eLearning App Development Company

eLearning App Development Company

Orion InfoSolutios is a top notch e-learning app development company with 8+ years of experience in providing educational mobile app development solutions.

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eLearning App Development Company

Are you looking for new learning and have a shortage of time? Or do you have an idea to walk hand-in-hand with the technology to build an eLearning app or website? How about owning a cost-effective on-demand elearning app solution? We are the complete package of all types of e-learning application development and websites.

  • User-friendly application
  • Budget-friendly eLearning app solutions
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Third-party integration
  • No hidden charges
  • Custom eLearning app development
  • Topnotch eLearning app development company
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e-learning app development company
e-learning app development company

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Audio and Video Streaming

Audio and Video Streaming

Provide the supreme quality of audio and videos which execute your eLearning easier. We use the best integration that does the app and website work error-free.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Orion has a smart team of eLearning app developers that make sure video calling completes the purpose by providing the best quality of connection.

Asynchronous learning

Asynchronous learning

The packages of various courses are safe in the solution as it has 100% security that keeps the data and provides easy asynchronous learning.



The doubt sessions, Packages, and premiums are managed well by the easy-to-use dashboard. All types of training sessions can organize at a single moment.

Quizzes and Exams

Quizzes and Exams

Managing the various quizzes and examinations of all subjects can be managed easily using our solution. From the calculation to the final result display, we have everything for you.



Highly reliable and easy-to-use e-commerce platform to sell books, learning products, lessons, and lecture audios & videos.

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  • - Can manage users and subjects.
  • - Can access subscription packages and badges
  • - Can manage content and other filters
  • - Can organize the tutor and student panel
  • - Can manage payments (credits and refunds)
  • - Checks for location (zip code, etc.)
  • - Can organize exams, quizzes, and sessions
  • - Can check the earnings, chats, all over activities.
  • - have control tutor panel features
  • - can connect pupils on chat, video, and audio calls.
  • - Can enhance the profiles
  • - Can manage account details
  • - Can view and answer the questions
  • - Can register account
  • - Can view the reviews and ratings by students online
  • - Access to student profile features
  • - Quick SignIn/SignUp
  • - Can view subjects and subscription plan
  • - Can search various tutor
  • - Can see free quizzes and courses
  • - Can pay and learn the subjects
  • - Can choose the customize subjects
  • - Can view the available subject and choose
  • - Can see their examination result
  • - Can post questions
  • - Can connect with the tutor via chat, video, and audio calls.
E-learning App Development
Industries we work for

Helping Businesses in All Domains.

It's not you who build a business, it's the Customers. Customers are your business, so help them and your business will smile.

Social Networking

Social Networking





Entertainment Service

Entertainment Service

Banking Service

Banking Service

Enterprise Service

Enterprise Service

Education Service

Education Service

Tour and Travels

Tour and Travels

Health Service

Health Service

Event & Ticket

Event & Ticket

Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

What do you get?

Easy sign-in

Easy sign via mobile number, email, or social media accounts.

Online forums

Connect the app with different types of online forums and promote your brand. Share knowledge!

Voting systems

Organise polls on various topics and know the opinion of your users. It may be on technology or any general topic.

Custom reporting

: Get customized reports of various activities that are related to your eLearning app development.


Let users schedule the online classes for a day or a particular time and make the learning easier for them.

Group Assignments

Organise various types of tests and assignments to make your app more interactive for both pupils and teachers.


Provide the scores or grade to the profile of tutors and students. Let them improve their skills and upgrade the score by learning from your app.


Easily conduct the surveys among the user(student and tutors) on various advanced technologies and other subjects.


Get a feature-rich app and make it famous with white labeling and branding. It will surely raise the profit graphs of the app.


Get a tailored web version of Admin for your eLearning model to manage the backend.

Enrollment Rules

Create terms and conditions along with strict rules for tutors and students on your online eLearning app.

Social & community apps

Create a community over social media platforms to make your eLearning mobile app famous.

Back-end application

We have a strong team for both Android and iOS development of your eLearning mobile application. Our Android developers use Java for Android, Objective C for iOS, to create a super-quality online learning application.

Multi-language Support

You can put the entire content in your app in multiple languages so that the users can use the multi-language and prefer the language as per their understanding. It can manage through the admin panel.

Message Boards

Users will be provided with the social learning and message board over the application to communicate. It is easy to manage via an application.


We have several videos, games, quizzes, puzzle games, and much more to make the student from a new medium. You can also add your quiz and other interactive activities.


We build a highly authorized, reliable, and strong learning management system in terms of clouding computing technologies.

Web Conference

we provide the option for web conferencing so that students can directly interact with the teachers and solve their queries in one-on-one interaction.


The app provides several certifications to make the students improve their skills and get more advantage of learning the app.

Payment Integration

We have the advanced technologies that make the payment process easier and offer various options to pay.

Source code

Once your app is ready, the entire code is yours and therefore, handed over to you.

24X7 support and maintenance

During the process, you can contact us anytime to solve your query. We also have the best after-sales services.

Comprehensive reporting

Our team will provide all the updates about the development process via any medium chosen by you.


We have advanced and highly authenticated servers which keeps all your data with us.


From the security point, we sign NDA which mentions each and every clause. It protects your app idea.

No hidden charges

Every single charged penny will be disclosed at the initial phase. We always believe in transparency with our clients.

Good environment

Our clients are allowed to communicate directly with the developer. We work on onsite and offsite models.

