Why Flutter is the New Hue in Mobile App Development?

Why Flutter is the New Hue in Mobile App Development?

There are many Software Development Kits (SDK) out there in the market. But only a handful of them remains at the top position. The current top three SDKs are React Native, Angular, and Flutter. Flutter is relatively a very new framework in the market as compared to React and Angular, but it managed to sit in the top 3 positions and beat the features of those two frameworks in the cross-platform mobile app development. Flutter App Development Services is growing day by day seeing the bright future of the SDK.

What is Flutter?

Flutter App Development Software is created by Google in 2018. It has currently managed to come up as one of the most favorable cross-platform mobile app developing platforms in the industry. It is an open-source framework, which develops multi-platform applications from a single code base. One of the biggest reasons for the love towards Flutter in the market is because it makes the developers’ work more effective and efficient. It saves a significant amount of their time and effort. Traditional, as well as contemporary developers are very happy with the new market player.

There are a significant amount of fortune 500 market players and businesses like Alibaba, App Tree, Birch Finance, Google Ads, etc. who utilize Flutter’s framework.

A developer is required to coordinate with the designer and other departments for the app development. Flutter makes the interaction easier and smoother. Who wouldn’t want to be a step ahead? Who wouldn’t want to adopt the latest and more efficient technology which is way more affordable? But choosing a strong and competitive service out of numerous Flutter App Development Services is a must. Make the right choice according to your needs.

So now, let’s see that, why flutter is the new hue in the mobile app development sector.

Here are Flutter’s unique advantages as compared to the other cross-platform mobile app development frameworks.

1. Using a Single codebase to create apps for different operating systems.

Flutter offers a native performance on different operating systems, like Android and iOS, without the need for the developers to write separate codes for separate operating systems. A single code base is used for that purpose. It maintains app consistency over different mobile platforms. It boosts the User Experience (UX), coding time, and app testing time. This is the fastest and least lengthy way of creating cross-platform apps!

2. Multi-platform migration and adaptability

If an existing app is developed for one operating system, say Android, and you want another one for a different platform, Flutter makes this possible without any hassle. It enhances the app migration process to different platforms in a smooth manner. The app is also highly adaptable and consistent. The developers’ creativity is also at its peak when they are enjoying the task rather than getting exhausted.

3. Smooth and Fast Developing Experience

Flutter is smooth and easy to learn for any kind of developer. Even the new developers can easily create apps on Flutter.

Flutter has free and attractive documentation on flutter. dev(Flutter’s official website). Developers can access it and take references and guidance for Flutter App Development.

Flutter’s app creation is similar to the native app creation experience. Flutter allows native language to be used for carrying out particular functionalities, for example, Camera and Geolocation.

Flutter offers multiple different categories, styles, and themes for app creation. For example, You can choose the size, color, and style specifications, along with categorical specifications like health, social, e-commerce, educational, etc.

Start-ups have a budget constraint. Using Flutter, start-ups have the advantage of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)under a limited budget and in lesser time.

4. Attractive animations are easily created

Flutter’s framework offers a flexible API (Application Programming Interface). This helps in the creation and addition of impressive animations easily. Even by using small codes, the developers are able to create simple as well as complex animations. With this technology, much of the time is saved. One can forget about those animation and design limitations.

5. Flutter’s most unique and important feature: Developing using Widget technology

Flutter facilitates the development of full-fledged apps using the creation of multiple widgets and combining them. The widget technology helps in overcoming a lot of mobile app development shortcomings.

For example, in the detection of error. Generally, it is a tedious task to find where the error is. But this is not the case when you are using Flutter. Thanks to the widgets! Whenever there is an occurrence of any kind of error, Flutter tells the exact place or the exact widget in which the error is sitting. So now, the developers can easily rectify that error, skipping the part where they need to keep finding the error location.

Also, only the error-containing part is affected and the rest of the app runs smoothly for the users. Otherwise in other frameworks, the whole app stops working due to an error.

6. ‘Dart’ as the programming language, enhances performance.

Flutter’s framework uses the high-performing programming language, ‘Dart’. Dart is one of the important features which enables Flutter’s high performance. Dart is an object-oriented strong programming language allowing a faster app performance. Dart is responsible for enhancing the overall app performance by minimizing the app loading time. This is possible because Dart uses the infamous ‘Ahead-Of-Time’ compilation.

7. No separate backend creation is required

Flutter provides functionality that goes by the name ‘Hot Reload’. Hot Reload ensures that the app loads very fast. It minimizes the refresh time of the app after the app gets updated. With the exclusive support of Google’s firebase, the developers are not required to build backends. All the functionalities work impressively well. For example Authentication, Database hosting, cloud storage, etc.

8. Pricing of Flutter App Development Services

Flutter App Development Services cost lesser as compared to other SDK services.

Flutter charges while taking into account the following points:

  • App complexity
  • App category
  • App design
  • App maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Location of Flutter App Development Service provider.
  • Developer charges

9. Future of Flutter is very bright

Fuchsia is Google’s own operating system. It is supposed to work across multiple devices including mobile phones and Chromebooks. Google is also launching many AR and VR functionalities. The recent ‘Google home’ is already flourishing. Flutter is also expected to rise along with other Google services and technologies.


Flutter proves to be the best choice for any start-up or customers who have budget and time constraints.

Flutter is best for smooth and consistent multi-platform mobile app development without compromising on app-building.

Flutter enables high-tech app development to be possible even for a new developer. Flutter and Dart are both, straightforward and easy to learn.

Flutter allows the combining of other programming languages for app development.

Flutter is free of cost and there are no extra charges.

A product of Google, Flutter has a bright future.

There are many exclusive Flutter App Development Services out there to choose from. With such competition, it is necessary to choose only the experts. We provide the best and most creative Flutter App Development Services.

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