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We are India's leading Dragon Tiger game development company with highly experienced teams, developers, project leaders and advanced technologies to bring you innovative and unique business solutions. Advance technology implementation is a vital part that helped us build many of the live casino gaming solutions.

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Dragon Tiger Game Development

Our Dragon Tiger Game Development Services

Our goal and adherence to working with an agile and transparent development process is the key to our many years of successful solutions delivery. Our world-class team will cater to your business with high-quality Dragon Tiger development services that include UI/UX designing, Dragon Tiger game development for various platforms, Dragon Tiger RNG integration, 24*7 support and maintenance, soundtrack integration, and more.

At Orion InfoSolutions, we always put our clients' expectations and ideas at the top of our list to provide them with comprehensive and business-oriented solutions. From development to top-class feature integration to upgradation, our top-rated experts will deliver reliable live Dragon Tiger card game development services.

Dragon Tiger Game Development

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Dragon Tiger Game

What is the Dragon Tiger Game?

Dragon tiger is a very popular casino card game. The game is highly addictive and simple; the dealer dealt the card on two sides one is Dragon, and the other is Tiger side. The betting side that gets higher cards wins. However, if the exact value of cards comes in both sides, then it is a tie, and the player loses 50% of their bet value. 

In the Dragon Tiger game, the Ace holds the lowest card value. The sequence goes like this: bigger to small K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Ace. In this game, the King is the most significant value holder, and if a player gets a higher card on his bet side, he wins the round. Several sides bet options can be placed in the middle of the game.

Hire Dragon Tiger Game Developers - Talented & Experienced 

Our talented and experienced Dragon Tiger game developers are proficient in building user-friendly and cutting-edge casino dragon and tiger game development solutions. Whether building custom Dragon Tiger game solutions or white-label Dragon Tiger gaming solutions, our dedicated game designers are proficient in providing both types of services to your business.

Since there is a high demand for online casino games, we can develop your gaming solution in a way that is also fully compatible with your existing casino platform. Our Dragon Tiger game development solutions are tailored to meet your business goals and are tailored to your niche. Hire Dragon Tiger game developers from us and create world-class gaming solutions to target and diversify your business in the casino gaming industry. With our agile and most effective team engagement models, suitable for any size of business, whether you are a startup or a well-established business, we can make your ideas into reality.

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Dragon Tiger Game

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Dragon Tiger Game Modes

An online casino is a place where you can have fun and earn massive real cash prizes. The increasing popularity of modes that engage users to play more has become a new trend of gaming apps that must integrate into your gaming solutions. Our developed dragon tiger games contain all the fun modes that will enable users to select and play their choice of methods that fits at the moment.

Dragon Tiger Game Modes

The single-player Dragon Tiger Card game mode is where players can have fun and spend quality time alone, and no one will disturb them.

Dragon Tiger Game Modes

The game becomes very challenging when players compete with real players worldwide. Play with online players by just clicking the multiplayer.

Dragon Tiger Game Modes

Playing games alone can be too dull, but with our advanced solution, you get the option to have fun with friends by inviting them to the game.

Dragon Tiger Game

Practicing against AI is the best way to learn the game. Defeat adaptive computers and become more assertive in online Dragon Tiger games.

Effective Dragon Tiger Game Development Features

Features are the main behind every successful app and qualify them to compete with other online games in the app market. We have proven expertise in developing world-class online gaming solutions for uplifting the client's businesses to the next level. Our features qualify all the tests that make a result-oriented business solution. So drive your business on the success path by choosing our dragon tiger game development company that has the capability of standing up to your expectations.

Live Streaming

Our developed dragon tiger games are too attractive and have a feature of live streaming that creates a high engagement path between you and your users. We are highly skilled in adding live dealer HD quality streaming solutions.

Better AI Interaction

Our developed online dragon tiger card game development solutions offers better AI interactions to help players understand the game and modes. We will design your Dragon Tiger card gaming solutions with the most advanced AI tools.

Supports All Platforms

Our flexible live Dragon Tiger gaming solution offers operators various interface options. It is fully compatible with iOS, Android and all main desktop, web, tablet and mobile devices. With our solution, you can target various platform users.

Live Chat System

Our Dragon Tiger game development solutions enable you to live chat with dealers and other players who are playing with you in the game. This feature is great when you play with your fellow friends and want to have fun together.

Multi-currency Support

Our developed Dragon Tiger game platform supports multi-currency, enabling a wide range of players from worldwide to play on your platform. And also it gives your platform a reliability checkpoint and increases your app popularity.

Play as a Guest

You can play the dragon tiger game as a guest by clicking on the guest mode from the starting screen of the login page. If you don't want to create an official account using your email account, this feature allows you to play the game as a guest user.

Online Real Money Game

Use your skills to beat the game because now the online real money dragon tiger game enables you to play with real money. Participate in various dragon tiger game tournaments to compete for real money prizes with other online players.

Table Skins & Themes

Our dragon tiger game solutions let you change tables with many skins and themes that are completely attractive and work smoothly on every platform. And also, we will provide custom themes and skins to keep the game engaging for users.

Our Dragon Tiger Game Development Process - How We Develop?

