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Hire React Native developer

Hire React Native developer: The must-have skills you need

On 26th March 2015, Facebook Inc. introduced an open-source mobile application framework. This specific framework is invented for applications, such as Android, iOS, Web, UWP. This, in turn, allows the developers to use the "React" and "Native" platforms capabilities. Furthermore, a fragmentary port for Qt also exists.

What is a React Native?

In simple words, React Native is a JavaScript Framework, which allows an analyst to write codes for apps which support Androids, iOS. To promote an understandable user interface, such codes are built-in Facebook's JavaScript. One of the best parts about React Native is that it, the codes can be shared amongst different platforms. If you want to develop such "native" mobile application codes, in this specific JavaScript, it'll be better to hire react native developer.


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React Native Developer

What are the advantages of React Native?

If you want to invest or develop such "native" codes, it'll be better to hire react native developer. Such individuals possess thorough knowledge regarding the advantages of this specific niche. However, there are a few generic pros of React Native that you should know about before investing in this field. A few advantages of React Native are as follows -

  1. It is easy to use

  2. The development cycle is straightforward and fast.

  3. React Native is a built-in atomic component structure, which allows a swifter development of unit tests.

  4. If you Hire React Native developer, you'll understand that React Native simplifies the development of unit tests.

  5. It is easily understandable, and these codes are simple enough to develop new components.

  6. Due to the implementation of native interface, React Native renders an efficient performance

  7. React Native possesses virtual DOM, which helps to calculate the minimum number of operations that are required to make changes to the DOM gaining speed in the user interface.

Why do we need to Hire React Native developer?

If you are an entrepreneur, you may not have profound knowledge regarding the nooks and corners of react Native. Therefore, you can Hire React Native developer to learn more about it. It will be best if you hired such developers from a recognized institution, like the Orion Infosolutions. We are best in this field, and you can hire experienced, and dedicated developers from here. Furthermore, there are some aspects that will benefit from hiring such individuals. The reasons to hire such developers are as follows -

1. Requires fewer developers -

If you start implementing React Native, you'll realize that it requires fewer workforce, and get the job done more efficiently. There are groups, which have formed on Facebook, wherein React Native developers always engaged in finding better solutions to make simpler codes. Furthermore, once you Hire React Native developer, you will not be required to follow the traditional method of coding. Such developers are equipped in sharing codes across both the Android and iOS interface. This, in turn, will help you to execute your tasks in a lower budget.

2. It saves time -

As mentioned before, there are groups which are involved in making simple yet efficient codes. Therefore, if you Hire React Native developer, it'll make your work faster. Other than that, implementation of React Native itself will expedite your tasks, as they will not slow your applications down during DOM updates.

3. Accentuates the performance -

Once you Hire React Native developer, it is imperative that your codes will be more efficient and its delivery will be within a specific timeframe. Usually, it takes time to convert web-based codes to mobile-friendly codes. However, such professionals can execute such tasks seamlessly.

Hire React Native Developer

What skillset to look for to Hire React Native developer?

To develop better codes for both the Android and iOS interface, you should hire react native developer. Now the question arises what skills such individuals should hold, which will make your work easier. There are two kinds of skill sets that you should look for in your developer. The skills are hard skills and soft skills. Following are the detailed aspects that a react native developer should possess -

A. Hard Skills to look for -

In the aspect of hard skills, a developer should hold an unimpeachable technical knowledge. The elements that you need to figure out in this category to Hire React Native developer are as follows -

Should be able to write clear codes

• Should be able to write clear codes -

The primary skill that you need to look for to Hire React Native developer is if that person can compose simple and straightforward codes. That specific individual should be able to write consistent and secured codes that can be shared across the domains of Android and iOS.

Should have experience in Android and iOS development

• Should have experience in Android and iOS development -

Another skill that you require to know to Hire React Native developer is that they are equipped with the development of both Android and iOS. By being familiar with the development, it'll be easier to make codes work on different apps of those interfaces.

Efficient knowledge in JavaScript

• Efficient knowledge in JavaScript -

One of the most crucial requirements that the said individual should meet is to have an explicit understanding of JavaScript. Why? Because your entire work depends on the same. Once you Hire React Native developer, your candidate should know how to build components and structures for the application.

Knows the useful tools

• Knows the useful tools -

Before you Hire React Native developer, you need to know if that person knows at least a few valuable tools for React Native. A developer should know the usage of Redux, Enzyme, Hockeyapp, etc.

Should have impeccable knowledge in React Native assumptions

• Should have impeccable knowledge in React Native assumptions -

To Hire React Native developer, you need to evaluate if the said individual is acquainted with the concepts of Virtual DOM, JSX.

B. Soft skills to look for -

In order to hire React Native developer, you need to look for a few soft skills in your candidate as well. It would be best if you had a member in your developing team who can be a team player and possess the ability to finish work within a pre-set timeframe. Such an individual should be able to take criticism and be helpful to others in your team. If you are looking for efficient React Native developer, then it'll be best if you contacted trustworthy agencies like, Orion Infosolutions. Such agencies can help you in finding the best developers in this niche.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that there are numerous developers whom you can appoint, but when you Hire React Native developer, it will make a difference in your niche. Such developers usually have profound knowledge regarding what they are doing and possess a different skill set altogether. To hire React Native developer, you can implement the mentioned criteria that you will require to develop efficient codes, shareable across interfaces.

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