Real Money Game Development Company

Real Money Game Development

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading Real Money game development company in India that provides feature-packed real money game development solutions like Card game development, Fantasy sports app development, Rummy game development, etc. Get the best Real money game collections for your new or existing platform.

Real Money Game Development

Real Money Game Development Solutions

The iGaming Industry is moving forward, bringing new types of real money gaming solutions every day. We understand how real money games are becoming the next big thing. Therefore, we have optimized our development structure for the gaming industry who want to launch their own real money games to engage broader players from all categories. We also offer customized real money game development solutions for individuals and startups. Our skilled game development teams have achieved the greatest in developing real money games with advanced animation, graphics and providing the best gaming experience.

Real Money Game
Real Money Game

What Is a Real Money Game?

Real money gaming is the activity of betting/gambling/wagering in any type of gaming format, such as skill-based games, luck-based games or sporting events. Real money games are mainly skilled-based games in which the goal of playing and winning the game is to earn real money from it. Players place a certain bet amount, and the winner takes it all. The craze of real money games is booming all over the world, from online casinos to individual platforms.Real money games aren’t just stressed busters or for the time pass but also a great source for side income. Real money gameapps are a great way for players to showcase their skills against other professional players in tournaments & competitions and earn real money.

Types of Real Money Games We Develop

At Orion InfoSolutions, we have highly experienced and knowledgeable solitaire game developers who have over 5+ years of experience in game development. If you are looking for a solitaire game development company to help develop a rich quality solitaire game solution. Our resources are fully equipped with modern technologies and tools. Hire solitaire game developers from us and get your business ready to roll out with the industry's best solitaire game development solutions.

Snake and Ladder game

Snake and Ladder Game

Step into a world of cherished memories as you experience the reimagined edition of this timeless board game. Brace yourself for an exciting journey where the victorious player not only claims glory but also pockets real money rewards.

ludo game development

Ludo Game

Step into a world of endless entertainment with Ludo, the game that brings people together. Whether it's a small gathering or a big party, challenge 2-6 players and make it even more exciting with real bets!

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe Game

Unleash your strategic prowess and dive into a nostalgic classroom game that we all cherished. Each exhilarating round presents a golden chance to seize victory and reap the real money rewards.

Carrom Board Game

Carrom Board Game Development

Unleash the thrill of a game brimming with endless variations and the excitement of betting against 2-4 players in online Carrom.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti Game

Elevate your Teen Patti experience to new heights by playing for real money via Teen Patti game app.

Chess Game

Chess Game

Enter the realm of mind games, where strategic thinking reigns supreme. Only the cunning conqueror will seize the entire wager.

rummy game

Rummy Game

Experience the thrill of online rummy like never before, where your skills can convert into real money winnings.


Poker Game

Step into the world of casino poker games where your card game skills can win you real money.

casino game

Casino Game

At Orion InfoSolutions, we cater to the needs of avid casino players by offering authentic casino games that revolve around the allure of monetary rewards.

Call Break Card Game

Call Break Card Game

Players can utilize their skills to place real bets and earn actual money in the interactive Call Break game.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports Game

By Creating a dream team of top-performing players, users have the opportunity to earn real money based on their players' performance in the actual game.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Game

Very attractive card game. The King is the most important value holder, and if a player gets a higher value card on his bet, the winner takes it all.


Bingo Game

Players can utilize their skills to place real bets and earn real money in the interactive and classic Bingo game.

Color Prediction

Color Prediction Game

Experience the thrill of color prediction games, where players predict the outcome of colorful events for a chance to win real cash.

Black Jack Gam

Black Jack Game

Win real cash rewards in Blackjack, a classic card game that combines strategy and luck for an exhilarating casino adventure.

Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar Game

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Andar Bahar, a thrilling real money game that blends strategy and chance for an adrenaline-pumping gaming adventure.


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Real Money Game Development For All Platforms

Web Version

Web Version

Allow your players to enjoy their favorite real money games through web browsers without downloading them. A good internet connection is all the web version real money games need, and you can enjoy the game and your winnings. The web version can be accessed via smartphones and desktops.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

The users of mobile platforms are high as compared to other platforms. Grab a large scale of audience to drive your real money gaming business to the next level. Players can play their favorite real money games on the go without any problems. We develop well-optimized real money games across all mobile devices without compromising quality.

