6 Fundamental of React Js App Development will change the way you think!

6 Fundamental of React Js App Development will change the way you think!

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Well, what do you think about Fundamental of React Js?

A fantastic, time-saving, or brilliant app development framework for building a single and complex mobile application is a very simple and sophisticated way (hmm)!

Well, what you say (please write down in the comment below). I know it is a very easy simplification tool that ‘Jordan Walke’ has offered us to enable the technologies in a more advanced way than React Js Development did.

But, I will not be talking about its importance, domination, or even its advantages. Today, I will totally talk about its top and major fundamentals that developers should know while or before going to develop applications through React js.

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React framework which is popular worldwide is due to its significant importance and flexibility functions. Jordon Walke recognizes the best approach and develops one powerful and compatible framework for open source validation to develop the single page application and enhance the quality of user interface like for example you feel in Facebook, Instagram, and other open communities.

As react is fully corporate by Facebook, they officially announced ‘react fiber’ as a new core algorithm of reacting framework library. It is highly capable to maintain complex programs and execution in the bucket of time that users want exactly.

Due to its countless and superior performance, developers and the individual community agley support react js (modern open-source technology) at high volume. After blethering a lot, react js have some fundamentals too, which is popularly based to give a new root shape in the development process.

So, this blog covers; what react js and some practical fundamentals for those who are already familiar with JavaScript and very well know its DOM API.

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What You Clearly Understand With React JS?

Basically, React Js is an incredible and open-source javascript library that is greatly and systematically managed by a large individual group to build single-page applications. It handles a wide array of interfaces especially UI (User Interface) to view web and mobile layers more dynamically and responsively.

React enables the developers to create immense and large web applications which can change data, without reloading the page at high speed. The main and aim game of reacting is to deliver fast, scalable, and simple data work in the most creative way like in these recent days, Facebook doing right now to increase their user interface.

Apart from this, do you know its fun facts? No, check it here (and nowhere)…!

#1. React does not use any templates

As react js highly based in to build user interfaces differently, as against to web apps UI (User Interface) that traditionally uses templates, but according to the time when it gets the last update in (September) it breaks with that and using the small component for render view.

#2. It is not an MVC framework

As I said mentioned earlier that react is a library that is totally based on the user interface to build a single complex application. It encourages the UI component in a good manner which presents the data according to time changes and it matters.

#3. It is widely maintained by the large group community

React js was developed 5 years ago by Jordan Walke on the Facebook community, and nowadays it is diligently used by Netflix, Imgur, Feedly, etc. to increase user experience and user interface in a competitive manner.

#4. It is beyond HTML

It is based on an architecture that means every component is divided into pieces to create and complete work fast and in time. As react applies beyond conception rendering in HTML in the browser! Applications like PayPal and Netflix are loading identical HTML on both server clients.

#5. It is most responsive with SEO

React is best known among all other related frameworks for SEO-friendly tools. React cache in-memory data and computes the result in the different browser DOM effectively and efficiently.

After going through its fun facts words, let come straight to the blog topic…!

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To learn, React js fundamentals that will change the way you think…!

6 Fundamentals of React Js App Development

Well, I am sure you never heard these crappie sounds when you read these outline essence. These fundamentals are strict to be and can be followed by reacting to developers in order to gain more efficiency.

So, read these outline points clearly…!

1. React is fully based on its high Component

React is reliable and responsive in the case of UI; it highly uses its breakable components in a reusable format. As the component of reacting js is divided into small pieces it enables the developers to define that component as a single task in a combined format which further merges together to form a bigger component.

2. What process of flowing out with JSX?

The JSX allows developers to write react basic and common components in a well and followed syntax manner which is quite similar to HTML (which is pretty good).

As JSX is an extension of JavaScript language syntax that quietly offers a way to structure component render and use those code (according to the syntax).

3. Use JavaScript Expressions anywhere ineffective time

When developers follow syntax in the JSX section, you can use any JavaScript deceleration within the pair of curly braces!

Do you know?

The JavaScript variables are also expressions, so the component gets the list of props inside the curly braces. Apart from that, ‘JavaScript Object’ is also used as a JavaScript expression.

4. It is true to write React components with JavaScript

There is no doubt to say that developers can use and write React components with JavaScript classes in an erotic way. React has supported in creating components through the JavaScript syntax in a responsive way.

The syntax used in JavaScript-based React is simple, you can simply define class indent and extend easily.

5. Importance of Events in React

Handling events in react js is done in two ways which are important from the developer’s point of view. Using two important events in React has some differences as mentioned with DOM API.

• First, all react attributes have events include named with ‘camelCase’, rather than lowercase.

• The actual execution of the JavaScript function is relevant with an event handler.

6. What is Private State in React Component

The ‘state’ property used in the react component allows every component to make changes. But for reacting, we have to change the state field through another React API (which is somewhat complex).

This is the most crucial fundamental which developers have to remember (prolonged) to create the best UI web or mobile applications.

So, these are the agile and progressive fundamentals that have to be kept in developers’ (minds) to enable them to build one strong piece of the web or mobile app in a 100% scalable and responsive way.


This blog is just about a short brief on ‘Fundamentals of React Js’ while building a compliment application. Read these beneficial guides or essence that leverages you to build and increase experience in react js app development.

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