150+ Fun and Interesting Websites to Cure Boredom [ Updated 2023-2024 ]

150+ Fun and Interesting Websites to Cure Boredom [ Updated 2023-2024 ]
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Have you gotten bored? Why not try these funny cool websites to kill boredom and make your day fun?

In these busy times, people don’t have time to do something fun or try something cool and interesting. However, this is just an excuse when people say they don’t have time. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to kill your boredom and start your day or work in a fresh and fun mood.

Don’t worry; I got you all; I have found a charming, cool, and interesting solution. It will make your day, if not day, your mood differently. You will smile and smile, and what else do you want in your life, right? A big smile on your face.

The websites I will tell you about are one of the most entertaining and unique. These fun websites are the best way to pass the time and a great way to learn something new apart from your daily life. I can’t wait now, so let's start this journey of fun websites to cure boredom. We will go through from the top, bottom, and then ending. OKAY, are you ready? Let’s hit the road, then.

Top 150+ Fun and Interesting Websites to Visit When Boredom

Are You Bored? Try these cool websites to pass the time and cure boredom instantly.

But be aware; it can make you laugh, entertained, and free from boredom! So if you want to have fun in your free time, whether working in the office or sitting at your computer and thinking about what you should do, these cool and fun websites are a great way to pass the time.

Let me tell you a secret: some are fun gadget websites, while some are cool free game websites, cool clothing websites, cool art websites, cool gift websites, quiz websites for fun, and many more.

1. Bored Panda

This is one of my favorite cool websites to pass time. The best thing about this website is that it has everything from cool new topics to engage with to fun games such as “sibling or dating.”

And these Joke sections are too much to take. The Jokes section contains all jokes, from worst to funniest. This website is perfect for fun; you can include your friends or family and chill in your place.

2. Loco

If you are a gamer, this website is just for you. Loco is a dedicated streaming platform where many big streamers play games and chill for hours. You can stream any games and stream any music without fearing copyright issues.

This cool website is free to use; anyone can join and chill out with friends. And what more! When you stream on this platform consistently, you can get recognition as the top streamer of all time. Damn, gamers are quite popular these days.

3. JustWatch

Tired of switching OTT apps to see where your favorite shows or movies are streaming? Me too; that’s why I like JustWatch. This cool website is something that you can’t get bored with. It has all of the OTT platform services on the whole website search.

It will tell you the name of the streaming services where you can watch your shows and movies easily.

You can browse your favorites and add them to your watchlist to check which content is available on streaming platforms. It means you don’t have to switch your OTT apps to check the availability of shows or movies. A good and fun website to visit and kill your boredom.

4. 10 Minute Mail

OMG! You can make an email that only lasts for 10 minutes. When I first heard about this website, I thought creating an email was already quite a task, but as I used the 10 Minute Mail website, I became a fan of it.

So what this cool website does is it gives you a temporary disposable mail address (ID) that is self-destructive; it means from the time it gives you a mail address, the countdown starts, and once the time (10 min) runs out, the mail id automatically destroys.

Isn't it one of the cool websites? I have given this type of mail a name, ghost mail; sounds cool, right? The great benefit of using the 10 minute mail is that you can use such mail ids when you visit an unreliable website for the first time, and it demands your email id to enter to use their services. This is where 10 minute mail saves your day and provides you with a ghost mail id which they can’t track or take personal information from you.

5. Canva

Another one of the best and amazing website for fun. Canva is a popular free designing tool for creating presentations, banners, logos, videos, social media posts, etc. This is a complete all-in-one shop for designers, as they can utilize its features to create anything from scratch.

However, the website is not completely free; it has some premium elements paid for, such as high-end images and tools. But overall, this is an interesting website beneficial for beginner-level graphic designers.

6. Neal.fun

Wait! Before you go anywhere, check this cool website to cure your boredom. This website has something unique to offer.

Neal.fun is a cool designing website on the internet where you can make cool stuff by using the tools. From creating your custom face out of a selection of emojis to discovering your celebrity look alike, Neal.fun has something for everyone.

It’s like a virtual playground, except you don’t have to worry about getting sand in your shoes; this was the funniest joke, right? I don’t know what I have done there, but surely it is a great and cool website to kill your boredom, and at the same time, you’ll learn something new.