Launch Real Money Games And, Provide Amazing Gaming Experience

Real money games are becoming the next big thing in the various gaming sectors, providing exceptional experiences to online gaming users. This is what you can achieve with real money game development. With real money games in line, your users can engage themselves to play harder to earn real cash prizes. Therefore, shake hands with us and launch a feature-packed and entertaining real money game app for existing or individual platforms.

game experience


Need a cutting-edge online real money game development solution that makes your business shine in the gaming world? Let Orion InfoSolutions build the best real money games for you to run your own online gaming business on every platform.

Real Money Game Modes

Real money games are challenging but, at the same time, most entertaining as well. Our real money game is fully equipped with great functionalities and modes, proficient in providing a top-notch gaming experience to real money game lovers. We add multiple real money game modes to keep users entertained. They can switch modes as per their preference and leverage the ultimate gaming experience.

computer mode

Computer Mode

Play against the smart computer and improve your real money game skills without putting anything at risk. Be aware the computer becomes strong on every defeat.

play with friends

Play with Friends Mode

Do you enjoy playing games with your friends? Choose play with friend mode and invite your friends from the friends list, have fun, and show your friends real money-winning skills.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode

This is where the real challenge begins. Play against worldwide professionals, showcase your skills, defeat them, and earn real money. Multiplayer is also great for learning professional players' playing styles.

Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode

Join daily tournaments where you will compete with the most challenging players from all around the world. Win many tournaments and see your in-game title name topping on the leaderboards among others top players.

How Much Does It Real Money Game Development Cost?

The cost of real money game development can be between $15k to $45k for a single platform (Android/iOS) that contains basic features and functionalities. Additionally, if you want to develop full feature packed real money games, the cost will be around $35k to $75k or more. These costs are determined by game complexity, requirements, developer location, UI/UX design, development time, features and functionalities. These factors gradually influence real money game app development, therefore, considering what type of real money game you want to launch is essential and plays a great role in influencing the cost.

We can be your development partner if you are thinking of launching your own real money game. Orion InfoSolutions is a reputable real money game app development company that provides user-friendly and enrich-quality real money gaming apps. Wait no more, get your real money game app developed now!

Online Real Money Game Development Features

These attractive, skilled-based games and users' engagement levels are essential to us. Sticking to those fundamentals, the real money game development team makes sure to seamlessly integrate the online world-class real money game apps with user-defined features that excel in standard terms of technical and creative performance to let your users play games and earn money. Here are some of the features that you can choose for your real money games:

RMG Participation

Play real money games using your skills and win to earn massive real cash prizes. Use your gaming skills to earn real money instead of just using it to pass time.

Quick Deposit & Money Withdrawal

To let you take full experience of playing real money games, we integrate quick deposit and easy money withdrawal that enable you to instantly jump into the game.

Play As Guest

Don’t want to share your personal details like email address or phone number for login? Don’t fret! Skip the login page, jump into the guest mode and play free games at your convenience.

Game History

A feature that allows you to see all your real money game history that you have played so far. It will also have all the losing amount and winning amount comprehensive details.

Custom Tables

There are custom tables in the games with different ranges of entry fees, this way, you can join the game as per your budget and convenience.

Invite Friends

Now, who wants to avoid playing games with their friends or families? Therefore, by using this feature players can invite their loved ones and enjoy real money games with them.

Withdrawal History

Similar to the game history, this feature provides brief details about your recent and old withdrawals in the game that also tells you when and from which game you have withdrawn the money.

In-App Purchase

This feature allows players to buy in-game coins or currencies that are necessary if they want to join the game. Real money games require entry fees to enter in the game room.


If you want to access a wide range of users, this feature must be included in your real money game app, as it eliminates any language barrier from the game. Players can enjoy their games by choosing their preferred language.

Daily Bonus

A sweet reward for players who daily play the real money games. This feature offers you daily bonus rewards, which you can use within the platform to join the games.

24/7 Support

Users can face any issues within the game app, therefore, we included a 24/7 support feature. By using it, users can contact the support team to resolve any problems related to games.

Social Media Logins

Sign up in the game with social media platforms like Facebook Account/Google Account/Gmail Account. Your social media friends will automatically add to the game and show whether they are online or offline.

Refer & Earn

One amazing feature is the ability to refer the game to your friends or other players who haven't yet joined. In return, for inviting them you receive rewards from the app.

Crypto-Enabled Platform

Enable your users to join and play real money games by adding various types of cryptocurrencies. The real money game we develop supports crypto payments.

