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Hire dedicated Java Developers in India to work as your expanded team. Our finest and most skilled Java developers have more than 5+ years of experience in all advanced frameworks such as Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate, GWT, Vaadin, Wicket, etc., as our mainstream back-end technology.

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Hire Java Developer
Why Hire Java Developers in India from Orion InfoSolutions

Java developers in India at Orion InfoSolutions to develop robust web development and
mobile application development that can accelerate your business growth rate.

100% Cost-efficient

100% Cost-efficient

Hire Java Developers in India; your project will not exceed the budget limit and be more cost-effective than any other country's outsourcing fee. We offer the best Java developers with highly skilled and 5+ years of work experience.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Our expert Java developers are known for delivering the project at an inaccurate time. They never let you compromise on any point and strictly adhered to the deadline. With them, you will be assured that your project will be delivered on time.

No Communication Gap

No Communication Gap

Our full-stack Java developers in India speak English as the official language to eliminate any communication gap. Thus, you will not face any difficulty communicating with our Java Developers.

Integration of Latest Technology

Integration of Latest Technology

We understand our client's needs, so we believe in working with the latest and highly advanced technology that produces the best service and solution for your project.

Flexibility of Time-Zone

Flexibility of Time-Zone

Our developers are capable of doing the work according to your time zone. We provide flexibility of work time that suits our valuable clients.

Flexibility of Time-Zone

Work Transparency

With our full transparency solutions, you have complete control over our developers. Our customers have full access to claiming all their work information.


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Our Java Developers Expertise

Our Java developers have the domain-specific experience to provide optimal programming solutions.

Java App Development

Java App Development

Our offshore Java app developers provide highly scalable solutions development with the latest framework tools and advanced technologies.

Java-Based CMS Development

Java-Based CMS Development

Our skilled and experienced Java developers can develop Java-based Content Management Systems, acknowledged for their user-friendliness. Get a smooth, flexible, and user-interactive solution to handle your services.

Java-Based CMS Development

Tech Migration

Hiring our offshore Java web developers if you want to migrate your web app from other technologies to Java. Our Java developers will accomplish this with a hassle-free stay and affordable prices.

Java Based Software Development

Java Based Software Development

Develop admin-focused software for your enterprise to handle and manage even the most complex tasks with our Java software development service.

Web Service & API Integrations

Web Service & API Integrations

The Java developers at Orion InfoSolutions are capable of developing APIs and integrating them into various software applications. Our Java developers also create successful custom APIs for clients based on their business requirements.

Java Support & Maintenance Services

Java Support & Maintenance Services

Hire Java developers in India from Orion InfoSolutions; you will get complete support and maintenance of your current website and keep it up-to-date.

Java Development Frameworks

Orion InfoSolutions Java Development Frameworks

You can hire Java developers in India from Orion InfoSolutions for all the latest and best frameworks to ensure your advanced web applications meet your business's certain requirements.

Spring Framework

Our Spring developers provide secure, end-to-end, scalable, and feature-packed web development using the advanced features of Spring.

Hiberbate Framework

At Orion InfoSolutions, our highly skilled Java Hiberbate developers deliver the best end-to-end and fully customized web development solution for your startups.

Vaadin Framework

Our Vaadin developers ensure that you get a highly secured, scalable web development service for your business enterprises.

Apache Struts

Our Java Struts developers are capable of building scalable Java-based web solutions for customers in a variety of business sectors.

Orion InfoSolutions- Experienced and Trusted Brand to Hire Java Developers

We are a well-reputed company in India and have well-experienced and highly knowledgeable full-stack Java developers to enhance our client's expectations by providing them with complete high-end solutions for business startups.

Experienced Developers

At Orion InfoSolutions, we work with skilled and experienced full-stack Java developers who never let your investment go to waste.

Hybrid Model

At Orion InfoSolutions, our Java developers follow the onsite-offshore hybrid model, a hybrid of onsite and offshore models, to deliver products or services.

Agile/DevOps Enabled

We have a skilled and experienced team of Java Developers. They follow the agile process in every project.

