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Smart Contract MLM Software Development Services


Technology is moving towards innovation, bringing all new opportunities for enterprises and business startups. The way the financial system of the world has revolutionized after the incorporation of Smart Contract MLM business is remarkably great.

Smart Contract MLM business has the potential to revolutionize the financial system and turn into a billion-dollar business. Smart Contracts are no new buzzword around in this modern world; it has been around since the early 1990s. The first introduction of the Smart Contracts platform was Ethereum, and ever since, there have been numerous Smart Contract-based MLM platforms developed.

Smart Contract based MLM businesses are growing rapidly worldwide, allowing them to drive their workforce fluently. And if you’re among those who want to drive their business with Smart Contract MLM software, then this article is for you. This comprehensive blog covers all the divergent topics about Smart Contract MLM software development and its benefits for your business startup.

Smart Contract Based MLM

Smart Contract-based MLM is a decentralized multi-level marketing (MLM) system that utilizes Smart Contracts on popular and performance-oriented blockchain platforms such as TRON, Ethereum, and EOS. MLM, also known as chain network marketing, is a business strategy where participants earn commissions not only for their own sales but also for the sales made by the participants they recruit.

MLM platforms drive more transparency and reliability and offer several advantages over traditional MLM models. Smart Contract automates the distribution of commissions and bonuses. Participants receive their earnings according to the predefined rules prompted in the Smart Contract. Smart Contract-based MLM eliminates the risk of any kind of fraud and any manual calculations by removing central administrators/mediators.

In the Smart Contract based MLM, the MLM software development company typically creates a decentralized application (DApp) powered by a powerful blockchain platform, Ethereum & Tron (i.e.). Both Ethereum and Tron have widely used blockchain platforms for Smart Contract development.

The Smart Contract applications have completely changed the world's insight into MLM business and brought diverse opportunities to the MLM platform. Build your Smart Contract MLM software and drive your MLM business more effectively and efficiently.

Smart Contract Based MLM Software

Smart Contracts MLM software is a system that combines the protocols of decentralized multi-level marketing (MLM) with the functionality of self-executing Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts based MLM software leverage blockchain networks that have given the mark of one of the most highly secured networks in the whole world.

Smart Contracts are one of the pioneer selections of digital contracts, secured self-executable that doesn’t need any third-party involvement. There are numerous blockchain platforms in which Smart Contracts can be developed. Here are some of the best blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, etc.

By utilizing Smart Contracts on a blockchain, MLM businesses can create a secure and immutable system that ensures complete transparency and trust among participants. The software automatically enforces the MLM compensation plan, calculates commissions, and distributes payments in a transparent and auditable manner.

Smart Contract based MLM software includes the protocols of MLM with the automation and transparency of blockchain technology. It helps MLM Businesses streamline MLM management, enhances trust among participants, and provides real-time reporting. However, it’s important to approach MLM opportunities with caution and make informed decisions.

By leveraging our White-label Smart Contract MLM software, you can grow the Smart Contract-based MLM software platform instantly. We build custom Smart Contract MLM Software development solutions that are fully customizable; you can customize them as per your MLM business needs.

Key Features of Smart Contract MLM Software

Smart Contract MLM software is a revolutionary system that helps MLM businesses to accommodate profitability and automation. Decentralized platforms are gaining higher recognition as more and more companies incorporate them into their business ecosystem to grow their MLM chain widely. Here are the Smart Contract MLM Software Features that are driving the whole MLM-based industry to the future.

Smart Contract Integration

Smart Contract MLM software integrates Smart Contracts into the MLM system, enabling the automated execution of tasks and transactions based on predefined rules and conditions.

Decentralized Network

Smart Contract MLM Software utilizes the capabilities of the blockchain platform to create a decentralized network. This removes the central authority and intermediary interactions within the network and provides complete transparency and security.

Immutable Transactions

All the transactions that are made within the MLM network are recorded on the blockchain decentralized ledger, making them permanent and tamper-proof.

Trust and Transparency

This Smart Contract MLM software feature ensures complete transparency by making all transactions and commission calculations visible to participants, promoting trust and fairness in the MLM business ecosystem.

Automated Commission Distribution

The best feature of our custom-built Smart Contract MLM software is that it automatically calculates commissions based on the compensation plan and distributes them to the appropriate participants, and eliminates manual intervention.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting and analytics is the feature that Smart Contract MLM software developers should include in the platform. This feature allows participants to keep track of their overall earnings, network growth, and performance all in one comprehensive view.

