PhoneGap: What Is Good and What Is Bad

PhoneGap: What Is Good and What Is Bad


In today’s world, most people use smartphones, and applications are a significant part of it. These apps are of different types like Native, Web, and Hybrid, which run s on different platforms. Mobile App Development Company has created apps that run on cross platforms with a single code. PhoneGap is an open-source, freely available app that can be run on different platforms.

There is a rapid increase in these apps as they are easy to maintain and save both time and money. PhoneGap App Development Company focuses more on creating a robust framework of PhoneGap applications to generate better results. While developing cross-platform applications requires time, effort, and resources compared to native apps.

PhoneGap can help extend the app by singing the APIs, and it is freely available to everyone. PhoneGap is developed through web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, so code is easy to develop and understand. PhoneGap is most widely popular as they are cross-platform, which will be very beneficial. There are some good and bad things in the PhoneGap app that users should know.

What is Good in PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is an open-source app and easily be downloaded through the app stores. PhoneGap is written in HTML and easy to understand and access. It also has inbuilt features such as Geo-location, Camera, music, accelerator, storage, compass, and network APIs.

There are so many advantages of PhoneGap applications that are very useful, such as:

  • PhoneGap provides easy testing and maintenance of applications.
  • PhoneGap supports multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and WebOS.
  • PhoneGap is the best technology to use as it does not require features of native applications.
  • It provides a cross-platform application to run with single coding and flexible designs.
  • There is no need for additional skills to develop the app as they are coded in web languages, i.e. HTML, so they are easy to write and understand.
  • PhoneGap can access some of the APIs such as camera, Geo-location, and many more features.
  • It provides fast access and security to in-build features.
  • Even if the apps are developed on PhoneGap, they are easily downloadable from app stores.
  • Provides plugins that are very useful and easy to access the features.

What is Bad in PhoneGap?

  • PhoneGap has some drawbacks also, as it leads to a decrease in the performance of the application, Such as:
  • PhoneGap Apps are inferior in performance; they are not recommended for gaming technologies compared to native apps.
  • PhoneGap apps do not have sufficient widgets and are not the best choice as there is a lack of functionalities.
  • While working with native apps, PhoneGap apps become inefficient.
  • PhoneGap does not have the look and appearance as good as native apps.
  • PhoneGap is not as fast in providing access and control to the user and has slow processing.
  • While PhoneGap is written in well-managed documents, some of the old documents may be outdated or do not get updated regularly.

PhoneGap is the most widely used application nowadays and getting more popular day by day. It has benefits and limitations of its own. PhoneGap Development Company is trying to make apps that require less maintenance, as improvement in the app-building process is required to reduce the limitations.


PhoneGap will be the latest trend soon. They are cross-platform apps and easy to access and provide a lot of functionalities and the API, which will generate better results and lead the PhoneGap applications to grow more and increase more customers.