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Sports Betting App Development Company

We Integrate Crypto Payment Gateway in Sports Betting Apps and Softwares

A crypto payment gateway is a service that lets you accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment for your goods and services. It can be integrated with your website, mobile app, or a link to receive payments.

Every payment you make online is processed through payment gateways like CCvenue, Razorpay etc. These payment gateways provide payment modes like a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI etc.

Conversely, the crypto gateway receives the payment from the buyer's crypto wallet and deposits it into the seller's crypto wallet. The crypto payment processor also converts and deposits fiat currencies directly into the seller's bank account after deducting the required fees.

Orion InfoSolutions is a Sports Betting company with expertise in integrating crypto payment gateway solutions such as AlfaCoins, BitPay, CoinGate, SpectroCoin, CoinsBank, and CoinPay in Fantasy Sports Betting for safe and secured transactions.

Sports Betting Software Development Company

Get a high-performing, secure, and engaging sports betting mobile app developed by industry experts.

Sports and Games Betting is one of the most trending, engaging, and entertaining ways to earn handsome money with no effort. It is an age-old tradition and entertainment and earning source around the world. Before the advent of attractive digital technology, local people and people within a betting community enjoyed this traditionally. Betting attracts all age groups and ethnicities. And now, the world of fantasy sports betting has moved to a global scale and has undergone tremendous growth with the evolution in digital technology and communication methods. People can now bet on any game, sport, or anything from anywhere globally using the internet.

We at Orion Infosolutions introduce the world of sports betting mobile applications and websites to you. These betting apps and websites are way more fun, engaging, and profitable for the users. They add more advantages and fun to the traditional betting system by creating custom-made, feature-rich global betting platforms. These platforms are industry-specific and have a global-users advantage.

Our fantasy sports betting app developers are skilled and talented in creating the most money-making betting platforms for online businesses. You can build your fortune through our sports betting app development services. We help you provide such betting platforms that bring a high number of users, create user-retention, and make features and functions that increase profits through the app, using advertisements, in-app purchases, interesting offers, and artificial intelligence, using the latest technology and trends.

There is no better way to make an easy fortune!

Fantasy Sports App Development
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Unique Features of Sports Betting App

Features of Orion Infosolutions Unique Betting Mobile Apps and Websites

Sports Betting App Development

Betting With A Touch

Our betting user interface is 100% accessible through single or few taps on mobile screens and single clicks on PCs. We offer a highly smooth, fast, and easy UI, which enhances the betting placement process for all kinds of users.

Football App Development

Live Sports/Game Scores

Our Sports Betting Platforms enable live to view game scores and live telecast of the games or matches. We help the users to enjoy the game and, side by side, earn through the betting platform in real-time.

sports betting Website development

Betting On Multiple Events

Multiple betting options are used the users can place their bets. They are not restricted to any one type or one event.

sports betting app development

Calendars & Dates

We provide a reminder and notification facility for the users on the device they use the betting app on. It reminds them of all the upcoming and live updates, events, scores, notifications, etc., even for a specific match.

Sports App Development Company

Schedule Of Upcoming Live Events

We provide the facility to our users, where we show the schedule of all the upcoming and current live events and games today and tomorrow. Users are not required to go through any research on where to place a bet today.

Fantasy sports app


The Online Sports Betting Mobile Apps and Websites developed by Orion Infosolutions expert developers and quality testers are extremely safe and secure from any security breach, betting fraud, transaction errors, data and money storage, etc. Our platforms also save our clients’ business app operators from facing or committing any fraud.

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Advanced Features Of Sports Betting App and Games

And Websites Developed By Orion Infosolutions

Apart from the unique basic features, we also provide some unique advanced features in our sports betting app and website development services.


Powerful and smooth User Experience

To increase your business's reach, engagement, and profitability, we design betting platforms that include smartly placed and targeted advertisements and notifications, which help smooth betting placement without interference and complication.


Multiple Bets

We provide the facility to the users to place more than one bet at a time. There is no restriction on the number of bets for any user. We robustly build betting platforms that are fast, high-performing, and secure, made especially for high engagement and high profits.



Our platforms are made for global users. Users living anywhere and speaking any local or global language can use our betting platforms in their desired language. This advanced multi-lingual feature makes the app reach a huge audience, gain a huge amount of money and popularity, and build a strong and long presence in the market.