Enhanced Security

This Smart Contract MLM software feature utilizes blockchain technology; therefore, Smart Contract MLM software offers you completely enhanced security by encrypting data, preventing unauthorized access, and protecting against fraudulent activities.

Efficient Payment Processing

Smart Contract MLM software provides seamless and efficient payment processing functionality that allows participants to receive their commissions directly and eliminates the need for third-party payment processors.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Support

This Smart Contract based MLM software feature enables flexibility in digital currency support. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies that give participants the flexibility to transact and receive payments in their preferred digital currencies.

Customizable Compensation Plans

This Smart Contract MLM software feature allows MLM companies to define and customize their compensation plans based on their business requirements and goals.

User-Friendly Interface

To keep the attention of your potential audiences on your services, it is essential to provide them with a user-friendly solution. This is why we developed Smart Contract MLM software that is designed with a user-friendly interface feature, making it easy for participants to navigate, manage their accounts, and keep track of their earnings.


The software is designed to handle a growing MLM network, ensuring that it can accommodate an increasing number of participants and transactions without compromising performance.

Multi-Level Network Structure

Smart Contract MLM software features multi-level network structures that allow participants to recruit and build their own downline networks, earning commissions from the sales generated by their network.

Secure Wallet Integration

This Smart Contract MLM software feature integrates secure digital wallets for participants, allowing them to store and manage their various cryptocurrency earnings in an enhanced, secure manner.

Smart Contract Auditing

Smart Contract MLM software development offers your MLM business Smart Contract auditing features that enable your participants to verify the integrity and functionality of the Smart Contracts running the MLM system.

Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM Software

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software is a decentralized Smart Contract-based MLM website script built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. This is a completely decentralized network on which you can deploy your own automated MLM businesses like Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, LionShare, Etrix, etc.

The Ethereum Smart Contracts MLM software is a highly popular Ethereum platform that has a large user base. It follows the rich and highest programming standards provided by the Ethereum blockchain network. Here are the top benefits of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software solutions:

  • Decentralized System
  • Tamper Protected Solution
  • Instant Transaction
  • No Admin Access
  • Complete Automation
  • Traceability
  • Hack-proof System
  • Crypto Wallet Support
  • High Returns
  • P2P Transfers

Leverage Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software capabilities and drive your Ethereum Smart Contract MLM platform effectively.

Tron Smart Contract-Based MLM Software

Tron Smart Contract MLM software is also a decentralized MLM platform powered by the Tron blockchain. Just like Ethereum, it also has Digital Smart Contract capability that utilizes self-executing Tron Smart Contracts (i.e.) MLM platform with the integration of Tron Smart Contracts.

Tron Smart Contract MLM software is gaining more importance due to its fast transactions and no gas fees for transactions on the Tron blockchain network.

Tron Smart Contract MLM software is preferred over other blockchain platforms on MLM. Here are the reasons why:

  • Zero Transaction Fee
  • Higher Profits Ratio
  • No Central Authority/Middleman Interaction
  • Customizable Rewards
  • P2P Transactions
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Low Expense Rate
  • Easy Tracking 

With Tron Smart Contract MLM Software, you can launch and run your Tron Smart Contract MLM platform instantly!

Why Is Smart Contract-Based MLM Software More Revolutionary Than Traditional MLM Business?

Smart Contract MLM software is much more beneficial and profitable than traditional MLM business. The modern custom Smart Contract MLM software development solutions are decentralized and enable automation operations to drive your MLM business more effectively. It is surely more revolutionary than traditional MLM business for several reasons. Smart Contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries, such as central authorities or middlemen. The Smart Contract process is fully automated and executed on the blockchain network. It provides more trust and enhanced transparency, as all transactions and activities are recorded on the public ledger of the blockchain platform.

Smart Contract MLM software provides predetermined rules and conditions encoded in the contract already. The software operates in a decentralized and immutable manner that eliminates any possibility of fraud, manipulation, or biased decision-making,

Additionally, the Smart Contract enables faster and more efficient transactions, which was not possible in the traditional MLM business. Since the software is self-executing and self-enforcing, it eliminates delays connected with manual processes and reduces human mistakes or errors. And all this enhances the reduced efficiency of the MLM business and helps them improve the user experience.

Furthermore, smart contract-based MLM software opens up opportunities for global participation. Traditional MLM businesses often face geographical limitations, requiring physical presence or local networks. However, with smart contracts on the blockchain, anyone with internet access can participate, regardless of their location. This widens the potential customer base and allows for a more inclusive and diverse network.

