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Orion InfoSolutions is a leading company in developing Flutter apps that help startups, small, and large-scale companies to grow their business with futuristic mobile apps deploying the innovative framework of Google.
Our Flutter developers have years of experience and knowledge in developing cross-platforms and natively compiled interfaces.
Are you looking to develop your Flutter application?
We can help you. With our prominent Flutter developers, you can rely on us to develop your top-notch and feature-rich application.

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About Flutter

About Flutter

Flutter is Google's free, open-source UI framework. It is a professional development toolkit for building natively compiled Android, iOS, MAC, Linux, and Windows applications.

The main purpose of using Flutter for application development is to provide high-quality material designs and iOS-style widgets. With Flutter, developers can easily integrate UI/UX into the applications.

Flutter's main proposition is that it saves development resources by letting developers create apps for Android and iOS platforms with the same code implementation.

Flutter widgets empower the developers to offer the best user experience solutions without any complexities. The widget library contains various reusable UI elements such as sliders, buttons, and text inputs.

Our developers are proficient in using Flutter widgets to create rich-featured and best user experience solutions. We use Flutter for a highly time, money, and resources saving framework that increases your business productivity.


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Our Flutter App Development Services

Flutter Web App Development

Flutter Web App Development

Now Flutter is great for web app development as it is highly compatible with highly used technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Hire Flutter developers from us to create scalable and rich functionality solutions that rapidly grow your business to the next level.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Being a leading Flutter app development company, we have skilled and proficient Flutter programmers who can develop iOS and Android applications using the Flutter framework. Hire our Flutter developer and boost your business productivity.

Flutter Enterprises App

Flutter Enterprises App

Our Flutter coders are well experienced in developing Flutter apps for enterprises. We cater to our client businesses with high dynamic solutions and provide a comprehensive mix of enterprise applications.

UI/UX Design Integration

UI/UX Design Integration

We create result-oriented apps for uplifting your business and increasing leads constantly. Hire our Flutter developer, who can integrate exceptional designs to provide the best user interaction and user experience.

Support/Maintenance & Up gradations

Support/Maintenance & Up gradations

Leverage our 24/7 flexible supports from our top consultant and get full-notch maintenance of your app. Our Flutter experts will always be available for you to provide complete upgrades that make your app always fast, responsive, and hassle-free performance to give the best user experience.

Flutter Consultancy

Flutter Consultancy

Our end-to-end consultant helps you provide key information for your business's success. Hire us and evaluate lead success strategies and implement those ideas to build a user-engaging app that drives great revenue into your bank.

Our Experienced Flutter Developers Team

Building an app needs many resources, and among them, the most important is a developer. A developer's experience and skill say all about what they can offer a client.

Developing a rich-feature and unique design Flutter app development requires a piece of proper knowledge and experienced developers that can pitch you good consultancy and total comprehensive build mobile and web design.

Orion InfoSolutions is a renowned Flutter app development company integrating every technology to build exceptional mobile app development. We utilize this iconic open-source framework to build scalable and robust applications for cross-platforms.

So, let us take your burden of developing your Flutter application. We possess highly experienced and high-tech expertise Flutter app developers to build mobile and web applications that deliver the best user experience and contain high dynamic features and functions.

How Our Hire Flutter Developer Process Works

Hire our streamlined Flutter developers in just 5 simple steps to start your project without wasting time.

Drop Your Inquiry About Business Needs

Drop Your Inquiry About Business Needs


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Interview and Select Suitable Engagement Model


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Why Choose Us for Your Next Flutter App Development Project?

Expertise with Flutter App Development

Our Flutter App developer in India and the USA Offers unparalleled power-packed web and mobile app development services at an affordable price that fills your business requirements.

Highly Experienced with Web Development

Our experienced and skilled Flutter experts know the technology needed to create innovative and comprehensive web development solutions.

We have 8+ years of experience developing result-oriented mobile and web applications with web development services. We have provided our top offering services to various industries like Healthcare, Finance Banking, Food, IoT applications, and much more.

