Car Wash App Development

Create a Car Wash App Development Solution with us. We can assist you in developing a mobile application to make the lives of car owners and car wash service providers easier. It may be used to incorporate location-based vehicle wash services, digital wallet payments, ratings and reviews, and much more.

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Car Wash App Development

An innovative solution for mobile car washing app services

In the era of technology, businesses have developed into organised and professional ways, just as our lives have become easier and faster. In addition, there is a mobile application for car wash. Due to this busy life, time is really valuable for customers, and they prefer doorstep services that are secure, faster and hassle-free. There has been an increase in the number of car wash app developers due to this increased demand. A mobile application developed by Orion Infosolutions experts redefines the overall car wash experience at preferred locations by developing a professional car wash application.

We build car cleaning apps based on highly attractive features and functionalities that meet the market needs as well as client's imaginations. In addition, we offer readymade applications for Android and iPhone.

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How Does Our Car Wash App Development differ?

Get a competitive edge over others by working with a reputable car wash app company.

Registration of car wash app solutions

For a car wash app solution to maintain quality service, thorough verification is necessary by detailers.

Booking made easy

Our team of car wash app developers works around the clock to help you reach your clients whenever they need it.

Schedule an appointment

Using the easy-to-use car service app and real-time availability, booking an appointment is a very simple process.

Tracking Status

User and admin can track the location and status of job details through the auto detailing app developer.

List Of Services Available

Establish an operational zone by letting your on-demand car wash app users know the service areas.

Get The Status Of Completed Work

Admins and users can track inquiries, detailing workers' location, and the status of their tasks.

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Types of The Car Wash App Development

Technology today mainly consists of two kinds of apps -


Aggregator Applications

It is a great way to earn profit from car wash service providers who register on your app even if you are not interested in raising your own company. It's essential that you use an aggregator.Different types of retailers use aggregator applications to make use of online infrastructure. Creating a portal for detailers and customers is a convenient way to advertise their services. As a bridge between your customers and the preferred service provider, you do not need to own a car wash business.


Dedicated Mobile Applications

Companies that provide car wash services can rely on dedicated mobile applications. As a result of these mobile apps, the company's business and customer base can grow. In order to provide services and features to their customers, the company creates a mobile application. It will certainly be easier for customers to avail of your services through these mobile applications and they will no doubt attract the attention of the organisation. Your customers can use intuitive applications.

The Benefits of Mobile Car Wash App Development


Bargaining is prohibited

Customers who buy products or services online are not able to bargain and must pay the price asked.


Easily manageable

It is possible to easily manage your slots and your customers to make sure no one returns after going to your service station.


Online Payment

Clients can pay using other methods than cash, with a mobile app, making it easier for them to use services.


Increased awareness of your brand

The more people know about your brand, the more they'll remember it.

On Demand Car Wash App Development

Complete Feature List

Carwash Registration

Users - Manage technicians

Managing customer profiles

Managing/Listing services

Analytics and Reports

Campaigns for marketing

Using CMS to manage publishing

Time Zones can be managed

Paying history of users

Details of transactions

Sign up and Login with Social Media

A real-time tracking system for detailers

Consider the package deal for car washing

Availability at desired location

GPS-based car location

Managing categories

Get a car wash

Payment Options

Keep track of the technician

Cash Washes can be scheduled

Subscriptions on a monthly basis

Several payment options available

Alerts will be sent to you

Detailing Estimate

Upload your car pictures

Review and give feedback

Log via your social accounts

Adding service locations

User request notification

Service Accept/Reject

Service Accept/Reject

Services & Package Management

Service status is updated

Detailed user profile

Post a photo of your car

Job History

Admin requests payment

Car Wash App Development

Process We Follow

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  • Car Wash App Development Services
  • Apps for Car Washing with advanced features

    Step 1

    We can provide you with on demand car wash app development services that can benefit you greatly.

  • The white label solution

    Step 2

    Allows you to create a branded app with brand presets that can be fully customized to match your requirements.

  • Totally customizable

    Step 3

    Give your app a unique touch and feel that makes it stand out from all competitors.

  • Robust Admin Access

    Step 4

    App administrators can manage all app activities, user activity, and service providers from one interface.