IP Protection and Security

We prioritize project confidentiality and take full care of IP security and security. Our team takes reasonable standards to provide you with the highest security.

Progressive Project Management

We follow a DevOps project management approach that includes Agile and Lean principles to optimize the entire development process.

Architectural Development

In addition to our development services, we also provide architectural development support to assist in developing task-effective systems.

Covering all Major Industries

Our Java developers in India have various industry experiences providing industry-specific software solutions. Take a look at some of the industries in which our Java developers specialize:

Health Care

Our Java developers offer the most advanced application development solutions for the healthcare industry, including healthcare app development, HIPAA-compliant development, apps/medical integration, maintenance, and ongoing support.

Retail and eCommerce

The highly experienced Java developers at Orion InfoSolutions provide retail and eCommerce services that include custom digital storefronts, retail, corporate portals, custom retail software, payment integrations, content management systems, etc.

Travel Industry

Our skilled Java developers can provide you with the most advanced applications for the travel and tourism industries with the latest tools in software technical consultation, e-ticketing and reservation management, inventory management, online booking apps, and travel agent software.

Banking & Finance

The professional team of Java developers provides you with the most efficient applications for the banking and finance sector with services like Internet and Mobile Banking Apps, Data Analysis systems, Information Security Management, and Finance Management.

Publications and Advertisements

Our Java developer provides top-of-the-notch solutions to the publishing and advertising industries. We empower their business models to meet their future digital needs and provide better solutions to drive growth.


At Orion InfoSolutions, we provide highly experienced Java developers who can provide automotive services like Web & Mobile Apps, Entertainment & Gaming Apps, Multiscreen Streaming, Media Content Management, etc.

Covering all Major Industries

Our Hiring Process

Our Java web development team follows an agile process to complete the project so that you can get the best results as per your specific requirement in less time.


Define the scope of your project with our industry experts


Select the candidates for the trial procedure


Interview the selected candidates


Begin project onboarding and allot assignments

Our Engagement Team Model

When you Hire Java Developers and engineers from Orion InfoSolutions, you get flexible engagement models to meet various business needs effectively.

Dedicated Java Development Team

Dedicated Java Development Team

If your project requires dedicated attention, you can ask for dedicated teams and hire a Java developer. Also known as a pay-as-you-go monthly basis contract.

  • 160 hours part and full time
  • Full transparency of costs
  • monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
Controlled Ready

Controlled Ready

If your project's budget is limited and any future changes require, you can hire Java developers for controlled agile engagement.

  • Flexible Team
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Small projects
  • Full control over the budget
Time and Material

Time and Material

If your project is undefined and requires continuous work, you can hire our developers on an hourly basis. It is also known as a pay-as-you-go hour-wise basis contract.

  • Need-Based Working Hours
  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work

Hire Java Developer

  • 24/7

    Technical Support
  • 100%

    Confidentiality Assured
  • 100%

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You will get many benefits if you hire Java Developers from Orion InfoSolutions.

  • All our Java developers are highly skilled and experienced, and they are capable of working on any hard project. 
  • 4+ hours of continuous written technical exam followed by a system test and F2F interview.
  • Our Java development experts are experienced in handling offshore projects from US and European countries.

There is a process that specifies the final cost of hiring a Java developer.

  • Engagement Model 
  • Time and Material Model 
  • Platform 
  • Features and Specifications

Our developers are highly experienced and work on the latest advanced Java Technologies.

  • Framework (Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • Apache Struts, JSF, Vaadin
  • Google Web Toolkit, Grails, ORM
  • Web Server
  • CI (Jenkin) 
  • Code Repository (GIT, SVN)
  • Maven, Lo4J, XML

Our Java Developers provide the following services.

  • Custom Java App Development
  • Java Web Development
  • Java Development Consulting
  • Java App/QA Testing
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Java Database Management

We provide you with the resume of our Java Developers, and you can choose them as per your needs. Then we will agree on working time, which can be extended if required.

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