7. The Pixel Thought

Stress life? Mine too, but this cool website helped me a lot. This meditation app allows you to come around and release your life stress by connecting with others. PixelThought is a stress relief website, and also this service is available as a mobile application.

So you need to write your stress thoughts in the star box and then witness some magical sounds and content that help you clear stressed thoughts from your mind. It gives you a 60-second meditation brief pause to focus on your problems and put them into the stars and see them disappear from your mind. This is a cool website to visit once in a while to get rid of your stressful thoughts.

8. Giphy

Giphy, whenever I visit this funny website, it always gets me. This is the funniest, coolest website to pass time while working in the office or at home. The website's home page is the first thing you'll come across, and I bet you can't stop laughing when you see what's inside the Giphy section.

Giphy contains all the cool, funny short videos that are the funniest you’ve ever seen. The best part about this website is everything is free, and you can copy the Gif code and add them to your app or website without complications. There are billions of funny and cool gifs available.

9. Find The Invisible Cow

Are you feeling bored? Then don’t worry; I got you; I have found the best free game websites, and Find The Invisible Cow is one of them. Well, it’s time to bring some fun out of your body with the Find The Invisible Cow website.

The concept of this website is certainly unique and udderly funny. The game is simple but not easy. To play the game first, you have to turn on the audio as you will not see any cow but just its voice. Therefore, to identify where the cow is, you must listen to the audio carefully.

This free game website for fun can moo-ving your mouse all over your screen in search of the elusive bovine. Trust me; this is not just udder nonsense - I have used this funny website, and it's a hilarious and addicting game that will have you laughing until the cows come home. Okay, you do not believe me? Then saddle up and try this one of the funniest websites. Have fun!

10. Quora

I’m guessing everyone knows about this website. Quora is a platform where people ask any questions that come to their mind, and other people who know what the question is really about provide answers without hesitation. This is free to use cool websites to cure boredom and learn something you never imagined.

This is one of the coolest websites to visit and learn new things daily. Another good thing about this website is that you can also give answers to questions you know about. And also, you can ask questions that you need answers to.

11. Camel Camel Camel

Triple Camel, short name for (Camel Camel Camel) is a cool website to kill your boredom. So what this website does is it tracks the price history on Amazon. It’s one of the interesting websites and a useful tool if you’re looking to buy something (a product) and want to see if the product price has gone up or down in the past.

In addition to price tracking, this website provides you with historical price charts, price fluctuation alters, and price history for a wide range of products sold on Amazon. The best part is it also comes as a browser extension, so you can use their service while browsing Amazon.

It’s a money-saving website for anyone who shops a lot but also wants to save more bucks on the products, and Triple Camel provides them with valuable price tracking and history information.

12. VirusTotal

Are you facing some issues while working on your system? No kidding, this can be an attack of viruses or malware trying to get your data. But the problem is you are not able to find it, right? Try using VirusTotal, an amazing website for fun; it can help you get rid of all the virus-related problems from your computer without stealing anything.

COOL right? The best part about this website is it does not take any data from your system but gives you a cure to kill all viruses. You can choose a specific file or URL, find a Hash, Domain, IP Address, or URL with VT ENTERPRISE or get additional context and Threat Landscape visibility. It analyzes suspicious files, domains, IP addresses, and URLs to detect malware and other security data breaches, automatically sharing them with the security community.

You should give this cool website a try for fun, at least. There is no harm in exploring new things and learning a few things about them. It might come in handy in some parts of your work.

13. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an amazing website for time to pass where you can discover and share new products, mostly in the tech and startup space. It’s a community-driven platform where countless creators, founders, and tech enthusiasts showcase their latest creations and get feedback from a large, engaged audience. I have already tried it, and it's super amazing. It‘s so fun, and the community is so supportive and welcoming.

You can browse through various categories of products, upvote their favorites, and even join discussions with the creators themselves. In my opinion, Product Hunt has become a popular website to cure boredom and a destination for early adopters and tech enthusiasts looking to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations.

14. This is My Website Now

Have you ever considered taking over someone else's websites and anything you want? Then you are in luck; today, I will tell you about one of the coolest websites to visit and kill boredom. “This is My Website Now” is a website that allows you to “take over” the website and make it your own. It’s a fun and interactive way to experiment with web design and development, as you can customize the website’s appearance and your unique content and even change the site’s URL.