  • Multi-language

    Step 5

    It's possible to configure the app to operate in more than 60 different languages. Languages can be switched between easily for users as well as administrators.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway

    Step 6

    Payment gateway integration allows you to integrate your app with whichever payment gateway you choose. Ensure that your customers can choose any gateway they prefer.

  • Market-Ready

    Step 7

    Develop and launch the app rapidly without spending much time on design, development, or customization. You can go live quickly with our ready-to-market solution.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

A booking system such as Spiffy, which allows users to schedule car wash appointments online, has been growing rapidly. Isn't it amazing that the mobile app of Spiffy is growing at such a rapid pace? An app's popularity can be attributed to high customer satisfaction, hassle-free access, and precise separation of services. The app is the preferred booking a car wash service over the older methods.

Let's take a look at how the app works:

Step 1:

Download the on-demand car app. Log in using a valid email address and password.
Step 2:

The car wash service slot can be scheduled according to available slots from the list of services.
Step 3:

A detailer or executive is appointed to your location. The detailer cleans your car and leaves the place tidy in 30-40 minutes.

Step 4:

In addition to discounts and coupons, you can get coupon codes through the app.
It's that simple; Spiffy gives users an instant sense of service availability and doesn't require any complexity to use.

You need mobile app development services to build a scalable and functional car wash booking system. The best app development companies offer the newest technology stack, expert designers, backend programmers, and IT solution architects.

An outline of a team you will need to develop an app for car cleaning services is as follows:

Project Manager
Business Analysis Team
Frontend/ Backend Developers
UX/UI designer
Android or iOS App Developers
Quality Assurance Engineers

An accurate estimation of the car wash app cost is always a herculean task. An app development company's final cost may be determined by many factors, which contribute to varying the general cost of an app. Another primary reason for cost variation is the below-mentioned hourly cost of application developers across different regions.

Based on different geo-locations, the hourly cost of app developers is:
For example, developers in Europe earn between $100 and $150 per hour.
Developers in the USA make between $70 and $250 an hour.
The hourly rate for Asia-based app developers is $20 - $50.

Other factors that determine app development cost are app type, app complexity, app platform, features & functionalities, technology stack, and others. Based on these factors, the app development cost for a car wash could range from $10,000 to $30,000. Therefore, according to market research, the estimated cost for app development is the closest to the actual cost.

Real-time Tracking

Apps for mobile devices make tracking easy. Vehicle tracking is a common concern. For example, the car washing service provides a sense of security when picking up and dropping off your car. But, with the tracking feature of the app, is it possible to track a vehicle's location? Is it secure?

Bookings are available instantly.

Using the software, users can access content online and offline without interruption. In addition, upon restoring their internet connection, users can also make reservations and view their past transaction history offline.

Scheduling made easy

The on-demand service app makes it easy to schedule a car wash. It gives users the option to schedule a wash for off days or whenever they don't feel like leaving the house. The process is quick and easy, so long lines are avoided.

Response Rate

Car washers can immediately interact with people searching for services on the Uber for a car wash app due to its high response rate. Car washers choose to have their websites because they offer instant solutions and quick services.

Packages that appeal to customers

Users can choose from a variety of services that dealers can upload. In addition, advertisements for services can be displayed at a lower price.

Methods of payment online

You do not need to carry cash as a consumer. This app supports almost all payment methods used by companies. PayPal, Visa cards, and other payment methods can be used for online payments.

Easy CRM

CRM is the most successful tool for small, medium, and large businesses. CRM systems help organize customer information and data. Additionally, the system provides reliable statistics, a dashboard with interactive features, and marketing tools to ensure long-term stability.

Offers and discounts –

One of the biggest benefits of owning an app is the ability to offer attractive schemes and discounts.

There is a big difference between native and cross-platform app development. Native app development involves the creation of individual apps for the Android and iOS platforms.

A single program may run on both platforms thanks to cross-platform development.

Native app development uses the standard IDEs and development languages ​​for the Android and iOS environments. Android apps are typically Java/Kotlin running Android Studio. For iOS apps, this is Objective C or Swift with Xcode.  

Native apps usually work flawlessly on their respective platforms and rank highly in their respective app stores. However, native app development is more expensive and time-consuming.  

Well-developed cross-platform applications also work well but require less time and money to develop. Also, cross-platform apps are easier to update than native apps.  

We will work with you to determine if cross-platform or native development is the right choice for your business.  

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