Mobile Game Development Trends in 2017

Mobile Games App Development

Mobile gaming has been increasing day by day as more peoples are getting attract into the mobile gaming world. Mobile game development is one of the fastest developing industry, while there are millions of games downloaded or being played online every day. Each year we see new innovations and trends in mobile gaming industry and by the coming years there will be a lot of differences in comparison to latest functionality.

The growth of game application in Apple App Store and also in Google play store is increasing day by day. So now a days companies are focusing on developing games for smart phones as peoples are more interested and engaging in playing games on their phone rather than playing games on desktop are decreasing. In latest mobile gaming advance features like 2D, 3D, 4D and high quality graphics are using in games development. Mobile Game Development Company India are developing high quality, cross platform games for the users, they mostly focus on users engagement.

Online Mobile Gaming

While various smartphones are coming in the market, the increase of mobile gaming trends are also speeding up. Now people are very much interested in playing in online gaming as compared to offline gaming. For online gaming we require a good internet connection while offline games we can play on system without internet connection. In online gaming players can easily interact n connect with their social friends and can also invite them to play the game as well. They are designed in such a way that everyone will be addicted to it as they can spend hours playing it.

Mobile Gaming Trends 2017

There are some of the games that became popular like

  • clash of clans
  • candy crush
  • subway surfer
  • Angry bird
  • Pokémon GO
  • Hay day
  • Game war
  • Fruit ninja

Benefits of Mobile Gaming

  • Mobile gaming will continuously getting engaged the audience, including the senior age people.
  • The HD touch will improve the experience and get player interested into the game.
  • It will consume less space and convenient to play.
  • People do not need internet connection for it.

Gaming Trends 2017

In the past years the mobile gaming is increasing day by day as mobile game attract large amount of people. So gaming trends are growing and creating attractive platform for the audience.

Mobile gaming online

Here are some of the gaming trends that are influencing mobile game such as:

Social Gaming

As more people are going into the social media the trend of online gaming is also increasing day by day and many people like to play games on social platforms which allow them to share, invite their social friends to get connect through online gaming.

Cross Platform Games

Cross Platform Games are compatible with both mobile devices and desktop as they can easily played any platform. For example Angry Bird, Candy Crush etc. are such games that support both platforms and get audience connected.

Virtual Reality Games

These are using the virtual reality technologies as it became a new tool for experiencing the game in new way. They provide a virtual world to the players so that they can easily get involved into it and experience a different platform. For Example PlaySationVR which would be played by many people as it is very popular and demanding at a time.

Argument Reality Games

These are the combination of images and real world technologies and are getting very popular these days. One of the example is Pokémon GO, as when it launched a lot of buzz has been created and it keep attracts the audience and let them connect with the real world gaming. These are location based games that need good internet connection to play.

Future of Mobile Gaming

Future Mobile gaming in world

There is increase the demand of mobile gaming in few years, many companies are starting and investing into the gaming industry that include 3D, real world, social gaming etc. and Mobile gaming has become fast and growing trend in past few years and a lot of audience are getting involved into gaming the Mobile game development company started focusing more on developing attractive games which are compatible with all the devices and increasing number of users in future.

In the coming future the rapid increase in the growth of mobile gaming is expected as new technologies are implementing for making the gaming market more vast and innovative. In next 2-3 years new technology will lead the gaming industry to the next level as 3D, Artificial Intelligence games and Virtual reality games has been increasing its area. Due to increase in the interest of audience more interesting and attractive games are going to be launched that will be using new technologies and keep the audience updated about new trends and connect with the gaming world.

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