Medicine Delivery App Development Company

Medicine Delivery App Development Company

your customers to purchase medicines online Seamlessly expand your Medicine company to cost-effective on-demand medicine Delivery app development solutions

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Medicine Delivery App Development

In today's environment, companies and consumers employ on-demand solutions for a variety of purposes. People may now purchase medicine online and have it delivered to their homes using an online medicine delivery app. The client does not have to be concerned about being unable to obtain his medicine immediately by utilizing the mobile app. Medicine delivery app development is getting more common as the business expands. Customers may stay in contact with healthcare services by making use of the interactive and fantastic features.

Creating a mobile app for online medicine delivery necessitates the assistance of knowledgeable and professional developers. There are currently a plethora of applications on the market that provide online medicine delivery. Orion Infosolutions, as a skilled and enthusiastic team of developers, will design an app to meet the needs of our clients, one that will reach the market given that we have a team that works with cutting-edge technology. Our UX/UI designers will ensure that your software is simple to use and that users have no issues.

On Demand Medicine Delivery App Development

On-Demand Medicine App Business Model

With over years of experience as the World's Leading Medicine Delivery App Development company, we have worked on Medicine App Development solutions for a wide range of countries throughout the world.

Medicine Delivery App Development

Individual Store Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Delivery App Development

Online Medicine Delivery App for Medicine Chains

Medicine Delivery App Development

Medicine Delivery for Aggregators


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Medicine Delivery App Development Solution

Our company has extensive experience in the design and implementation of customized medicine home delivery apps for enterprises large and small and looking for growth and expansion.

Portal creation

Custom medical portals are created for prescription drug delivery apps to streamline online medicine delivery.

Software for managing stock

Our stock management software solutions can help businesses manage their stock easily, which is one of the biggest challenges they face.

POS System

We can create a POS system that can be integrated into your home delivery medicine app so that you can keep track of sales.

Management of MR Reporting software

By working with us to develop MR Reporting software, online businesses can increase revenue.

Software for Supply Chain Management

Retail e-pharmacies that provide on-demand medicine delivery have been using our supply chain management software to keep their records safe.

Pharmaceutical CRM systems

Providers offer comprehensive pharmaceutical CRM software for saving and obtaining details about your customers as well as inventory.

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Features of an on-demand medicine delivery app

The solution offered contains four separate systems that are linked together to supply an on-demand Medicine Delivery App, complete with all necessary capabilities. All of the online drug ordering and delivery application solutions are part of the Admin Dashboard, the Medicine Dashboard, the User App, and Delivery Boy. The home medicine delivery app may be tailored to your needs based on prebuilt functionality and features.

Medicine Delivery app designed for the elderly with a simplistic UI and well-researched user experience.

  • Login panel with advanced features
  • Interactive Homepage
  • Managing profiles
  • Easily navigable menu
  • Stores near your location
  • Place your order
  • Details of the store
  • Sorting drug lists
  • Category Advance Filter
  • Details on the drug
  • Checkout
  • Easily Checkout
  • Upload prescriptions
  • Order History
  • Order Cancelling
  • Tracking orders
  • Place a re-order
  • Order of Rating & Review
  • Reminder about pills
  • Assistance

Manage the stock, orders, discounts, etc. of a medical store using this easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Shop at Interactive Medicine Store
  • Integrating SMS
  • Managing delivery areas
  • Notifications and alerts for orders
  • Managing stocks
  • Click-to-Assist
  • Management of time
  • Tracking your payments
  • Using the Dashboard Panel is easy
  • Order History
  • Coupon Codes & Offers Management
  • Feedback & Recommendations
  • Integration of email promotions
  • Report of Elegance and Insight
  • Engagement with social media
  • Tracking delivery boys

A user-friendly administrator interface allows you to manage your online medicine delivery platform.

