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Metaverse game development

Metaverse Game Development Services

Build & Launch Your Custom or Business-Ready Metaverse Gaming Universe

The Metaverse is the future; everyone knows it very well, and we believe the same. We believe this segment has various capabilities to drive the gaming industry on a highway that leads to success. Our pioneer team of blockchain and Metaverse are well versed in the latest tools and are perfect candidates with their proven expertise in the same field. Our Metaverse game development company is more than capable of building Metaverse gaming solutions. We offer a wide range of Metaverse game development services tailored to meet your business requirements, no and everything is completely aligned with your visions. Here is our top-notch Metaverse game development service list.

Decentralized Game Platform

We develop a decentralized gaming platform powered by the best blockchain network tailored to fulfil your specific gaming project requirements. Our designed Metaverse game platform will set you free (decentralize) from any third-party interference so that you can run your Metaverse gaming business without interruptions.

Metaverse NFT Gaming

Our company is a pioneer source of NFT Metaverse game development solutions. We create custom NFTs that will help tokenize and provide trading of gaming assets within the Metaverse platform, and help players earn while actively and consistently participating in the Metaverse gaming process.

Metaverse Development

Our highly professional team provides interactive and futuristic Metaverse development services that help you incorporate anything you want in your Metaverse game development project. They empower Metaverse 3D gaming space with scalability, robustness, and a realistic environment similar to the real world.

Gaming Marketplace Development

Our company has well-experienced Metaverse experts who design innovative full-fledged gaming Metaverse marketplaces like the Sandbox and Axie infinity. Our team fully participates in every section, from conceptualization to bringing your Metaverse game development ideas into reality.

In-game Assets Development

The Metaverse game we develop contains various game assets that allow players to buy or sell those assets in-game. We can also create custom in-game assets per your gaming platform requirements, completely secure, highly interactive, and immersive graphic-oriented.

Play-to-Earn Game Development

We at Orion InfoSolutions move with leading Metaverse trends to provide you with world-class Metaverse gaming solutions. We utilize powerful blockchain technology that offers a variety of features, such as the Play-to-Earn (P2P). This concept adds up move-to-earn, stake-to-earn, and create-to-earn.

Why Choose Us As Your Metaverse Game Development Company?

Certified Metaverse Development Team

Orion InfoSolutions is home to the leading and skilled Metaverse game development team with in-depth knowledge of the Metaverse world and proven experience working on various Metaverse-related projects.

Engagement Models

As a renowned Metaverse game development company, our every move and vision are designed to meet your business needs. We will provide our professional team engagement models in which every candidate holds more than 3+ years of experience and tech expertise.

Feature Packages

Our development structure is built on the requirements of Metaverse game development solutions from basic to advance. We have three types of feature integration packages to offer you; basic feature pack, standard feature pack, and premium feature pack.

Flexible & Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Orion InfoSolutions is home to the leading and skilled Metaverse game development team with in-depth knowledge of the Metaverse world and proven experience working on various Metaverse-related projects.

State-of-the-Art Features of Our Metaverse Game Development Solutions

Metaverse is full of opportunities for the gaming business as it has so much to offer that enhances the player's gaming experience and makes it more immersive. But to make that happen, your Metaverse gaming platform should contain features that bring out the unreal experience. Don't stay behind and start working with us. We have top-class and highly interactive feature packages designed by our industry-certified Metaverse game experts. With our wide range of feature packages, you will assuredly make a hefty footprint in the Metaverse gaming market. See our range of state-of-the-art features.

How We Make Things Happen Here

Our End-To-End Metaverse Game Development Process

Building a Metaverse gaming solution takes a dedicated team and modern technologies, and we have all these. We leave no exception while developing a client's project, be it a Metaverse game-related project or any other related segment. Our process of developing Metaverse game solutions is efficient, effective, and driven by top features.

Determine Blockchain
Prepare Storyboard
Build Game Environment
Work On Visual Content
Adding Up Sounds
Test & Deploy

Technology We Use to Create a Metaverse Gaming Solutions


  • Ethereum

  • Binance

  • Tezos

  • Solana

  • Ice

  • Wax

  • Cardona

Wallet Integrations

  • Metamask

  • Coinbase

  • Kraken

  • Exodus

  • Electrum

  • ZenGo

  • Trezor

Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest



Game Engine


Unreal engine

Storage Platforms



File Coin


Top-Notch Metaverse Game Development Solutions We Develop

Metaverse Racing Game

Metaverse Racing Games

Racing games are one of the genres that are highly famous worldwide. We create racing games that run on the Metaverse platform without any issues. We develop Metaverse racing games with high-end graphics and 3D structured car models.

Metaverse Shooting Game

Metaverse 3D Shooting Games

Everyone loves shooting games; therefore, we use blockchain technology, Unity, VR tools, etc., to create a highly interactive and original 3D shooting game where players can buy skins and much more through digital currency and enjoy the endless world of shooting.