Certified team

Our certified and highly dedicated eLearning mobile app development team makes each eLearning a boom in the industry.


Hire the developers from our premises. Get an update about the development process via various communication channels.


For advance support, you can also hire our developers to work at your office and get maximum benefits of hiring.


We are flexible with a combination of on-site and off-site, as per the situation demands.

Fixed price

For SMEs, we plan a budget that fits their pocket and they can hire our developers on fixed charges.


Hire the developers as per your project demands. This suits the mid-size businesses and startups.

Hourly basis

If you have limited work. then you can hire our dedicated developers on an hourly basis.

Custom eLearning content

We have interactive models and templates to make the eLearning app more impressive for the users. You can fully customize your learning via various templates, depending upon the eLearning app's demands and requirements. This will save your time to develop and cost as well.

E-learning App Development Services
E-learning App Development Company

Digitize training

Enhance your in-person training extraordinarily. Get access to the content and let the app builder let you scale easily. You can make the changes in the content and processes to make your eLearning app solutions grow with your business.

User engagement

Improve user activity through gamification, push notifications, quizzes, etc. Choose the custom components while you build your eLearning application and boost user interaction. User engagement should be a priority and we provide at the best level.

E-learning App Development Services
E-learning App Development Company

Report and analysis

Get the data about how the courses and other programs are performing. We are one of those who provide the analytics feature. This add-on will help you to make a better decision about your app in terms of the enhancement of application features.

Rapid app development

We are highly demanded and top notch eLearning app development company in terms of speed. Our predefined libraries and templates make the app development process faster and therefore, one can build an eLearning application in less time. This increases the market launch and it's a win-win deal for you.

Reduced costs

We have a no-code platform which increases the speed of the app development process. The cost of building the eLearning application from our predefined libraries is a budget-friendly idea.

Custom eLearning apps

The eLearning app built by our dedicated developers is 100% customized according to your brand, content, and requirements. We update our clients regularly about the development process and value their feedback to make the best application for their business.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

An entrepreneur interested in developing an e-learning app will ask this question as it is one of the topmost asked questions. Firstly, no two apps are the same in terms of development costs. So getting the same app developed will cost you differently even if you get it developed at the same time.
However, for a basic e-learning app with basic features, the overall costs can range from $8000 to $30,000. In addition, if you're looking to have a custom e-learning app that incorporates advanced features, such as CRM integration, real-time analytics, etc., the cost might be a bit higher, somewhere between $35000 and $70,000.

We are a one-stop shop for all e-learning app solutions at Orion Infosolutions. On our team, developers, designers, quality assurance specialists, testers, etc., on our team, are skilled and experienced, and they strive to offer the best product within the stipulated deadline. So whether you're in retail, banking, finance, transportation, or any other industry, our team of highly skilled and experienced experts can assist you.

In this competitive industry, there are many LMS development platforms available on the market, making it extremely difficult for businesses with similar ideas to scale. It is, therefore, necessary to target what others do not provide to pull others back toward the goal. So here are some questions to ask:
After developing, what are the challenges you will face?
Is motivation a factor in the barriers?
Do the barriers have anything to do with awareness?
Ineffective management may be the cause of the barriers.

You can enhance your product and remove the thin veil that separates you and your audience by adding personalization.

The level of content you create and distribute must be aligned with the level of audience you are targeting. An elearning system is incomplete without content. To sum up, wherever you choose to publish your content, make sure you deliver it in the best possible way.

Content that impacts behaviour or information can be selected. Alternatively, you can combine both, but be sure not to compromise quality, which is one of the main determinants of success.

The current system also delivers continuous engagement through regular upgrades. Therefore, with the help of trainers and researchers coupled with IT professionals, you can deliver good quality and updated content for continuous learning.

Developing your elearning application requires rational thinking and personalization from the very start, just like developing any other product.

Scalability will be enhanced if you and your product engineering team identify the key issues at the beginning and determine the best solutions. These are some of the questions you should ask:
Was it discussed before the course was designed?

Students can provide feedback on the course, whether they found it valuable or found other courses more instructive.

See how long it takes any user to complete the course on average. Furthermore, they will be able to tell you how well designed the course is based on their scores.

As a means of authentication, the source of the content shared is crucial. Thus, learners can better transfer their knowledge and become engaged with their respective topics.

As a result of these points, the eLearning app you develop can be evaluated or measured from scratch for success.

It is estimated that the market for online learning will reach $325 billion by 2025.

A study conducted in 2017 found that 19% of students took advantage of web-based learning. This number has quadrupled since the pandemic.

You should first decide what niche you want to develop your app for. Then, create a demo app and work with a development team to develop the idea.

We have podcasts, MOOCs, video streaming services, forums, etc., that provide e-learning.

A provider of IT consulting services is not required to package and promote the course. Instead, a vendor offering the service identifies the course and determines if it is of interest to the user. Furthermore, refined testing is conducted to test the app, functionality of the features, and the operation of the modules. To provide quality assurance and software testing services, QA providers need to be proficient and knowledgeable about learner demographics.

Included in the quality check should be:
Evaluation of the functionality.
Uploading the course at the right time.
Updates to online courses should be released in numbers.
Checking the bandwidth and speed of the server by re-testing or regression testing.
The learning process is seamless.
Information Integrity.
Information about students and courses is confidential and secure.
Every time a change is made to the content, underline and test it.

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