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Say hello to Kotlin! Kotlin is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) based programming language which sincerely designs by open source contributor (Jet Brains). Kotlin is a world-class statically type programming language refers the automatic detection of data of an expression in a computer coding language.

Kotlin is an open source community platform gives various extensive features to write programming definitely and easily. Today, Kotlin...based on Java Virtual Machine invasively used in all those places where Java is being used today like mostly in the Android world. Kotlin not only even being used in Android but it also used in web services, Pinterest, Netflix, Uber, and server development.

And do you know, Kotlin was officially announced as an Android Development Language along with Java and C++? When most of the work carried out by Java programming language, somewhere at the corner of the desk Kotlin is also influenced Android App Developer to accomplish work more effectively than Java. Moreover, 15% of the Android App Development project in the Android Studio 3.0 is using Kotlin language.

Features of New Programming Language – Kotlin: -
  • Kotlin is another open source community programming language.
  • Ability to transmit or exchange of use of information from computer system.
  • Kotlin uses of Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Kotlin provides you to write same equivalent java code without typing thousands of words.
  • Thanks to the extension function of Kotlin, which allows you to makes changes in source code?
Kotlin - Got Some New Cool Features

Less Coding

Speed Up Development Task

Increase Quality

Increase Developer Experience

Easy Migration

Kotlin Is Safer

Kotlin Vs Java – Which One Is Best?

If you are a mobile app developer you already familiar with Java - where it probably the programming oriented language for Android Development. Java has become the primary language for building any Android apps as it offers effective and reliable coding to write.

But time changes and inventions are growing; Kotlin was officially announced as Android Programming Language by GOOGLE along with third-party languages like Java and C++. Kotlin was designed by the Jet Brain an open source community allows an Android developer to write code in less time as compared to Java.

If a question arises here which one should pick by the developer then here is the answer – Both are offering valuable features in their sides, but Kotlin is new and comes with wide able features which are mainly designed to overcome the problems of Java. So, Android developer should go for Kotlin.

Massive Demand For Talented Kotlin Developer

In the world of Android domination, programming becomes more demandable and writable. Developers have a wide range of application development projects which requires proper adding and upgrading of coding in a fruitful manner.

As Kotlin landed in the market, it highly influences the Android developer to accept and write code with new programming features. Kotlin provides many benefits to the coder; it also increases the demand for Kotlin developer in the market.

In addition, why Kotlin eliminate the old programming language called Java? The reason is simple, there has been degradation of 6% in the number of Android apps developed with Java in the last 5 five months. Correspondingly, there has been a great change in the figure with 120% in the apps built by Kotlin language since from Aug. 2015. It clearly references that Kotlin is not just come to pass away!

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