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Are you having trouble increasing customer satisfaction? We've got your back with our fitness apps.Invest in your fitness solution with a full-cycle fitness app development company that can help. In support of the development, monetization, and support of your fitness solution, we use the best technologies.

Fitness App Development Solution

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We develop fitness apps to connect you with gym trainers and nutritionists

Orion Infosolutions works tirelessly to provide you with the greatest fitness solutions. Fitness lovers may use these applications to obtain answers to their fitness-related questions as quickly as feasible. We provide a wide range of unique health and fitness app development services. Our services are designed to let gym trainers, dieticians / nutritionists, yoga teachers, aerobic / zumba instructors, and other professionals integrate their online and mobile applications so that athletes and fitness enthusiasts may rapidly access their services.

Discover the remarkable features of Fitness app development we offer

Fitness fans in the form of an all-in-one app

We provide you with a fitness application that includes all of the elements you want to keep active and maintain a great body shape. We give our customers with a choice of fitness and health applications to pick from, including apps that help you organise your exercises, select a suitable nutrition plan, provide running assistance, and provide fitness coaching, as well as training videos that you can watch at home or at the gym.

  • Fitness professionals oversee regular fitness sessions
  • Create a fitness routine and receive notifications.
  • Exercise advice and suggestions
  • An in-app operational assistant and fitness instructor.
  • Data gathering system for laboratories.
Fitness App Development Solution
Fitness App Development

Apps that motivate you to work out

If you utilise our exercise applications, no matter how much experience you have in strength training, power lifting, or bodybuilding, you can expect to increase your motivation and therefore accomplish your fitness objectives.

  • Lose unnecessary body fat to get stronger.
  • Calories burnt during cardio exercise
  • Muscle growth and abs that are in pristine condition.
  • Yoga classes are available on a regular basis.
  • Regularly keeping track of calorie consumption.

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Regularly keeping track of calorie consumption

Nutrition, in addition to physical exercise, is vital in attaining personal fitness goals, whether they are to create toned muscles, decrease belly fat, become more muscular, or undertake any other sort of activity. As a result, we created nutrition applications to help our clients choose healthy meal alternatives or have access to professional dieticians stationed all over the world to give consultation services.

Compare your calorie intake to your calorie expenditure.

Adhere to a weight-loss/muscle-building eating plan advised by a qualified dietician.

Stay informed on what to eat and what to avoid.

Discover the glycemic index and other dietary components that influence your health.

Health and Fitness App Development
Fitness App Development

Using Activity Tracking Solutions, you can keep track of your activities

  • Track your walk, run, or cycle in real time, as well as your speed, pace, elevation, and distance travelled.
  • Keep a detailed note of every exercise activity you engage in.
  • Learn what type of training is necessary to achieve your fitness objectives.
  • Keep track of the distance, pace, speed, and laps you do for each fitness activity.
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Fitness App-Based Solutions Overview

A novel fitness app panel for User

Through our fitness app, we provide our consumers with an easy method to improve their exercise routines. A variety of high-end features enhance the fitness app's appeal to end customers, making it even more desirable for them.

Live Service Status

Stay updated on the status of the fitness services delivered in real time.

Appointment ending

Ending the appointment through the app is an option for users.

Your preferred service

There are several fitness regimes and training options to select from.

User Registration

During the registration procedure, users can enter personal information and pay for subscriptions.

Search for personal fitness trainers

Using the search tool, users may locate personal fitness trainers.

Scheduling an appointment

Set up an appointment with the personal fitness trainer by specifying the specific date, time, location, and payment method.

Appointment confirmation

Making the necessary payments will confirm the booking or appointment with the personal trainer. Additionally, find out how to stay healthy.

Review of Service

Users can provide relevant feedback or service reviews on the app after receiving professional services.

Highly Manageable App Panel for Admin

The app admin panel, which contains sophisticated capabilities, allows administrators to efficiently manage their app users. These features assist the administrator in managing fitness trainer app users and fitness lovers.

View Current Engagements

Using the admin panel, the admin may get a sense of how current engagements are between users and fitness coaches.

Adding Bookings On Demand

When the total demand for the app's services rises, the admin can add additional bookings.

Users' Live Status

The admin may also see the status of all app users.

App analytics

App analytics are created by the application and may be examined by the admin to improve the user experience.

Report Generation and Weekly Statements

The fitness trainer app's administrator may produce weekly statements and reports for app users.

Fitness App Development Services

Interactive App Panel for a fitness trainer

Fitness trainers and gym instructors can benefit from the interactive fitness trainer app's fitness trainer panel. With its sophisticated features and cutting-edge technology, it is simple to manage your profile and transactions.

Fitness App Development Services


Fitness trainers and gym instructors may register themselves on the app by entering important information such as their name, competency, types of services, prices, and reviews.

Cancelling or accepting an appointment

Appointments may be accepted or cancelled by fitness trainers via the app.

Track your live status

Trainers may use the app to track their live status.

Getting Started with Appointment

Once an appointment has been approved, the trainer may begin it by accepting it from inside the app.

Detailed customer reviews

Trainers may see the reviews of their customers.

Elements affecting Fitness App Development Costs

There are several elements affecting the entire Fitness App Development costs. As the expense of developing an app can influence end-users connectively, some may effect the whole back-end business of the fitness app company. Have a look at them, have a look at them.

  • Platform for mobile applications
  • Utilized Technology Stack
  • Module of Features
  • Integrated third-party applications
  • Hosting applications
  • Maintenance of the application
  • Designing UI/UX
  • Security for applications
Fitness App Development Company in India

Choose the finest fitness app developers to help you become the top in your Domain

As a top bespoke fitness app development company, we create scalable applications that improve your customers' fitness experience, increase time and cost-efficiency, and help push your business ahead.


Awarded Industry Recognition

Orion Infosolutions has been designated one of the best mobile app companies since 2014. We have been acknowledged as one of the top mobile app development companies for both B2B and B2C applications.


Dedicated internal team

We have a specialised team of Fitness App Developers on staff, as well as a range of designers, testers, and business analysts.


Experienced developers

We have pushed the boundaries of fitness app development and its potential, producing apps that matter.


Personalized and intuitive experiences

Each application is individually suited to each client's business objectives. With our straightforward and personalised app experiences, you can quickly surpass the competition.


  • Your first step should be to select an appropriate template. It is possible to choose a template or even create everything from scratch from the list.
  • In terms of branding, it is crucial as it helps to increase the appearance of the app.
  • Your app consent can be customized however you want.
  • Currently, you have the option of launching the app or making it live for consumers.

  • The first thing to do is to explore the fitness apps market
  • You will then be able to select the best fitness application for your needs.
  • You should then list the key features that you want your fitness app to have.
  • Take the site to the next level by monetizing it.
  • Follow the development process from start to finish.

Fitness apps are available in so many different versions in today's market. A fitness app development solution can help you build the app according to your wishes and with the features you want. Depending on the platform, the apps charge anywhere between $5000 and $12000. As a result of the features you have added, the cost of the total app may differ. Start by adding only a few features. Make sure the app is always up to date and easy to use.

Finding the best fitness app development company is always a good idea. Developing a successful fitness app is always a good idea. It is very important to do a thorough analysis of a potential application before developing it. By using the features available in the app, the Build Fitness App will assist the consumer to stay fit. An expert in this field has a vast understanding of it and will help you select the best option.

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