Custom Tailored Real Money Game Development Features

Admin Panel Features For Real Game Development

The real money game app offers so many features in its admin panel that allow the admins to personalize the app experience according to their needs. These admin panel features enable the admins to make necessary changes in the app. Here are the admin features that we add to our real money games:



Dashboard refers to a very important feature that shows you how your game is performing against other games.

Game Management

Game Setting & Management:

Another admin panel feature to change or edit the game's experience. Various game settings are available, like the language, sound option, two-factor authentication, game tutorials, notifications, etc.

User Management

User Management:

This admin panel feature allows admins to manage and control the user’s activity. They can also remove users if they find them breaking the app rules or hacking.

Leader Board

Leaderboard Management:

Admin has the ability to reward skillful players by showcasing them in the top leaderboards to motivate and provide inspiration to other players, and praise the top players.

Payment & Wallet Management

Payment & Wallet Management:

The payment and wallet management feature allows admins to know how many in-game coins have been purchased and redeemed by the users.

Poker Chips

Chips Management:

This feature allows admins to manage the chips that are purchased by the users or redeemed. Admins will also know what users have earned in the process.

Notification Management

Notification Management:

Admins can manage and send push notifications to motivate players to play the game, re-engage players, and alert players to future levels, gameplay sessions, or newly unlocked features.

Reward Point Management

Reward Point Management:

By using reward point management feature, admins can create a loyalty program for players in the game. Admin can reward players who play the game more actively than those who don't.

Advertisement Management

Advertisement Management:

Through the advertisement management feature, the admin can manage your ads within the game. Admins can remove the ads and add them, all these can be managed via the admin panel.


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Why Is Orion InfoSolutions the Best Real Money Game Development Company?

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading real money game development company. We are experienced in the process of designing, building and deploying cutting-edge online real money games that are fully capable of attracting broader users' attention. Our best-in-class development team holds extensive knowledge of modern technologies and game engines.

We are fully aware about the demand of gaming industry, therefore, our professional game developers utilize their industry knowledge to meet the client's end requirements and deliver rich-quality solutions. Orion InfoSolutions is certified and specialized in delivering top-notch real money game development solutions for global clients. Here are some of the great advantages of choosing Orion InfoSolutions as your real money game development partner:

ludo sikka
Solitaire Game Access of Best Game Development Studio

We are one of the best game development studio in India, proficient in developing any type of real money games across all platforms without compromising in quality.

High-Quality UI/UX Design High-Quality UI/UX Design

Our professional game developers utilize the latest game development tools and technologies to create amazing and high-quality real money game UI & UX designs that provide user-friendly experience.

2D & 3D Game Developers Experienced 2D & 3D Game Developers

We have 5+ highly experienced 2D and 3D game developers who are proficient in developing complex to highly customized game development solutions as per client’s requirements.

Cost-Effective Development Structure Cost-Effective Development Structure

We understand clients’ requirements and their concerns related to the costs, therefore, we offer multiple cost-effective development packages that suit almost every business requirement.

Cross-Platform Compatibility Cross-Platform Compatibility

Many companies want to develop their solutions for multiple platforms, therefore, the real money game apps we develop support cross-platform functionality.

24/7 Support 24/7 Support & Maintenance Services

We have a team of top real money game developers who will be always available to provide your real money game app with constant updates and bug fixes.

Let Us Empower Your Gaming Business With Our Full-Fledged Real Money Game Development Services.

Let's Get Started!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

It will take around 13 weeks to develop a real money game app, however, the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the features and number of platforms.

Yes, we provide full-fledged maintenance and support services to keep secure and updated your real money game with the most intellectual technologies.

We develop real money games using modern technologies such as AI, AR, VR, Unity 3D game engine, Adobe Illustrator, 2D Graphics Tools, blockchain, etc.

The cost to develop real money game apps can range from $5,000 to $100,000. The cost depends on the complexity of the game and whether it supports multiple platforms—for example, developing a real money casino game like poker can cost you $10,000 to $15,000. However, if you want to develop advanced feature oriented real money game for multiple platforms, the cost can reach $30,000 to $50,000.

Yes, we can integrate cryptocurrency into online real money games. We are also a prominent blockchain development company with diverse experience of over 8+ years. We can develop an NFT and blockchain-based Play2Earn real money games that include and handle cryptocurrencies as transferable tokens and lets users earn real currency online.

Don’t fret, we can help you. If you have an app idea, simply contact us through our website, there, you will find our complete contact details. You can send us your requirements and we will start exploring the more dynamic possibilities for your project. After finalizing the project requirements, we will gather all the resources and technologies and will start the development process.

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