PhoneGap Apache Cordova Trends In 2017


In today’s world there is a rise in mobile users and choosing the right platform for your device is very important. PhoneGap trend in coming future is bright as most of the users opting cross platform app over native app. PhoneGap development getting highly popular in the market and demand is increasing day by day. PhoneGap work across multiple platform and build using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PhoneGap app run on different platforms while maintaining same code that will save lot of time and money. PhoneGap Development Company offers the best cross platform app and with added functionalities. In the near future PhoneGap will be getting in demand as and new trends helps in increasing growth of PhoneGap development like Apache Cordova is a mobile app development  framework which is getting popular and provide PhoneGap App  platform to build using  HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

PhoneGap Trends

Phone Gap allows you to create apps that run on multiple platforms and must be available online as well as offline. You can also convert website into app while using PhoneGap and upload the data into website that will automatically convert into files. PhoneGap trending nowadays and enable enterprise to build apps which are multi-platform and compatible with all devices. Some of the PhoneGap trends include added features and more functionalities that are very helpful such as:


Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the new trending and widely used over the internet, as it uses the smart devices and open source framework that will be easy for users to access the functionalities. It uses the smart objects to interact with the device access the data directly form internet and increase users engagement. Smart moves have been taking for IOT to increase more users. And provide better framework to work with. Internet of Things is very important for making successful business strategies that will lead to growth in the market.

Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices are getting very popular and in huge demand for future development. Wearable trend is increasing for healthcare app such as fitness, health and many more app are built for tracking the heath. These app are very useful and important and help in the growth of app development. It provides framework for both Android and iOS. In the recent years Wearable have become an important and getting popular worldwide.


Nowadays people using their mobile wallet for payment rather than using debit/credit card and cash payment. M-Commerce is much more useful and all you need is your mobile and app installed on it. Using mobile wallet one can easily transfer fund to other within a minute and save time and increase digital payment that will lead to digital growth and plays an important role in near future.


Cross Platform App

The cross platform app development trend is getting very popular as many users prefer apps which can be used as multi-platform. PhoneGap is an open source freely available and provides the cross platform apps so it can be run on many devices. The trend will be increasing day by day and number of users are getting engaged. The future is bright as they provide the multiple functionalities and many added features to access.

App Streaming

App Streaming is getting popular and help in increasing the trend of PhoneGap app development. It do not need to download the app from app store, one can access app directly from the Google or Apple store that will provide the streaming apps. Apps are stored on app stores by streams one can easily access the functionalities. As some of the apps are difficult to get to the users so app streaming is best way to use the app and getting rise in the new trend development.


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