Strong and Easy Back-End

We provide this important feature for your business operator who operates betting platform activities and other operations. Our Backends are strong, safe, and easy for your operators to support high traffic without getting crashed or slow. The backed UI is also very simple and feature-rich, making your operators control, monitor, and perform smoothly.

Our Interactive Range Of Fantasy

Sports Betting App Development Solutions

At Orion Infosolutions, we aim at the advanced evolution of the global sports betting industry using our revolutionary fantasy sports Software platform development services.

Fantasy Sports Betting App Development Company India

One-Touch Betting

We offer a simple, user-friendly interface, accessible by a few simple taps or clicks on the screen.

Fantasy Sports Betting App Development

Live Score Updates

We offer live updates of scores and live telecasts of games, sports, or matches.

Betting App Development Company USA

Multiple Bets Feature

We provide the opportunity to place multiple bets on multiple fantasy sports apps.

Sports Betting App Development

Live Event Scheduling

The users no need to search for betting opportunities. They need to look at the event schedule on our betting platform, and they are good to go.

Sports Betting App Development

Calendars and reminders

We provide important features of notification and reminders for users’ devices for upcoming events, schedules, calendars, matches, games, and tournaments well in advance.

Sports Betting App Development

Robust Security

We build fully secured betting platforms. Our developers, quality testers, security checkers, and extremely qualified and experienced in the field. They eliminate any fraud and error from both ends.

Major Sports Covered In Our Sports Betting App

Baseball Betting App Development
Baseball Betting App Development
American Football
eSports Betting App Development
Soccer Betting App Development
Rugby Betting App Development
Tennis Betting App Development
Hockey Betting App Development
Golf Betting App Development

Custom Sports Betting Mobile App

At Orion Infosolutions, along with the readymade betting platform UIs, we also develop customized and personalized betting apps and websites specially designed according to the needs and instructions of our clients.

Take a lok at some of the ideas we apply to create strong and engaging sports betting apps:

  • Sports betting apps for iOS and Android
  • Fantasy sports software implementation
  • Planning, Designing, development and integration of sports data
  • Strong administration and backend management
Sports App Development Company USA

Powerful And Credible Online

Sports Betting App Development Services

Sports betting app developers at Orion Infosolutions provide the users with an exciting online betting experience, more profitable and vaster than a real-life betting system.


Horseracing Sports Betting App Development

Creating a live online horse racing betting system with just a click on the PC or mobile phone. We build modernized horseracing games.


Baseball Betting App Development

We build the real look and feel of baseball betting apps for the users. Your business is bound to boom when the betting enthusiasts enjoy the thrilling experience of the game.


Cricket Betting App Development

Cricket betting is one of the most trending and profitable, and our expert developers, marketers, and designers enhance it even more. Users can bet on real matches, check live scores, connect with global users, etc.


Soccer ( Football ) Betting App Development

We all know the likings of soccer or football. It is among the most grossing and money-making betting games. Many users engage in regular soccer betting on local and global matches.

Different Kinds Of Sports Betting Apps

There are many kinds of sports betting trending in the market.


Crypto Sports Betting

Users earn a high bonus with easy money withdrawal options using crypto betting. It is usually based on Bitcoins and Altcoins.


Money line Betting

This is an easy and traditional technique of betting. Also called a winning bet, it is used in sports like baseball and hockey.


Blockchain Sports Betting

Here, players can bet against each other using certain supervising controls. Blockchain is one of the most trending and rapidly rising betting techniques.


Point Spreads

This betting is done on the particular player who will cover the spread. This one is tricky for new wagers but popular among regular wagers. It is usually done in the game of football.


Parlay Betting

Users make a group of two or more picks for a single bet. Means they can combine bets and put them on multiple events. 100% forecast accuracy is required for winning.


Head-to-Head Betting

Golf and NASCAR are the games in which such betting is done. Here, a user places their bets on head-to-head results between 2 players. The winner is the one who finishes the race first or wins the tournament.


Teaser Betting

Teaser bet is commonly followed in the games of football and basketball. It comes as Teaser and Pleaser bets, and both of these allow you to modify or change point spreads.


Straight Bets

This is used in games like football and basketball.


Total Line Bets

Users can put bets on half-rounds of football and basketball.

Sports Betting App Panels

Orion Infosolutions builds strong and rich features, interactive and engaging designs, and easy configuration.