Metaverse Open World Game

Metaverse Open-world Games

Our main primary blockchain technology is Solana. Using it, we create highly interactive Metaverse open-world games completely secured where players can interact with other players worldwide. The Metaverse 3D open-world games are very attractive and free from any glitches that provide the next-level experience to players.

Metaverse Card Game

Metaverse Card Games

Card games are quite interesting and challenging to play. We integrate unique themes and designs completely different from other common games; hence liked by many players of every age. We combine card games with 3D Metaverse platforms and a prominent tech toolset to provide never-experienced virtual card game solutions.

Metaverse Action Game

Metaverse Action Games

3D action games with Metaverse are the best combination to make attractive Metaverse action gaming solutions. Our top Metaverse game professionals possess the knowledge and in-hand expertise to develop Metaverse action games. We create action games in the Metaverse that includes entertainment and emphasize the player's gaming experience.

Metaverse Adventure Game

Metaverse Adventure Games

Adventure games are very engaging genres as nowadays players prefer more adventurous gaming journeys. We combine adventure games with Metaverse and create unmatchable Metaverse adventure games which include high graphics and cutting-edge design. We build Metaverse adventure games that are very enjoyable and interactive.

Metaverse Casino Game

Metaverse Casino Games

We are a professional Metaverse casino game development company that creates popular casino games in the Metaverse. All the digital currency is supported so that players worldwide can play and enjoy the Metaverse casino games. We create amazing casino games based on the Metaverse gaming model, which provides players with interoperability, transparency and ownership of NFTs.

Metaverse Sports Game

Metaverse Sports Games

Traditionally, the sports genre required players to spend real money to purchase any in-game assets. However, the advent of 3D games brought the concept of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which changed the gaming paradigm to a great extent. We, the P2E NFT Metaverse Game Development Company, create sports games on the P2E model, enabling players to earn while playing and placing bets with NFTs. Apart from this, there are also incentives that the players get for their best efforts.

Our Team Engagement Model

As a leading Metaverse game development company, we always strive to provide 100% effort to help our clients achieve their goals. With our top team engagement model achieving your business targets will surely not be a big problem. We have several team-expanding models to expand your existing team with our top blockchain and Metaverse game experts.

Time and Material Model

Our time and material model is ideal for clients with dynamic Metaverse project scopes or who want to develop a Metaverse game in phases. With this model, we offer flexible pricing based on the number of hours worked and the resources used. This allows our clients to adjust their project scope and requirements as needed, making it easier to adapt to changes in the market.

Fixed Cost Model

Our fixed-cost model is perfect for clients who clearly understand their Metaverse game development project requirements and want to develop a Metaverse game within a specific budget. With this model, you can hire Metaverse game developers on a fixed cost and timeline for the game's development.

Hybrid Model

Our hybrid model combines the benefits of the fixed price and time and resource models. With this model, we offer a fixed price for the initial project scope, and any additional features or changes are billed on a time and material basis. This allows clients to adapt their project scope as needed while still having the security of a fixed price for the initial project.

Dedicated Hire Model

Want to develop your Metaverse game faster and launch it in the market? Our dedicated team model is perfect for clients who want full control over their Metaverse game development projects. With this model, we provide a dedicated team of Metaverse game developers, designers, and project managers who work exclusively on the client's project.


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At Orion InfoSolutions, we have an extensive Metaverse game development team. Orion InfoSolutions is a team of skilled Metaverse game developers who always work hard to improve the Metaverse environment and its related platforms. As Metaverse game developers, they are constantly developing new and advanced features to make the games more interactive and creative for players. This means that the visuals and interactions in Metaverse games will be better and more engaging, attracting more players.

Metaverse Game

Orion InfoSolutions can help you create your Metaverse game platform from scratch, using various blockchain technologies and tools to make it look exceptionally great. Our Metaverse game developers also focus on developing unique functions and multiple visuals to make your platform stand out and attract users. If you have creative ideas for a Metaverse game project, you can hire Metaverse game developers and discuss your ideas with them to bring them to life on the Metaverse gaming platform.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Metaverse is a 3D space where people can interact with things they can't in real life. Metaverse integrates online gaming, social networking, cryptocurrency, AR and VR technologies, creating a Metaverse gaming platform. Metaverse gaming is a mixture of 3D space and online gaming in which players can buy in-game avatars, skins, etc. These in-game assets can be purchased through digital currency and given ownership. The Metaverse gaming industry is immersively expanding worldwide as more users and companies join the platform. Many gaming experts believe that Metaverse is the future of gaming with its 360-degree perspectives and capability to immerse you in action.

Metaverse gaming can change various aspects of activities in the virtual world. Metaverse doesn't require any gadgets such as the headspace. Here are the top characteristics of Metaverse gaming:

Metaverse for Social Gaming The Metaverse differs from regular virtual reality because it is very social. It lets people play games with real-life friends and make new friends.

Metaverse for Games-as-Platforms Games in the Metaverse give users a better gaming experience and more choices. Users can easily connect to the virtual world, create sub-games, and use the gaming environment as a platform for different activities.

