutionized way, now come to the main heading.

Explore some unsound and sophisticated facts about hybrid app development frameworks (this wills goona blow your mind)…!

Let’s start…!


13 Unsound Facts about Hybrid App Frameworks


I can promise you that, till now whatever you read (I think you know probably), but after going through this you will get some boost advantage to learn about something and somewhat.


#1. Xamarin is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective tools to build strong and integrated apps for different platforms. And, it ensures seamless scalability and high-quality functionality testing feature on the wide range of devices.


#2. The APIs of PhoneGap is greatly accessing device features to enable powerful applications that access many mobile device capabilities like address GPS, accelerometer, camera and so forth.


#3. Do you even know is that Intel XDK as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) platform which is sincerely organized by Microsoft is that it includes all the tools you need to develop cross-platform apps from source to the end.


#4. If you know this (then well and good), the Ionic framework most likely to use to build an IoT (Internet of Things). Apart from this, to bug a hybrid app on real time you should have simulated iOS devices or any other electronic devices.


#5. The framework 7 is glad and dam good above all, it really provides developers with the tools to develop or design application is less time with an effective management.


#6. Native Script uses native controls tools to enable Native Script applications to use well with screen reader technology. Additionally, the Native inbuilt theme builder allows you to visually customize the themes.


#7. Do you know? The Appcelerator and Titanium are both different words, in term of talking, Appcelerator is a command-line interface or technique to develop and deploy mobile and cloud-based applications. Titanium comprises a set of supporting tools and node js utilities that further work with native SDK toolchain.


#8. Do you know that Mobile Angular UI is the tool which successfully binds data in two ways? Angular allows developers to test the real-time results related to app analyst.


#9. The hybrid mobile app framework called Onsen UI is a complete architectural solution for the developers as compared with others. It diligently develops an application in the small and effective piece which further summarise to form one strong hybrid application in effective time with small work of efforts.


#10. Applications developed from Sencha touch (hybrid mobile app development) framework, you can easily scale–up into different resolutions with varying screen sizes of different smartphones.


#11. Kendo UI has a very large collection of libraries which provide incredible depth. It is very rapid to response when you fired some extension to ask some results.


#12. React Native is considered as one of the most popular and most acceptable open sources react to the native framework by worldwide hybrid app Development Company. You need not change any new or changed language features as it supports an explicit trigger.


#13. In last, do you know, hybrid mobile apps are more frequently used than website across worldwide? And, 74% of mobile applications are based on hybrid platforms.



In My View

Well, there is no doubt that, hybrid mobile application and their framework well satisfying and making lovable to the developers. With that approach excel and strategic companies consider the big market for hybrid application.

Through this, now we have a meaningful reason (by reading this blog), and I am sure (if you have business) you know by this time, how precious technologies you are going to use (and if you still ideal), be more intelligent and right now demand your popular hybrid application from Orion infosolutions is best and cost-effective manner.

Well, my main motive is well aware of the facts and technologies used in Hybrid mobile app development.

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