We always try to offer our clients a better project related consultancy to help them choose the right resources and tools. Our reason for success is that we focus on creating a trust bridge for clients to make healthy and trustworthy relationships. Our priority is to make them completely satisfied with our developed solutions. Therefore, we always try to provide them with a top-class development infrastructure that suits and fills out our clients and their business requirements.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game Developer

Dragon Tiger Pre-Production Stage Process 

From inquiry to complete project documentation, testing, planning, integration, new code formation, etc., is our pre-production process for the Dragon Tiger game development. 

Dragon Vs Tiger Game Developer

Dragon Tiger Game Production Stage Process

Planning the game structure, designing the game, prototyping and implementing ideas, and the game quality and performance testing is our Dragon Tiger game production stage.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game Developer

Dragon Tiger Post-Production Stage Process

In the third Post-production stage process, we will provide end-to-end support, maintenance, and quality assurance services before publishing your Dragon Tiger game on the online platforms.

Our Dragon Tiger Game Development Admin Panel Features

We provide many comprehensive admin Dragon Tiger game features to enable admins to manage the game and everything from the admin panel more efficiently. These features allow you to make all necessary changes or add-ons in the game smoothly without notifying the users.

Dashboard Control

The Dragon Tiger game dashboard feature enables you to track your game performance and allows you to compare your growth with other similar games.  

User Management

It is a must-have feature that we will add to your Dragon tiger game platform. Through user management control, you can track all of your users' activity.

Notification Management

Notifications are a vital feature for any online games that allow you to send an update, pop-up messages, and game reminder notifications by the admin panel.

Loyalty Programme Management

This is a great way to give big loyalty rewards to your loyal users who use your platform more than others daily.

Advertisement Management

Through Advertisement management, you can manage your ads within the game. Admin can remove the ads or add them all can be managed through the admin panel control.  

Payment & Wallet Management

This admin feature provides complete information about your users' payments. It lets you see how many users have redeemed the coins and bought from your in-game store.

Benefits of Our Dragon Tiger Game Development Solutions

Being a prominent Dragon Tiger card game development company, we develop solutions here with proficiency and try to help our gaming community by providing them with better and richer gaming solutions. Our expert researchers always help us to stay up-to-date with every technology and offer a new way of cost-effective developing infrastructure.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game Developer
Dragon Tiger Anti-cheat System

We do not tolerate any cheating in the game; for us users, a flawless gaming experience is what matters. Therefore, we integrate the most effective and instant cheating or hacking detector solution to eliminate and ban any cheater activity in your Dragon Tiger game development platform.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game Developer
Quality & Expandable Solution

Our primary focus is providing world-class quality filled Dragon Tiger gaming solutions that are user interactive and create the safest platform to play online Dragon Tiger games. With the help of our game developers, we also offer expandability for your solution so that in the future, if you want to add more things to your Dragon Tiger platform, then it can be done without hassle.

Dragon Tiger Game Developer
Easy to Play & Install

Our Developed Dragon Tiger game is very easy to install that contains a few steps you need to follow correctly. You need to sign up for the first time to enter the game, or you can use your Facebook login option to enter the game without wasting time; plus, it automatically adds your Facebook friends who have installed the game.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game
Various Payment Methods

We tied up with the most secured payment providers that helped us to add many payment solutions in the game to allow users to use their choice of payment methods while depositing and withdrawing money. As a result, we develop Dragon Tiger games by using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, UPI, e-wallets, etc.

Dragon Vs Tiger Game
Multi-Currency Adoption

Our live Dragon Tiger game development solutions come with various currency supports. You can quickly expand your market for other native players to play your game with their original money. Our developed solutions also enable you to use cryptocurrencies as well. 

Dragon Vs Tiger Game
24*7 Support & Maintenance

We offer 24*7 support and maintenance services for your solution so that it will work flawlessly without any interruptions. Whether you need to add any other features or make your existing platform more responsive, we can provide you with end-to-end maintenance services for all your needs.

Why Choosing Orion InfoSolutions for Your Dragon Tiger Game Development?

Orion InfoSolutions is a well-named game development company that provides quality online Dragon Tiger games. With our top qualified developer's experience and knowledge, we have built a strong position in the market. We are proficient in delivering world-class white-label Dragon Tiger game solutions per your business needs. Our Dragon Tiger game developers are fully knowledgeable of advanced technologies that help us develop feature-rich, scalable, robust, and secure gaming with full functionalities. 

Our Dragon Tiger game solution supports all types of platforms and works smoothly. Our proven expertise makes us one of India's best game development companies. In addition, we possess top industry-qualified experts who have expertise in developing cost-friendly 2D/3D games for various platforms with Blockchain integration which makes it a more highly secured solution.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

At Orion InfoSolutions, we have a specific team hiring approach that is simple and fast.

• Send your inquiry about your project

• Consult with our experts to know more

• Interview our developers

• Choose a team engagement model

• Come aboard and start working on your project

We will provide you with our certified Signed NDAs and securely store all your project details. Our experts will help with this.

We have many years of game development experience and possess highly knowledgeable and tech-stacked developers who are proficient in providing innovative and robust solutions for your business.

Dragon Tiger game development costs start from $4000 – $10,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionalities. And if you want to develop a mobile Dragon Tiger game with all the advanced features and support multiple mobile platforms will cost higher, and the cost is also based on the functionalities you are willing to add. And if you want your Dragon Tiger game for the web, then the cost will differ more than on mobile platforms.

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