Smart Contract-based MLM software revolutionizes the MLM industry by introducing trust, transparency, efficiency, and global accessibility. It removes the need for intermediaries, ensures fairness, and enables faster and more secure transactions. This technology has the potential to reshape the MLM business model and unlock new possibilities for participants worldwide.

Disadvantages of Traditional MLM Business

Traditional MLM businesses have several disadvantages that can hinder their success. Here are some of the main disadvantages/drawbacks:

Limited Geographical Reach: Traditional MLM businesses often face geographical limitations, as they rely on physical presence and local networks. This can restrict their ability to expand and tap into new markets, limiting growth opportunities.

High Entry Costs: Joining a traditional MLM business typically requires an initial investment, which can be substantial. Participants often have to purchase inventory and starter kits or pay membership fees, making it financially challenging for some individuals to get involved.

Dependency on Recruitment: Traditional MLM businesses heavily rely on recruitment to generate income. Participants are incentivized to recruit new members, creating a pyramid-like structure. This can lead to a saturation point where finding new recruits becomes increasingly difficult, potentially causing income instability for participants.

Emphasis on Hierarchy: One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional MLM businesses is that it often has a hierarchical structure, with a focus on building a downline. As a result, it creates a competitive and sometimes aggressive environment where users prioritize recruiting and building their team rather than focusing on the product's quality or services.

Reputation Challenges: Many MLM businesses, especially those who operate their business using traditional methods, have faced criticism and skepticism due to the association with pyramid schemes. And this led to negative perceptions that can make it challenging to attract customers or recruit new members.

Lack of Control: Participants in traditional MLM businesses have limited control over the overall decision-making process. Decisions regarding product pricing, marketing strategies, or changes in the compensation plan are typically made by the company's management, leaving participants with little influence or say.

High Attrition Rate: Due to the challenging nature of traditional MLM businesses and the difficulties in building a successful downline, the attrition rate tends to be high. Many participants may join with high expectations but end up leaving when they don't achieve the desired results, leading to a lack of sustainability in the business.

These disadvantages of traditional MLM business are the reason why today's modern businesses want to leverage the profitability of Smart Contract MLM software.

How Smart Contract MLM Software Development Overcome Disadvantages of Traditional MLM Business?

Traditional MLM businesses faced many challenges, which led them to incorporate modern Smart Contract MLM software development solutions. There are so many points to be noted regarding how Smart Contract MLM software development empowers the MLM business.

But first, let’s understand what exactly a Smart Contract is.

What Is a Smart Contract?

In a nutshell, Smart Contract is a digital agreement stored in the blockchain network with predefined rules and conditions. They are automated self-execution digital contracts that run on a decentralized network (No central authority or middleman required).

There are various blockchain platforms, like Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Tron, etc., that are used to execute Smart Contracts (Digital agreements) without any involvement of a third party or middleman. The Smart Contracts built on blockchain networks are immutable, which means they cannot be altered or changed.

MLM Platform with Smart Contract

MLM platform with Smart Contract is the MLM-based platform integrated and powered by blockchain-based Smart Contracts. The integration of smart contracts in the MLM platform has become one of the biggest solutions to plug the loopholes in the traditional MLM business.

The capability of modern Smart Contracts in the MLM platform led to a revolution in the traditional MLM business. If you want to build your own MLM platform with Smart Contract, hire a professional Smart Contract MLM software development company and drive your MLM business on a success path instantly.

How Smart Contracts Empowers MLM Business?

Complete Transparency & Reliability

The integration of blockchain Smart Contracts in MLM business simplifies the workflow of MLM platforms with more transparency and reliability.

Improved Customer Experience

Smart contracts empower MLM businesses to enhance the customer experience by providing real-time tracking of orders, ensuring prompt delivery, and facilitating secure transactions. Distributors can leverage smart contract-based platforms to offer personalized services and engage with customers more effectively. The increased transparency and reliability of smart contracts build customer trust, fostering long-term relationships.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

By automating various processes, such as commission calculations, rewards distribution, and tracking of sales volumes, smart contracts significantly improve the efficiency of MLM businesses. Manual interventions and errors are minimized, resulting in streamlined operations and cost savings. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology reduces administrative overhead and paperwork.

Simplifies the Workflow

The implementation of Smart Contracts in the MLM platform simplifies the process of the MLM business workforce and makes it more flexible and scalable among MLM members.

