The Top 5 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in 2018

The Top 5 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in 2018

Initial coin offering (ICO) is just like IPO (Initial Public offer). In IPO company sells their share to get find to run a company or increase their services. But by the ICO, the company sells currency like cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Litecoin). In which, many investors commonly sell currency and people buy them in expect that they will earn double of it. At present, cryptocurrency is booming due to ICO.

How Initial Coin offering Works?

At first cryptocurrency, development company make a plan in which, they include their strategy, projects, number of the amount, profits etc. and many other factor and company decide that how long time we will run our ICO Campaign. When we start our campaign, then people show their interest in it and but cryptocurrency and that is called as tokens. People buy tokens to get profit. After the end of the campaign, company check that raised money is meeting with their requirement or not. If getting money match with their target then they proceed ahead and if their target didn’t match they will return people money.

In the world of cryptocurrency, everyone listens to the name of Ethereum and in 2014 it started ICO and get a fund of 18$ million in bitcoin and at that time, the value of bitcoin was 0.40$ and in 2016 its value was 14$ per token. So, this type of this, parent company and currently this method is working a lot.

Here, we will talk about top 5 ICO that is going to launch in 2018 with a lot updation.

# Cypherium

In this, a team of developers that had done work in Google, Amazon and Microsoft is trying to developing new blockchain, it will work on high scale and permission. It will have totally new design and features that will make it more attractive.  It is highly secured and advanced form of it that is presently working digital currency.

According to their team, only a few people can make in the world what they are going to make it. It will also improve the blockchain technology and will make it more advanced.


It will basically work for rental industry and it is counted as a long-term decentralized network. It will have automatic steps to paying rent by contracting sign or agreement. It will save landlord and renter time and money both. Soon, it will help us to save our thousands of dollar by removing rental security deposit.

According to a survey, more than 500 B$ has been frozen in rental security that is deposited by us. It will serve us international solutions to unblock billions of dollars.


It is also known as a DIY research tool. It will serve services in sell and buy of intellectual property by using its tokens. It will improve the idea of making your intellectual right more secure with the advanced algorithm. By using this, you can sell your patent and make it more secure by its advanced technology and it will also help us to earn more profit by using it.



It is introducing a new way that will change the whole scenario of connecting world. It will help us to make more secure Ethereum network by identifying its nodes. It is a fully decentralized network that works on peer-to-peer network technology. It will mesh technology to connect the whole world. It will help us to make our network more secure and advance.


It is a decentralized platform that allows knowledge experts to earn money on the basis of spending a call on the phone and according to that, they charge for it. In which, we don’t involve the third party. Here, consultants set rate for per call and according to their services they get their payment direct in their related account with the help of the blockchain.

Its totally depend on the decentralized network and we can say that it is the main key to its success. It is already too much in demand recently. It is going to become the best medium to share knowledge and earn money.

So, these types in 2018, we will see a huge difference in 2018 and it will be a total revolution in cryptocurrency world. At present, a lot of startups are working on digital currency to give a new platform to it. All about ICO and it’s the latest activity we can get from the above.

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