Reasons to Consider React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development

Reasons to Consider React Native for Your Next Mobile Application Development

Software Development Kits or SDKs are one of the fastest upgrading technology in the current digital and online market. Every business, every money-minded person, and even non-monetary societies are depending on building an online presence in this era. Because creating and maintaining an online presence is actually very profitable and effective in most of the fields. But one should select to build a strong and efficient presence. A loose presence is equal to no or negative impression.

Mobile apps are one of the most used technologies in the world. Billions of people make use of numerous mobile apps and prefer them over other platforms.

So, your mobile app is required to cater to the needs and demands of the customers efficiently. Only then, it will be profitable when your target customers prefer you over other market players.  A poorly or slow working app is not what you would want and neither your customers. Be it an Android app, iOS app, or Windows app. A smooth multi-platform app is the most profitable and efficient app in the market. It caters to all kinds of operating systems.

There are many SDKs working towards the development of mobile applications. React Native is one of them. It is one of the top frameworks of the market. Due to this, there are a large number of React Native App Development Services out there. React provides the best multi-platform mobile app development service.

Let’s try to see how. We will analyze React Native’s features and benefits here and make it easier for you to understand why is React Native App Development Services are preferred the most for mobile app development.

What is meant by ‘Multi-platform mobile applications?

A multi-platform mobile app refers to an app that is able to run efficiently on different mobile operating systems. For example Android, Windows, and iOS.

These kinds of applications require a high-techSDK so that the app works smoothly across different mobile operating systems. Such SDKs are called multi-platform SDKs.

What is React Native SDK?

React Native is a top-notch and most favorable mobile app development SDK. It is created and launched by Facebook. inc. in 2015.

Apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), etc are developed through React Native. Developers can make use of React Native platform and capabilities of native platform, combined. React makes use of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C++. Facebook released its latest version in September 2020. There are numerous evolving React Native App Development Services in the world.

Why is React Native so preferable for Mobile Application Development?

React Native App Development Services ensure that, with React, your apps perform quick functions and run smoothly across different mobile operating software.

Slow and bugging apps are ineffective and React Native SDK, solves this problem, enabling a high-performing mobile application.

Now, let’s come onto the unique and important features of building mobile apps with React Native.

1. Multi-Platform mobile app development

With react, the developers are required to only one code base and then they can use it for building apps for other multiple mobile operating systems.

React Native comes with a huge number of User Interface libraries.

Using React, the coding process is straightforward, and the developers can easily implement it.

2. Performance is higher with React’s unique features.

React Native SDK is the one that ensures the high near-native performance of the apps. This is possible because of its native components like Text, Image, and View.

With React, there are options that provide components like a progress bar, keyboard input, image, animations, scrollable lists, etc. These components play a pivotal role in speeding up the creation of mobile apps.

React Native involves a unique feature called ‘Hot Reload’. Meaning, it helps in the quick reloading of apps and saves much of the developers’ time. This is possible because React allows app reload without the need to recompile the whole codebase.

React Native, as the name suggests, allows the developers to use the native codebase. This means that developers can build apps using both, native code and React Native code. This also helps in creating high-performing apps.

3. User Interface Library and Custom UIs.

React has built-in User Interface components, like Button, Slider, Picker, Switch, etc. for the developers to build unique and interesting user interfaces.

TouchableNativeFeedbackandTouchableOpacitylets the developers to create their own custom mobile app components for multiple platforms.

4. React provides a Native feel in the apps.

React allows developers to create complex mobile applications. And it's a plus if the quality is not compromised when you build with React.

React ensures a smoother and fast responding Mobile User Interface across multiple operating systems.

5. React offers a customized and personalized User Experience (UX).

Using React Native, you can develop customizable and personalized user experiences for individual users of the app.

React Native developers are able to isolate the JavaScript code, Native code, and Framework code. Developers build custom content and personalized design sin the app straight to the individual user from the server base.

6. React Native is not so difficult to learn and implement to create smooth mobile apps.

React Native is easily understandable for JavaScript developers.

JavaScript is one of the most native and popular programming languages in the world.

React Native documentation is extremely useful and easily accessible on the official website.

7. Web apps can easily be migrated into mobile apps

Developers are able to reuse their original codebase which they created in React Native. Meaning, they can update two different platforms by performing a single update process.

React Native has a framework that can be understood easily and makes it easier for developers to build apps.

Detecting bugs and errors in the React Native codebase is also easier.

All of these features are the reasons which allow smooth migration of web apps into mobile apps. There is no need to create apps from scratch or perform a lengthy shifting process.

8. React Native proves to be a cost-effective technology

Using React, the detection of bugs and errors in the code is easier, because there is just a single code base to analyze.

React with its high-performing functions, enables a fast app testing process.

React makes the developers build apps quickly and easily. Developers’ time and efforts and app complexity take up much of the cost of app development.

9. React serves as the best option for creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Usually, start-ups are tight with budget and timing. They also want to deliver the best product or best pitch using affordable measures. And React Native App Development Services prove to be the best effective option available out there.

Using React, anyone or any business is able to create its Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And that too, in less time and using cost-effective measures.

10. React has a very strong customer base, community, and market.

This is a very good advantage for the market position and profitability.

React is used by many prominent market players. For example Microsoft, Microsoft, Infinite Red, Software mansion, etc.

Many libraries and components in React Native are built by the developing community of and Native Directory.

React is an SDK with above 2,000 strong and frequent contributors.

React has an impressive 85,000-above star on GitHub.

React Native includes a huge number of free helpers from communities like StackOverflow, Codementor, and Reddit. Also, there is React Native Facebook Group, Reactiflux Discord community, etc.

There are many Fortune 500 companies like Uber, Vogue, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Pinterest, etc. which depend on React Native App Development Services for their mobile apps.


We hope that this analysis is helpful for you to understand the advantages and features of React Native Mobile Apps Development. If you need an accost-effective app, an MVP, multi-platform, and smooth mobile apps, React Native is the SDK to choose. With a large scope and prominent community, you will not have a doubt about this technology.

You are now required to move a step ahead and choose the best feasibly one from the pool of React Native App Development Services. We offer the same to you and you are free to reach out to us for more guidance and queries.

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