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Get your groceries delivered in a snap by ordering online. Make shopping easy for your customers with the easy-to-use and advanced features of the web & app. With the renowned Grocery App Development Company, you can have your own Grocery Delivery Mobile App.

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Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Online Grocery App Development Company

Grocery applications have arisen as a result of the availability of doorstep grocery delivery services. Grocery ordering applications are increasingly being installed on cell phones by consumers. Its online grocery shopping boom has both surprised and elevated the sector. As online grocery shopping becomes more popular, grocery store owners are looking for grocery applications to help them grow their company. As one of the finest grocery app development firms in the globe, Orion Infosolutions has acquired a reputation as a one-for-all-stop shop.

The supermarket mobile app, created by our highly skilled team, will give our clients with a highly functional and feature-rich shopping experience. A mobile grocery delivery app is comparable to Bigbasket, Grofers, and Instacart. We provide one of the greatest grocery applications to our clients.

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Grocery App Solutions - How It Works?

Grocery App Solution

Overview: On Demand Grocery App Development

User App Panel

Order Scheduling

With Grocery Delivery app, you can order groceries in advance.

Live ETA

The on-demand grocery app will inform users of the current ETA for all orders

Real-time tracking

Get the grocery order details in real time via the Grocery App

View your order history

Use an on demand grocery app to view past orders and product details

The multi-store concept

A grocery delivery app for multiple stores would display a range of products.

Explore products

You can view all Grocery products by price, photo, description and more on Grocery App

A shopping cart

On Grocery App, you can view an order summary and an estimated price before you place an order

User Ratings and Reviews

Rating and reviewing delivery agents for Grocery App's services and products


Using SOS in an emergency will notify the local authorities, administrators, and emergency contacts

Streamlined onboarding

Use your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account to sign into Grocery App

Phone number Verification

To use the on-demand grocery app, users need to verify their mobile number

Multiple Payment Options

Payment for Grocery purchases can be made with credit cards, debit cards, or apps

Fast & Easy Search

Search and filter items instantly with our on-demand grocery app solution, or sort items by category and sort them by price

A secure payment system

Using our Grocery Delivery App Solution, you can collect payments on demand and in a highly secure way

Promotions and offers

We offer the Grocery Delivery app, which allows you to view promotions for products presented by different stores.

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Scheduling drivers

Establish work hours and manage driver schedules for grocery delivery

Driver management

Control grocery delivery apps by adding, removing, and blocking drivers

Managing customers

Managing customers, checking their reviews, and tracking their orders

Track Drivers

Keep track of offline drivers and track the ones who are online.

Manage the dispatchers

Creating different dispatchers and assigning them to different areas/zones

Managing categories

Grocery delivery management software lets you manage different grocery categories

Analytics & Reporting

You can create a report for a driver's performance in a defined period of time or analyse productivity statistics in a defined period

Order For Others

On Demand Grocery app delivers grocery updates to others via SMS so they can order online on their behalf

An overview of the heat map

This feature allows business owners to identify areas with the most orders and hot pickups and drops off.

Refund Management

Refund customer queries through the Grocery delivery app.

Text message alert settings

Set up delivery agents to send SMS based on their arrival time, order pick up, etc.

Multiple currencies, multiple countries

Create a Grocery delivery app that manages multiple currencies simultaneously and accepts payments in multiple countries at once.

Store Pickup

Managers can manage all options for ordering groceries online and picking them up from a nearby store

Dispatch Order

Utilize grocery management software to dispatch a delivery order

Delivery Notifications

Real-time notifications of all new orders will be sent to your web browser and application browser.

Keep track of inventory

With a grocery delivery app, you can manage store inventory and pricing from one dashboard

Revenues Details

Apps that track grocery delivery earnings enable drivers to monitor their earnings daily, weekly, and monthly


When an emergency occurs, the grocery delivery app provides a SOS button to drivers

Turn on/off availability

An app solution for grocery delivery allows drivers to mark their availability or not on a button

Orders - Accept/Decline

By using the on demand grocery app solution you can accept or decline orders according to availability or interest.

Details of the order

Check out the grocery delivery app solution for ordering groceries

Location Navigation

Deliver groceries to a customer's residence using an app that finds their location.

Customer Ratings

Customers should be rated based on their behavior and treatment during delivery.

Getting in touch with riders

On demand grocery apps allow drivers to communicate with riders over phone calls or in-app chats

Grocery App Development Company india

Why should you choose Orion Infosolutions to develop your first grocery-delivery app?

Today, people usually prefer to ride solo instead of using public transportation. Taxi apps based on personal service are in high demand, which makes going out and about less risky. Taxi Apps provide customers, as well as taxi drivers, with some benefits that make them reliable and profitable.



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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The grocery delivery app was developed by Orion Infosolutions to empower small retailers, local supermarkets, and other businesses. The app is similar to BigBasket, Grofers, and Instacart.

Local shops will be able to market their products online and manage the full buying process with a grocery delivery app.

Using the real-time map, the Grocery Delivery App works. Using the map, users can find a nearby grocery store and order groceries, which will be delivered by a delivery executive based on their location.

Yes, we offer grocery delivery apps for businesses. Your banner and theme can be customized to fit your needs.

The Grocery Delivery App developed by Orion Infosolutions allows you to start an App-based grocery delivery business

Yes, we provide the Android and iOS user and delivery apps. An admin panel is also included.

Our customer assistance team can provide more information about customized applications.

Apps can be purchased for an affordable price from us. Pricing for the app is determined by the features applicable, add-on features, customization, however, we make sure you get it at a reasonable price.

Support is available for the apps provided by us.

Customization of the application is possible based on the requirements of the client.

Building the application as fast as possible, in the shortest time possible, is our goal. Several factors influence the success of an app launch. In general, it takes 2 weeks.

You will receive the Source code of the Customer Mobile Application (iOS and Android), the Driver Mobile Application (iOS and Android), & the Master Admin Panel. For our clients, we also provide support during Initial Implementation.

The Driver app can be bought as per your request, but the Customer app is integrated with the Driver app. To integrate the delivery app with any of your existing applications, extra effort would need to be put into the integration.

Upon request, we can always manage in the Backend/Master Admin by integrating the Payment Gateway directly with the code.

If you request it, we will integrate as much functionality as possible as an Add-On. Please find below a general list of Add-Ons available when purchasing the App online: Scroll down to "Additional top-rated features (add ons)".

There are several standard payment gateway integrations that our Application offers, including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, 2checkout, Adyen Alipay, Braintree, Klarna, and In addition to our Application, other major payment gateways are compatible with it.

To integrate your payment gateway, we only need to understand its details, or to check the API documentation once.

For Grocery, we have provided both Multi-Select and Single Select options to create all kinds of Add-On Categories. For example, if the Admin wishes to create a product with both Single Select and Multi-Select options, they can do so.

Payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and others are compatible with our application. The payment can be split (if the payment gateway permits) between Grocery and Master Admin in this case.

For Grocery Stores, only the Master Admin can add Drivers. The functionality is already in place. The flow can be tweaked and customized as needed.

During deliveries, we can track the driver's location via the Google Map API integration, which we provide.

In the bottom right corner, there is a chatbox where you can contact us. You can also contact us by email at [email protected] or by Mobile Number at +91 8302758817 or by filling out a short form on this or the contact page.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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