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Software Development Services

Orion InfoSolutions- Hub Point for Innovative Software Development

Software development is a collective process of developing software programs. Software development process is a continuous process of Systems Development Life Cycle-SDLC. The methodologies of SDLC are supportive for the designs of software that meets the business needs.
Apart from writing of code, software development includes preparation of the objectives and requirements of the designs that would be coded and would later confirm whether the outcome has met the objectives or not.

  • Identifying the required software
  • Analyzing the software requirements
  • Detailing the varied specifications of the software objectives
  • Designing of software
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

The entire process is monitored by experienced and skilled software developer. Aiming to get incredible and satisfying results, hiring professional software developer having skilled knowledge and techniques of developing software is inevitable. Hiring offshore IT services is the worthy decision for the companies or enterprises.


How Outsourcing Software Development to Orion InfoSolutions Can Be Beneficial?

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading Software Product Development Company that excels in delivering products or software as per the unique business specifications. Orion InfoSolutions offers wide range of software development services for altering business verticals and domains.We specialize in developing highly scalable software that automates day-to-day business workflow.

Major Aspects of Orion InfoSolutions

  • We are highly relied as the leading Offshore Software Development Company for we deliver the projects within the bounded time.
  • We are powered by a team of highly dedicated professional software developer.
  • The skilled software developers at Orion InfoSolutions are aware about the varying game of business and likewise tailor the process and deliver successful solutions.
  • We provide back-support with software maintenance and platform based customization.
  • We develop commercial product successfully that meets the diverse needs of the clients and quite different from typical software.

The experts at Orion InfoSolutions develop custom software along with solutions for current business problems. The UX Designers and prototyping experts make sure to develop software with UI that would be usable across varied devices and platforms as well.

The developers at Orion InfoSolutions are technically upgraded that ensures the software to be developed with easy to use and multiple other features. Orion InfoSolutions offers Offshore Software Development services at the most convenient price.

We Are Skilled In

Custom Software Development-Custom software development is designed for any specific user or group of users that addresses theirspecific needs. We are highly expertise in custom software developmenttailoring the software with integration of the specific needs.

CustomSoftware Development involves commissioning, development and release of the software that is tailored as per specific requirements of the clients. We offer custom software development services keeping infrastructure of the company, branding and implementation of the objectives in mind.

CRM Software Development-CRM- Customer Relationship Management software covers the broad set of applications that are exclusively designed for helping the businesses to manage long listed business processes.

Customer data, accessing business information, customer interaction, automate sales, track leads, contracts, marketing, customer support, clients and contacts, employees, knowledge and tracking, assets and resources, support partner relationship, etc.

At Orion InfoSolutions, we develop CRM software that is helpful in managing business customer relationship as well as managing business contacts, employees, clients, contractwins and sales leads.We develop the CRM software for specific organization with unique features that helps the business to meet the business goals of customer relationship management.

We develop highly scalable and customizable CRM software that supports the business to gain actionable insights of the customers. We offer on-premises and web-based cloud CRM software that is widely helpful for the offshore clients.

SaaS-We have also experts for SaaS- Software as a Service. We deliver the applications over internet. We help our clients to get freed from the complex software and hardware management. SaaS is accessible via internet without any installation and maintenance. SaaS is also referred as web-based software that runs on the SaaS providers servers.

At Orion InfoSolutions, the skilled software programmers and developers manage access to application that includes security, availability and performance of the software and business. We give high priority to protect privacy of our clients.

We ensure to provide reliable and secure services on large scales. Integrating easy-to-customize features in the developed software we customize the application as per the preferences and business needs. We architect SaaS in unique form that is preserved through upgrades in later period.

The Leading Software Product Development Company

Such aspects indeed make Orion InfoSolutions the leading Software Product Development Company with the best IT solutions in the market.Outsourcing software development to Orion InfoSolutions, the clients can achieve the business goals easily.

Why Hire Us?
  • We have a successful track record of delivering highly scalable software development services maintaining high quality.
  • We offer innovative and creative software development solutions that extensively are helpful for the clients.
  • We deliver the developed software after quality assurance undergoing quality testing.

We offer cost efficient software development services which are unmatched in the market.

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