What is White Label API Integration?

What is White Label API Integration?
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In this advanced technology world, businesses are becoming more advanced and flexible day by day. However, with such a wide range of goods and services, it takes time to come up with something unique and more innovative. Hence, new technologies not only booming tech industries but also booming iGaming industry.

The new products and services utilization can achieve cost-effective and efficient solutions. For this purpose, a white-label solution offers innovative solutions and uniqueness. White-Label products enable businesses to accommodate every service they want to showcase to their customers.

Today, we will discuss the white-label API and how it benefits your business. So let's start with this topic and learn what white-label API integration is.

What Is White-Label API Integration?

The White-Label API Integration is a one-stop solution provider for the technology needs of all industries. It's a ready-made solution that can be sold to another business. And another company can rebrand that product to sell their services. The White Label is the best B2B solution. It helps other companies who can only invest a little to build their solutions.

White-Label API (Application Programming Interface) integration allows better data transfer from one platform to another. API sets the rule of how a computer or application will communicate. In short, it builds a path that connects two platforms.

The application is connected to a server that shares data. For instance, when you go to the restaurant, you order, and in the technical language, the order is (API Call), and a server (The API) takes your order, and the kitchen works as a (Web Server) where your order will come from.

So, when a user interacts with an application, it sends an API call, and the API will respond to those requests and send them to the web server, where the requested data will be provided to the app interactor or user. This process happens so fast, and users don't feel a thing. All these API-related processes occur in the backend of the application. And in the front end, a user only sees a result or information requested by the app.

So now, an application doesn't need to know how a web server works or how to use web servers to get data that needs to be displayed. And similar to users, they don't need to know how APIs work. The API will provide all the data that users need to get.

Types of APIs

There are four main APIs available; let's see what they are.

Public API (Open API): Open APIs mostly come with fewer restrictions, and developers can use them by registering and keying. This API can be open for all as well. In addition, public API is accessible for external users (developers from other companies) to access data and services with minimal restriction.   

Internal API: Compared to Public API, Internal API is designed to be hidden from external users. The Internal API can only be used within the business to share data and information. No other third party can access the API.  

Partner API: Like its name, this API is mainly similar to Open API but comes with some restrictions. The other business can't use it entirely, and the API fewer parts of the API will be accessible. For instance, if a business requires a payment-related solution, API only provides a payment gateway solution. They are usually intended for specific purposes, such as providing access to paid-for services. This is the most common pattern in software as a service. 

Composite API: Composite API is designed to make the whole endpoint through one API call. This makes all the customer requests done by only one API integration.

For example - to create order within a shopping cart API, you may require several API calls:

  • Create customer
  • Create an order for the customer
  • Add item to order
  • Add another item to order
  • Change order status

But through the Composite API, there are no individual API calls for each shopping cart API. Instead, it can be done through only one API call that Composite provides.

What Are The Benefits of White-Label API Integration?

White-label API integration helps small-scale businesses and companies. With the help of white-label API integration, businesses can expand their sales without complications. In addition, companies can leverage white-label API to enlarge their business expertise by making the white-label solution their own.

Save Time and Cost: with the white label API, companies can save a lot of time compared to developing their API from scratch. White label is a pre-made solution, so you don't have to hire any developer or an API development company to build your business solution. Choosing a white-label API over scratch development is an intelligent choice as you will save massive money.

Quality and No maintenance Problem: the quality of the white label solution is similar to the scratch one. The white-label APIs are tested and already tried solutions that have been successfully launched in the market and used by various businesses. Moreover, the maintenance of the software is no longer an issue for companies who bought the white-label solution. All the upgradation work is the entirety of a white-label software provider. However, the white label service provider doesn't provide complete software backend source code access. So customers will need help to customize the solution.

Scaling: the white labels are business-ready solutions developed by comprehending the business's size. So, whether small or large, these white-label solutions work equally to their business requirements.

User-friendly Interface: the white label API is built by keeping user experience in mind, so no matter what type of services businesses are looking they all have a user-friendly Interface.

Easy Implementation: implementations are manageable as these white-label APIs are developed to integrate them without making any heavy changes in the software.

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The white-label APIs have been rising, and more and more companies are approaching them. This simple and effective solution helps new startups gain the same profitability as others. In addition, API utilization in the gaming industry is booming; therefore, online gaming businesses like casinos are also.

In this blog, we learned what white-label API integration is, its types and how it benefits every business sector. If you have any queries related to this topic, please let us know, and we will try to solve them.

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