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Want to hire the best taxi app developers? Hire a custom Taxi Booking App Development Company In India. Our team builds, develops, and deploys taxi booking apps for Android and iOS.

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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Automation Can Help You Simplify Your Taxi Business

Do you need to follow all of the drivers and manually compute their wages? Have you considered turning digital for your business in order to run it more effectively and efficiently? You can automate everything from cab reservations and payments to creating reports and tracking drivers and taxis with the help of professional taxi booking App development.

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Taxi Booking App Development

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Taxi Booking App Development

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Taxi Booking App

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Taxi Booking App Features for a Successful Taxi Business

Taking the correct choice to improve profits

We offer companies and taxi start-ups searching for a taxi app a number of important advantages.

Stable and scalable Infra Solution

The base solution provides support for over 60,000 rides per day and has the capability to increase as necessary.

Expertise in several areas

We have significant expertise in the development of on-demand taxi apps as we have successfully delivered 20+ taxi solutions.

Easily tailor-made & white labels

A fully white taxi management solution for the custom features and integration features is provided.

Faster Build-to-Order

This is an application which makes it possible for taxi-hair companies to market faster time, saves important time and money.

On-Premises Solution management

Our solution is used by your private servers so you have full control over your precious user data.

Accept Payment from All Gateways

Simple installation of payment gateways according to your company needs.

Full Client Support Until Satisfaction

Make sure your taxi application is deployed and started seamlessly with the aid of our developers.

Global Level Solution

The taxi solution in many languages and currencies is available worldwide.

Taxi App-Based Solutions Over View

An all-encompassing taxi app solution is vital for the success of all parties involved

Orion Infosolutions is a top Taxi Booking App development company in india that provides a wide range of mobile and web-based services. We have considerable expertise creating a variety of online taxi booking applications, including a fully-featured Taxi App with Driver Interface Panels, Admin Panels , Passanger Panels.

Taxi Booking App Admin Panel All business components of the Taxi Booking Application are controlled through an integrated and secure admin panel.

  • Authorization / Authentication
  • Vehicle Management
  • SMS & Email Campaign
  • Pay and Commission Management
  • Offers and Discounts Management
  • Profile Management
  • Tracking by location
  • Ride Management
  • Tariff Management
  • Zones Management
  • A user management system
  • Category Management
  • Driver Management

You can manage ride requests, navigation, payment, and other things in real-time with the Driver Mobile App.

  • Detailed Driver Profile
  • Finance information
  • Transaction History
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Customers Contact
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Travel History
  • Calculate automatically fares
  • E-MAIL and SMS alerts
  • Tracking vehicle using a GSP
  • Accept the request
  • Check the driver's applications

A control panel integrates client-requested features. Within the programme, you may log in and register. There is also a user interface where you can book cabs, monitor rides, make payments, and view driver ratings and feedback.

  • Detailed Customer Profile
  • Verifying mobile numbers
  • Take the ride now
  • Travel planning
  • Live ETA
  • Ride Cost Estimates
  • Multiple Payment Options for Customer
  • Notifications
  • Coupon Codes
  • Driver Tracking Location
  • SOS Button for Emergency
  • Referral Rewards for Customer Experience
  • Cancel Booking
  • Driver Contact Details
  • Ride Ratings to Increase Reviews
  • Travel History logs
  • Favorite Location button
  • Book for others choices
  • Help & Support to improve the experience
Taxi Booking App Development company

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The benefits of an on-demand taxi app

Today, people usually prefer to ride solo instead of using public transportation. Taxi apps based on personal service are in high demand, which makes going out and about less risky. Taxi Apps provide customers, as well as taxi drivers, with some benefits that make them reliable and profitable.

  • Managing rides is easy
  • Manage Taxi Drivers efficiently
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Passenger Experience
  • Increase Sales & Visibility
  • Secure Payments
  • Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Support
on-demand taxi app
on-demand taxi app Company

Elements affecting Taxi App Development Costs

There are several elements affecting the entire Taxi App Description and Development costs. As the expense of developing an app like Uber can influence end-users connectively, some may effect the whole back-end business of the taxi app company. Have a look at them, have a look at them.

  • Platform for mobile applications
  • Utilized Technology Stack
  • Module of Features
  • Integrated third-party applications
  • Hosting applications
  • Maintenance of the application
  • Designing UI/UX
  • Security for applications

What does a Taxi App Development Company offer you?

Orion InfoSolutions, a leading Taxi Booking App Development Company in India, hires taxi app developers on an hour and project basis.

Known for its presence in India as a leading Taxi App Development Company, Orion Infosolutions offers you a complete Taxi App Development Service by developing a clean code structure to assure the best performance of the app. You can gain the following advantages by hiring Orion Infosolutions taxi app developers.

  • Technical Support within 24 hours
  • We have a team of over 20 developers available anytime for stable development.
  • Budget-busting packages.
  • A complete walk-through of your project.
  • Delivered on time or before.

Let us assist you in developing a cost-effective online taxi app today.

Taxi Booking App Development
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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Buying our mobile app is simple. Just place an order and we will deliver an iOS or Android app free of charge to your servers/app store.

Start by looking for a reliable mobile app development company.

Take a look at their ready-made taxi app solution.

Tell them what you need.

Let them build your taxi app according to your specifications.

There is a lot of taxi booking apps on the market so why would someone choose yours?

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a special offer. There is no need for drastic changes- often a new design, an easy-to-use feature, or a simplified interface will make a huge difference.

Good customer service and professionalism will give you an edge over your competitors.

If you purchase the license base source code, you will gain full ownership rights.

Indeed, we do! On-Demand service business models can be tailored to any extent using our application. Depending on the business requirements, we can design and customize the backend.

Our taxi app solution has been pre-built, tested, and deployed on app stores. We comprehend your needs and always work within strict deadlines, completing the project within one week (working days) as per your brand name, logo, and publishing on the app store.

You will receive three modules with our uber clone, including rider and driver apps as well as admin and website panels. We have created a native Android app built using Java and Android Studio, as well as a native iOS app created with Objective-C and Swift in XCode.

The application is now available in English. Multilingual platforms are available.

For a live demo of our web admin panel or apps, please contact us via email or live chat.

Download both driver and passenger apps from the play/app store on different mobile devices using the following links:





- Sign up with an email address and log in.

To track your current location, enable GPS after logging in.

- Launch the Driver App and verify the driver in the Admin Panel.

For a driver to be able to log in to the app, make sure "Is Verified" is true in the "Driver Management" section.

However, Uber is not the only ridesharing app available. Apps like Lyft and Gett are available, and you can even develop your own with an Uber-clone app.

All are native applications: iOS - Objective C - Android - Java Admin Panel - PHP.

After the product purchase, we can add custom features according to the client's needs. Please contact us for customization at [email protected].

An expert team provides technical support. We stay in constant communication with you to assist with problems and optimize your system. You can reach us at [email protected] or by calling/texting 8302758817.

In case there are any issues/bugs, the service support includes fixing them for free. In case any assistance is needed in using the platforms, we will be happy to assist. Our free support does not include features that are not part of the platform.

The time validity of our support packages is extended after 3 months with a paid package. Depending on the business requirements, you can extend technical support for as long as you need.

The following steps should be followed to find the best taxi app development company:

Step 1: Find out who a reputable app development company is by asking your friends or family.

Step 2: Search for local companies on Google.

Uber clone app is an advanced taxi app designed to help people who want to start their own online taxi service. The following are some ideas for taxi services that you can offer using an Uber clone app:

Private taxi booking service

Carpooling service

Bike taxi

Outstation taxi service

Car on rent

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