Elimination of Intermediaries

Traditional MLM models often involve multiple intermediaries, such as banks or payment processors, which add complexity and costs to the business. By leveraging smart contracts, MLM businesses can eliminate these intermediaries and directly connect distributors and customers. This not only streamlines the payment process but also reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Security and Fraud Prevention

MLM businesses are susceptible to fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized modifications to compensation plans or fake product claims. Smart contracts provide a secure and tamper-resistant environment, preventing unauthorized changes to the MLM system. The terms and conditions encoded in the smart contracts ensure that distributors and customers are protected from fraudulent practices.

Automated Transaction

Smart Contract possesses self-executable functionality that doesn’t require any middleman. The transaction is automatically done through the Smart Contract when conditions are met.

Benefits of MLM Platform with Smart Contract

  • Complete transparency to MLM business.
  • Eliminates risk of fraudulent and scams.
  • MLM platforms work continually until blockchain exists.
  • Transactions are easily traceable.
  • 100% decentralized MLM platform.
  • No third-party involvement.
  • Easily understandable Smart Contract MLM process among users.
  • Block Explorer option to View Smart Contract.
  • Transparency over Smart Contracts increase trustability among users.
  • The immersive growth of Smart Contract attracts more investors.

These are the benefits that Smart Contract MLM platform offers MLM businesses. Now it’s time to kick-off your Smart Contract MLM platform development project.

How to Create Smart Contract-Based MLM Software?

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading and well-known Smart Contract MLM Software Development Company that offers top-notch and custom-tailored Smart Contract MLM Software development services to help your MLM business meet your core needs.

Process - 1

Building a Smart Contract-based MLM platform from scratch will be costly. The development process includes building an MLM platform and then integrating the Smart Contracts built on the best blockchain network platforms.

We built Smart Contract-based MLM platforms on various prominent blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, etc.

Process - 2

The most cost-effective way to develop your own Smart Contract based MLM software solution for your MLM business is by choosing our White-label Smart Contract MLM software. We will cater to your MLM business with our highly customizable MLM solutions built on top leading blockchain platforms.

Why Should You Build a Smart Contract MLM Platform with Smart Contract Software?

There are mainly two reasons why you should build a Smart Contract MLM platform with Smart Contract software rather than build a Smart Contract MLM platform from scratch.

  • Cost-effective and rapid launch of MLM platform.
  • Highly secured and flexibility

Developing a Smart Contract MLM platform from scratch can be expensive and takes a longer time frame as compared to customizable Smart Contract MLM Software Development.

If you are already an established business, then scratch solutions are the best choice for you. If you are a small-size or startup business, then White-label solutions are a great start to launch your MLM business effectively.

Smart Contract MLM Software - All Types of MLM Plans for Businesses

  • Binary MLM plan
  • Matrix MLM plan
  • Unilevel MLM plan
  • Stair step MLM plan
  • Hybrid MLM plan
  • Board MLM plan
  • Generation MLM plan
  • Investment MLM plan
  • Matrix-Unilevel MLM plan
  • Step-up MLM plan
  • Broadplan MLM plan
  • Circle MLM plan

Current Trending MLM Business Plans

  • Forsage MLM Plan
  • ForsageTron MLM Plan
  • Million Money MLM Plan
  • Lion's Share MLM Plan
  • Bank of TRON MLM Plan
  • Doubleway MLM Plan

Orion InfoSolutions Smart Contract MLM software developers are highly skilled and talented. They develop a highly flexible and customizable Smart Contract so that you can customize and implement your choice of MLM plans, registration fees, commission fees etc., based on your business needs.

Why Choose Orion InfoSolutions for Smart Contract MLM Development?

Orion InfoSolutions is the best Smart Contract MLM Development Company having a wide range of certified and highly experienced Smart Contract MLM programmers. They are well-versed and excel in Smart Contract-based MLM Software Development on some popular blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, and Tron.

We are professional and leading Smart Contract development experts who can develop Smart Contract MLM platforms similar to Million Money, ForsageTron, Etrix, Lions Share, Ethereum Cash, etc.

If you’re looking for a secure, transparent, and highly scalable Smart Contract-based MLM platform, then Orion InfoSolutions is your one-stop solution. We have a professional team of Smart Contract MLM Software developers who can help you to design, develop, and implement a Smart Contract MLM platform that meets your MLM business-specific needs and requirements. Contact us and see your traditional MLM business convert into a modern Smart Contract-based MLM platform within a week.