Punter Panel
  • User Bet Account
  • Real Live Feed
  • In-app Purchases
  • Simple app Navigation
  • Virtual and Real Currency
  • Fraud elimination and security
  • Betting Tips
  • Calendars and schedule
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Safe platform
Booking Panel
  • Bookmaker Account
  • Smooth Backend
  • Notifications Activity
  • Live Feed
  • Customer Support
  • Betting Tips
  • Calendars and schedule
Admin Panel
  • Multiple game management
  • Backend operations
  • Finance Management
  • Risk control
  • Interactive and smooth Dashboard
  • Bookmaker Management
  • Payment Administration
  • Marketing Activities overseeing and controlling
  • Live Feed Management
  • Customer Support service

Our Working Process Of Sports Betting Software Development


  • Pre-production documentation
  • Designing
  • Project planning
  • Prototyping services


  • Start of production
  • Getting all required equipment
  • Assigning team


  • App and Website Development
  • Testing
  • Updating

We Develop Wide Range Of Sports Betting App Platforms


Singles Bets App

These are good for first-time users and help them to play with low risks.



Users bet on the final results of the game.


Totals Bet App

Users bet on any casino game in which the results are countable.



Users canbet on traditional sports and games.



Users bet on 3 selections and they are required to win all 3 bets.



This is a high-risk betting app that can yield high profits. Users either win big or lose big.



Users place bets on 2 selections, where both of the two selections are required to be in favor to win.


Each Way

Users can put bets before the game starts. Payment is made on a fraction of the odds of a win. This is popular for games like horseracing.

Orion Infosolutions Process Of Sports Betting Software & App Development


  • Formulate and gather requirements
  • Setting goals of app
  • SRS & SDD
  • Scheduling the project


  • Designing wireframe
  • Implementation
  • More features and options
  • Evaluating User Interface and User Experience


  • Creating Front end
  • Back end
  • API
  • Cloud integrating


  • App testing
  • Fixes and Patches
  • Final touch
  • Final testing


  • Feedback
  • Deploy
  • Launch
  • Handing over of final project
Sports Betting App

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Sports Betting App

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Sports Betting

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The price here will be determined by the rate and geographical location of the software engineers.

The Eastern European region. Based on a rate of $50/h, $83600.
The American continent. Based on a $100/h rate of $200,200.
The Western European region. Based on $90/h, $150,000 approx.
The Australian continent. Based on a $100 per hour rate of $170,000 approx.

The following steps should be followed:

Step 1. Get a license to gamble.
Step 2. Collaborate with developers with experience
Step 3. Identify the essential features.
Step 4. Make the design user-friendly.
Step 5. Avoid bugs by testing the application.
Step 6. Launch the betting app and keep it updated regularly.

You should research your market and target audience before creating a mobile betting app, determine what licenses you will need, design software specifications, and begin by developing a prototype. Your app should be convenient, secure, and engaging. In addition, you need to demonstrate stellar performance or find a niche that isn't yet occupied with beating current industry giants.

Developing multiple operating systems is a must to expand your app's reach if your budget permits it. For example, some gambling platforms, like William Hill, run on Android and iOS and have a web application. In addition, your business may benefit from developing a mobile application that can also be used on wearable devices.

As an alternative, cross-platform development is also a great option to consider initially, particularly if you're just interested in testing the waters.

Gambling is legal in some countries and not in others. However, the majority of states in the U.S. allow sports betting in writing.

To start a company, you need to follow these 6 steps:

To operate in all locations, you will need a gambling license;
You can choose a company that develops software;
Integrate the appropriate payment methods;
You should begin planning your marketing campaign;
Create an app for sports betting; and
Expand your reach and attract investment by collaborating with professional sports representatives, teams, and brands.

You must have a mobile application to offer an exceptional user experience and an outstanding betting experience. The ease of access and user-friendliness of mobile apps allows your users to navigate, explore, and place bets more easily.

Sports betting apps offer the following advantages:

Huge market coverage.
Easy to use.
Single login.

The following features must be present in sports betting applications:

You can tap and bet.
Sport live.
Creating leaderboards.
Modules for sharing social media content.
Support for crypto and fiat currencies.
Support for multiple languages.

Several types of bets are supported by sports betting applications, including singles, totals, multiples, handicaps, each way, trebles, and doubles.

Compared to a responsive website, sports betting applications provide a better betting experience. Additionally, it gives players the flexibility to bet on the go. As a result, you boost your business while enhancing the engagement of your players. So it's no wonder several sportsbooks are developing their own sports betting applications today.

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