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As a classified app development company, we offer custom-made solutions that are secure, simple, and quick to purchase and sell for you online.

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Classified App Development

Is a Classified App Necessary?

Classified mobile apps let you buy and sell almost anything online (and on a platform). Second-hand items and real estate properties are always searched for on the internet by online shoppers. You can provide them a platform to buy and sell commodities without having to go to a physical store by creating your own classified app. It is possible to use a classified application for many purposes, including but not limited to:

With a mobile app, your classified business will be more accessible to more customers, and it will reach more people.

The use of a classified business mobile app will enhance the brand image of your business and help you get more loyal customers.

You can increase sales through a classifieds app versus a website for generating awareness.

Boosting your online presence and brand recognition in the online space is a great way to increase your business's online presence.

With your classified mobile app, you can sell anything from books to clothes to properties.

A mobile app is a powerful tool for interacting with your classified business customers, listening to their problems, and providing timely solutions.

Classified App Development

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Classified App Development Services

We produce powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions by combining years of experience with a development strategy. Personalized classified ads applications are some of what we offer.

Classified Ads Website Development

Our team builds the most popular classifieds software on an advanced architecture.

Customized Classified Development Services

We provide customized classified ads apps and websites that allow you to adjust the mobile and web applications to suit your needs.

Classified Ads App Development

We have an experienced team of iOS and Android app developers who can develop classified apps.

Clone Classified Ads App Solutions

With our potential classified ads app solution, you can sell and buy products and meet people in just a few clicks.

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All classes of Classified Applications Development

Everyone can apply for classified applications. Perfection and excellence are what we deliver.


New ideas are always explored by entrepreneurs. Developing the perfect classified app allows us to help them make their ideas a reality.

Multi-Vendor Unions

Taking your business online and mobilizing it with a classified app is well worth the effort. You are welcome to ask us for help.

Large scale enterprises

Is it important to you? It got big for us. All types of industries can benefit from our classified applications. Bring your app to us now and we'll take care of it.

How Do We Improve On-Demand Classified App Development?

We have extensive experience in Classified App Development Solutions. In order to deliver innovative solutions to our clients, we performed extensive technical studies and research. Orion Infosolution's developers specialize in delivering bespoke categorized apps for many platforms.

On Demand Classified App Development

Enhanced Accessibility

Users will find it highly convenient to access your brand or business through the classified mobile app solution. It allows you to reach maximum customers with only a minimum amount of effort when we develop highly accessible classified applications for you. You will attract more potential customers the more accessible your platform is.

On-Demand Classified App Development


We can help you to obtain loyal customers more often with our Classified App Development Services. As a classified business, we can enhance your brand image along with building your reputation. It is extremely important that you maintain your brand image when you run an online business. Our classified app development solutions can help you achieve your goals.

On Demand Classified App

Increasing sales

You can increase your brand's sales by utilizing classified application solutions. If you want regular visitors to become potential customers for your platform, we can deploy the exact classified solutions. Your website can either get traffic by converting them, or you can guarantee returns to your business by converting them.

On-Demand Classified App Development


In spite of the fact that your service or product might be excellent, you still must attract customers to them. You can develop a classified app for your brand that will help you stand out from the competition online. You can increase your brand's visibility on the web with our brand recognition services.

On-Demand Classified App Development

Engagement with Customers

A mobile application that is efficient, fast, and easy to use can be a very effective method of engaging customers. Customer engagement is an important part of our categorized solutions. We provide hassle-free and highly engaging app solutions without compromising on quality.

On-Demand Classified App Development

For sure Trading

App development solutions for classifieds are largely focused on trading. Through our classified app solutions, you can buy and sell anything, anywhere. We deliver products/services in an easy, trouble-free way.

Classified applications offer unique features that delight users

You want an app that meets your needs. To improve our classified applications, we fine-tune them.

Registration and login

Entering the customer's email or phone number for quick sign-in

Geographic location

Customer app offers location detection

Categorize your search

Navigating through the site is made simple with product categories available for searching.


Make a wishlist of products you would like to purchase in the future.

Location-based search

Within the nearby location, users can look for the desired item

Reviews & ratings

Other users can refer to the product ratings by the customers

Request an answer

The customer app simplifies the process of posting a query

Multiple product images

Adding multiple images will give a better impression of the product


Various alerts provide instant information

Products related to this

Products that are frequently searched in conjunction are displayed in a related product section

Social sharing

Share your products on social media to get maximum exposure

Option for filtering

Quickly find the products you need with the filter option

Status of your order

For more information about order status, click here

Order history

To serve as a reference, a record of all the orders from the past

Offer alert

Offerings will be made available to customers through this feature

Multilingual support

Communication is easier with multi-language support

User management

As a safety measure, the administrator can oversee the user accounts and their activities