Metaverse for Mixed Reality Gaming Experience The Metaverse combines augmented reality and mixed reality to give users a more natural gaming experience. Players can move from group text in AR to a mixed-reality board game to a virtual reality world.

Metaverse for Portable Game Assets The Metaverse's design lets game assets be moved between different environments, and NFT rules protect the ownership of the assets. Players can take their avatars and weapons from one game to another.

Metaverse for Play-to-Earn In the Metaverse, players can make money by engaging in profitable activities like selling assets to other players. They can earn cryptocurrency while playing games with a linear storyline and specific rules.

Although the Metaverse is still in its early stages, many gaming companies are investing in it, and game studios are working hard to create exciting new games. Every top Metaverse game development company strives to become a prominent player in this industry.

Investing in the Metaverse game depends on the industry requirements and your offering capability. Any investment is safe; as far as you know, the investment return capability is high or low. Therefore, before investing in such a big segment, you should research the industry and know the user's requirements. Metaverse is the future and will change the way of gaming more virtually.

The best investment opportunities in the Metaverse game are

• In-Game NFTs

• In-Game Assets are used to Play-to-Earn

• Selling and Buying In-Game Assets

The Metaverse game development process requires a proper understanding of various technologies, tools, programming languages, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Here are the steps that go into creating a game in Metaverse.

• Choose the proper use case of a Metaverse.

• Create the user interface for your platform

• Code operational smart contracts.

• Create the IPFS storage system.

• Developing a Metaverse database.

• Develop the core AI and VR functionalities

• Integrate smart contracts, IPFS, front end, and back end.

• Move to the test phase and make sure the platform is bug-free and fully compatible.

• Release the beta version of the platform.

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading Metaverse game development company in India that offers unmatched and exceptional Metaverse gaming solutions for your specific business needs. We have top-level Metaverse experts who possess modern technology knowledge. We can help you convert your Metaverse imagination into reality to help you achieve your business vision. Contact us to get top-quality Metaverse game development services.

Metaverse in gaming elevated to great heights with each passing year. Metaverse offers various interactive functionalities that help users connect with digital assets, buy, sell, hold, or trade. This process doesn't take as much time as it takes in real life.

On one end, you buy land or something, and at the same time, you get complete ownership without any complications or intermediates. Metaverse is the best way to connect real assets with the virtual world to interact with them without going anywhere or physically being present there.

The future is well set for Metaverse in gaming as more and more gaming companies and players are investing everything to become a part of Metaverse's future.

Not all tech giants know the potential concealed behind a Metaverse game development for the business. By combining the AR/VR/MR, NFT, Blockchain, high-end game engines and other modern technologies, these gaming products are qualified to deliver a never-before-witnessed gaming experience. Through our Metaverse gaming solutions, you will get the following:

• Product versatility

• Security

• Immersiveness

• New business prospects

• New Revenue streams

• Advertising opportunities

Our company uses cutting-edge and modern technologies to build a client's project, whether highly complex or large. We provide end-to-end solutions to facilitate your entry and participation in the Metaverse. Here are our top Metaverse game development services:

• 3D Environment Development

• NFT Game Development

• Play to Earn Game Development

• Virtual In-Game Avatar Development

• Digital Assets Development

Our company uses cutting-edge and modern technologies to build a client's project, whether highly complex or large. We provide end-to-end solutions to facilitate your entry and participation in the Metaverse. Here are our top Metaverse game development services:

• 3D Environment Development

• NFT Game Development

• Play to Earn Game Development

• Virtual In-Game Avatar Development

• Digital Assets Development

Hiring a Metaverse development company is a daunting task; it also takes a lot of effort and knowledge. To hire a company, you should know their backgrounds, portfolio, previous client experience, their knowledge of technologies and platforms. But you can save hassle work and instead consider choosing us as your game development partner. There is no complex pattern to hiring us. , send your project requirements, consult our experts for excellent guidance, choose engagement models, connect with our developers and start working on your project. And also, you will be provided with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed documentation to ensure your project is secured with us.

Orion InfoSolutions is a dedicated house of modern tech-versed and well-experienced Metaverse game developers. You can choose and hire developers per your project requirements and expand your existing team with our experts, who will listen to your every command. Our developer hiring process is simple and cost-effective. They work on agile development methodology to meet your delivery time so you will not face delays in your project delivery.

Custom Java Spring Boot app development costs depend on many factors; therefore, there is no fixed cost. However, by diving into factors, we can get a rough cost estimation:

For Metaverse game development, mainly two game engines can handle such big processes to build them successfully. The first game engine is Unity, and the second is Unreal engine. They both are proficient tools for developing a fully-fledged, highly interactive and realistic Metaverse game that will also support cross-platform capability.

At Orion InfoSolutions, we utilize Unity as our primary game development engine to create spontaneous solutions. Our Metaverse game developers are well-versed with Unity game engine knowledge and know how to use Unity to develop Metaverse gaming solutions that have no match in the market.

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