Orion InfoSolutions is one of the best hire Flutter developers companies in India

Cost-Efficient and Agile Team Augment engagement model

Develop the best mobile and web applications to increase the visibility and revenue of your business

Creative ideas and a futuristic vision of an approach to provide the best of the best services

Hire Our Top of the Line Flutter Developers

Our prominent Flutter developers possess creative ideas and excellent expertise using the SDLC approach. We will be happy to be part of your Flutter app development project partner to help you build a project that stands upto your expectations and provides a supreme user experience with advanced functionality integration.

Hire our mainstream Flutter developers to empower your server-side and drive your business on the success path.

Our Top-notch Benefits

8+ Years of industry experience

Being a professional Flutter app and web development company in India, we have over 8 years of experience working with many industries. Our top-notch expertise and benefits make us different from others.

250+ Project Delivered

With experience and knowledge, our Flutter app developers have delivered more than 250 projects with 100% customer satisfaction in the past 8 years.

Confidentiality Assurance

We care about our client's business and their security measures. We provide 100% confidential assurance throughout the processing of the Project, and we develop a fully scalable and secure app that adds more value to your business.

Quality Products

We follow certain principles to build a product that attracts users and offers unmatchable quality that undoubtedly compliments your business and increases your brand value in the market.

Effective Communication

Our Flutter coders are well known for their communication skills. They possess fine line communication skills so that you won't feel any communication failure or gap throughout the project completion.

End-to-End Support

We will cater to your business with end-to-end support for your project and eliminate any complications in your applications. With our proficient expert teams, you don't have to worry about updating or maintaining your apps; our team will take care of everything.

Advanced Technology Integration

Creating an app with no pitfalls is the only way to get to the top. Our prominent Flutter developers possess the knowledge in every required technology and integrate advanced tech needed to develop scalable and robust applications.


Your project will be done quickly with our best cost-friendly team augment model. We provide optimum quality mixed product and budget-friendly team engagement.

Updates & Reports

We provide a free update to your application after compilation of the project and offer complete transparency reports of your project from day one.

Simple Engagement Model

Our cost-friendly hiring remote Flutter developer model will surely fulfill your business needs and will not give you second thoughts.

Full-Time Engagement Model

Time- 9 hours

Period- 1 Month

Conceptual- Ready to Control

Communication- Chat, E-mail, Skype

Project Daily Reports- Basecamp, Jira

Part Time Engagement Model

Time- 5 hours

Period- 1 Month

Conceptual- Ready to Control

Communication- Chat, E-mail, Skype

Project Daily Reports- Basecamp, Jira

Hourly Engagement Model

Time- Hourly Basis

Period- 23 Hours in a Day

Conceptual- Ready to Control

Communication- Chat, E-mail, Skype

Project Daily Reports- Basecamp, Jira

Hire Flutter Developer

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    Technical Support
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    Confidentiality Assured
  • 100%

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

If you are looking to hire a Flutter developer in India, then you should consider checking some major details, such as

● Company experience

● Developer experience

● Developer portfolio

● How many projects they have delivered

● Make Inquiry about their past and current clients

● Check company ratings and reviews

● Check how many developers they have

Orion InfoSolutions is a top-of-the-line Flutter app development company; we have delivered our services to over 150+ businesses and have over 8 decades of experience in the IT industry.

The main Objective of using Flutter is to develop comprehensive cross-platform applications that easily run on various platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The cost to hire Flutter developers depends on various factors like the region of the Flutter app development company, the number of feature integration, company reputation, developer experience, time and materials, developer location, team size, app size, and much more.

Skill Set of Flutter developer:

● Excellent knowledge of Git

● Understanding of SDLC

● Expertise with different architecture approaches

● Knowledge of GoF structures

● Working experience with SQL

● Excellent knowledge of Kotlin and Swift programming language

● Understanding of Dart programming language

● Complete knowledge of the Flutter framework

We have 3 types of hiring models. First is the full-time engagement model, where you can get developers for 9 hours per day for one month, the second is a part-time model where you can hire a Flutter developer for 5 hours per day for 1 month, and the last one is hourly based model where you can hire our programmers on an hourly basis.

Will I get an NDA signed a contract for the ownership of the Flutter project?

Yes, we will provide you with fully signed NDAs for the complete ownership of your Flutter project.

● Drop your inquiry

● Please consult with our experts

● Let us know about your project requirements

● Interview and select engagement model

● Come on board and start work

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