Requests for assistance

This feature makes it easier for you to manage a variety of requests

Product management

The app's administrator is in charge of managing the products available within

Transact transactions under the supervision of a supervisor

To prevent fraudulent transactions, admins supervise payments

Manage service providers

Administrators will manage the service providers to ensure transparency

Manage to price

A benchmark will be maintained for product pricing by the admin

Review and oversee feedbacks

Reviewers and ratings will be monitored or managed by the admin

Order tracking

Orders can be tracked by admin to ensure the best customer service and timely delivery

Gallery management

An administrator will screen images and galleries to ensure quality content

Smooth profile management

To ensure that each profile is authentic, the admin will manage it

Payment status display

In order to prevent fraudulent activities, the admin will know the status of payments

Spam detection

To prevent fraud, spam can be detected through SMS or email verification

Seller app

Easily manage your sales with this seller app designed for sellers

Ad sponsorships

Promote ads and products with sponsored ads for maximum reach

Pay per lead

An additional feature available to sellers is pay per lead


You can run advertisements for a specific brand or product on the applications

Featured listings

The application can integrate premium listing features

Post an ad

Posting ads and functioning as both a seller and a buyer are possible

Recovery of passwords

We can implement a feature for password recovery

Affiliate accounts

Affiliate status is available for accounts that perform well

Store pickup

Customers will be able to pick up their orders directly from stores with the store pickup feature

Map items

For easy navigation, maps can be used to list items based on their locations

Facility for EMI

With this feature, you can divide and do the payment in instalments

Social login

Making the login process easier with social media integration

Classified App Development Company Services

Why Hire Us?

What is the Process of Classified App Development Company and Services?

Classified applications are one of the elements we incorporate into our app development services. The processes we follow in building our categorized applications are outlined below.

Requirements Analysis

All of our client's needs are met with the utmost precision on our part. Before beginning a project, our team evaluates the needs and expectations of classified applications and implements solutions in accordance with them.

Strategy for Implementation

On-demand creation of categorized applications has occurred. All of the activities and strategies we produce are guided by research into the industry and knowledge of the client's needs. This enables us to integrate app features depending on current market conditions and trends.

Technical Assistance

When it comes to providing exceptional solutions, our specialists know how to take the wheel. We provide the best categorised app development services to satisfy all of our clients' needs. Our classifieds app development process incorporates the most advanced and sophisticated technologies.

Classified App Development
Classified App Development

Quality assurance and testing

Testers and developers of our services double-check every development step. Our team is very merciless towards bugs and errors, and we do everything in our power to eradicate them. By deploying the most up-to-date version in your applications, we ensure that our quality assurance processes are in place.

In store experience

Whenever we develop classified apps, we consider ourselves as users and build the websites accordingly. We can create industry-leading and best-in-class classified apps using our experienced professionals. Creating applications is based on product reference, user insight, and perception pattern.

Capabilities for a single window

Buyers and sellers can communicate in one location thanks to our experience. Potential consumers may readily access this information and make a purchase at any time and from any location. It allows you to go to your favourite items or services with just a single click.

Industries we work for

Helping Businesses in All Domains.

It's not you who build a business, it's the Customers. Customers are your business, so help them and your business will smile.

Social Networking

Social Networking





Entertainment Service

Entertainment Service

Banking Service

Banking Service

Enterprise Service

Enterprise Service

Education Service

Education Service

Tour and Travels

Tour and Travels

Health Service

Health Service

Event & Ticket

Event & Ticket

Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The classifieds app is a complete solution of a software package consisting of both ios and android apps for buyers and sellers, along with an admin portal. Buyers and sellers can communicate anonymously with each other this way.

You need to decide what type of software you want to use.
You should choose an app that is similar to your idea.
Make your selections.
Choose the platform for the launch.
The team and delivery time can be selected.
Launch the app right now.

To create a Classified app, you will need to follow these steps:
1. Download and install an advanced search system.
2. Add Google Maps integration.
3. Organize an ad page with details.
4. Integrate widgets into your website pages.
5. Make Premium Ads a priority.
6. Establish a profile page for each advertiser.
7. Provide a form for submitting ads.
8. Integrate a contact form.
9. Start a blog to improve SEO.
10. Create a responsive website.

Since we believe in customer service, we provide after-development services. The client's needs must be understood well and then worked on in some situations. If there is a problem, we must deal with that.

These are the costs involved:

The cost of using a server annually.

Charges for API subscriptions, if any.

Subscription charges for Payment Gateways, if applicable.

Depending on your needs and those of your customers, the time frame for completion may vary. However, it takes about 10-12 weeks to complete a basic model.

Before booking your project, you might have to pay 30% of the total amount. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Is my application available both in the App Store and the Google Play store?
Without a doubt.

We have an expert team of developers working to help you achieve your dream app.

The answer is yes. Depending on the model you choose, this varies. Feel free to contact us regarding the same.

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