  • Tracking the location of delivery boys
  • Dashboard Advance.
  • Managing users.
  • Managing stores.
  • Managing categories.
  • Managing orders.
  • Managing deliveries.
  • Managing commissions and pay.
  • SMS & Email Campaign Management.
  • Managing coupon codes.
  • Easy backup & restoration of databases.
  • Managing content.
  • Notification/Alert Management.
  • Sharing on social media.
  • Managing complaints.
  • Reports customized for your business

Tracks the location of delivery boys using GPS.

  • Calling customers with a single click
  • Describe your profile
  • Notifications via push
  • Orders assigned
  • Delivery accepted
  • Google Maps GPS Navigation
  • Deliveries Update
  • Check Payment Status
Medicine Delivery App
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Benefits of Online medicine Delivery Apps

As a result of Pandemic Times, the medicine delivery app market is booming with profits. Rather than stand in a long line at a pharmacy store and purchase their medicines physically, people prefer to purchase their medicines online. These are some of the additional benefits that online medicine store apps provide the customer as well as the store owner.

  • An easy way to manage inventory
  • An easy way to manage orders
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Enhance your visibility and sales
  • Streamlined payments
  • Accessibility to a wide range of products
  • Time & Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Shopping Available
Medicine Delivery App
On Demand Medicine Delivery App Company

App Development Company offering medicine delivery apps

As one of the most prominent medicine delivery apps Development Company in India, we understand very well what it takes to build an online Medicine Ordering app that is both reliable and secure. The following conjunctures in respect of the development of online medicine delivery apps are to be addressed by the company.

  • Technical Support in a Flash
  • Over 20 developers work on the project.
  • Budget-busting packages.
  • Tour the entire project.
  • Delivered by the deadline.
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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

By 2020, $1,53 billion is expected to be spent on pharmacy delivery. According to forecasts, the market will grow to $2,015 billion by 2025. Still, there is plenty of room for new solutions that offer medicine delivery services.

App development costs are determined by the number of features, their complexity, the location where the app is developed, etc. For a single app version (iOS or Android), costs can range from $16,000 - $30,000 or $50,000 - $200,000 for a working version.

Apps for medicine delivery include panels for:


Depending on the business model, it may be necessary to create all or only some of these parts.

The providers of delivery apps usually have contracts with pharmacies, and they are paid either as a subscription or as a percentage of sales made through the app.

This could be pharmacy employees (if you are creating a delivery app as a service, not a delivery service with an app), drivers who work for the app owner (if you are a fleet owner who wants to deliver medications), or drivers hired through the app like Uber drivers.

Over $21 billion was invested worldwide in digital health ventures in 2021. In addition, medical delivery partnerships also made an impact. As a result, we conclude the industry is growing rapidly and is likely to be profitable.

We move to maintenance and support as soon as we have delivered your solution. At this phase, our team makes sure that your application is compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

We will also be able to help you with bug fixes, minor changes, and modifications. Our team will assist you if you have any problems using the app or backend panel!

Typically, we roll out our solution within a month. Customizations or design modifications, however, may take longer. Therefore, we provide you with a clear projection at the time of project confirmation.

Transparency is essential to us. Therefore, we explain everything to you in our demo session and the proposal we send you.

For reference, we do not cover the following costs. Instead, each vendor must pay them directly.

Domain Registrar fees (applies for pointing to the backend admin and store panel).
Amazon Web Services is our recommendation for web hosting charges.
Registration fees for the Google Play Store are $25.
Apple App Store registration fees - $99 per year.
Charges associated with SMS gateways.
Charges associated with payment gateways.
Charges for content development and creative services.

You will be paying us an amount solely for the development and maintenance of the pharmacy app.

Profits on the overall sale of the medicines on the platform are based on a percentage. This is because users often purchase the medicines regularly. You create a predictable sales channel as a result.

Additionally, you can cross-sell the customer other FMCG products or upsell medical equipment. 5%-20% margins are possible for these products.

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