Pfff, I don’t believe that; this is what I said first when I heard about this website, but as soon as I used it and hell, that was fun. Additionally, the site uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for you of all skill levels to create your own funny and cool version of the website.

The most fun fact about this website is that it's a great way to explore the possibilities of web design and have some fun using these types of interesting websites.

15. 100,000 Stars

Do you know that there are 100 thousand million in the milky way alone, and the possibility is there are even more than that number? It builds curiosity in us to learn about those stars and their names. Are you saying you want to experience the ecosystem of these stars? No problem; with the help of a 100,000 Stars website, you can see the stars and their names and what specialty they have.

This website, created by Google, takes you through an amazing galaxy and beyond. It's a 3D model of our galaxy, complete with over 100,000 stars, that you can explore on this fun website to kill boring time. The highly interactive site allows you to zoom in and out, move around the galaxy, and click on individual stars to learn about them.

I was stunned by the website's overall functionalities; it has a stunning visual representation of the vastness and complexity of our beautiful universe and is a great way to satisfy your curiosity about the stars and beyond. I highly recommend you check out this amazing website to kill your boredom, as you will be stunned like I was.

16. Patatap

Now, what can I say about this website? If I have to describe it in three simple words, it is unique, engaging, and innovative. Patatap is a unique, innovative, and fun website to pass the time when bored. It allows you to create your musical compositions using a combination of sound and visuals.

With just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the keyboard, you can create mesmerizing, rhythmic patterns accompanied by exceptionally stunning visuals.

The website features various sounds and visual effects, making it easier to experiment and create your unique musical compositions in no time. Whether you’re a musician, artist, or just looking for a fun and creative way to pass the time, just like me, Patatap is the perfect website for unleashing your inner creativity and exploring the possibilities of sound and visuals.

17. The Useless Web

This is the strangest kind of interesting website I have ever enjoyed to kill my boredom. I thought enough of roaming around these fun sites, but after using “The Useless Web,” I’m getting addicted to this website.

So, the most interesting thing about this website is that every time you tap on the screen, it takes you to some random, strange, and fun website. You never know what websites you will visit next, so brace yourself and be ready to go and explore random websites.

The last time I used The Useless Web, it took me to some paint website where I challenged myself to draw a good picture and did what I always do; I created a mess, but the experience was fun.

So if you are looking for a website to kill boredom and enjoy some fun time, The Useless Web is your buddy for the day. Tap on the screen and see where this website takes you this time. I am sure you will become addicted to this fun website like me.

18. Reddit

I know most of you are already familiar with Reddit and its functionalities. Reddit is a popular social news aggregation, discussion, and cool website to cure boredom. You can create, share, and discuss content on various topics.

Getting interested, right?

But this is not the fun part of the website; if you want to kill your boredom, you should check the memes section. I went into the zone, and I spent hours watching those memes.

Reddit is known for its vast collection of memes, jokes, and other forms of internet culture.

With its large and active user base, there’s always something new and interesting to discover on Reddit. You should check it out by yourself. This is one of the fun websites to visit when bored at the office or at home.

19. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a well-known website with engaging and educational information that might help you pass the time. This is also one of the best quiz websites for fun when bored. It offers a variety of articles, videos, tests, and lists to suit every taste.

Buzzfeed has you covered whether you're interested in politics, pop culture, food, or travel. You might lose hours looking through their content, taking personality tests, laughing at humorous memes, and learning new things.

The website is ideal for people who want to kill time, discover something new, or have a good time. Therefore, visit Buzzfeed for fun the next time you're bored.

I wanted to give you a full Buzzfeed tour, but I must first go through this fun and interesting website to kill my boredom.

20. I Waste So Much Time

This is a cool website to cure boredom, and I enjoy my time on this platform.

A fun website called I Waste So Much Time is best for people looking for ways to pass the time and kill boredom. The website has an unending supply of witty and engaging material, including memes, movies, and essays that will get you thinking.

Visitors will likely find something that will pique their attention and keep them occupied for hours on end with all there is to discover.

I Waste So Much Time is the ideal place for anyone who wants to escape their boredom and have fun, whether procrastinating at work, being stranded at home on a rainy day, or seeking a diversion.

21. 9GAG

I am laughing right now because I’m on 9GAG, one of the funniest and most amazing websites to cure my boredom.

Are you asking me what’s so funny about this website?

It has one of the best never-ending funny memes, videos, and pictures that will make your boring day more fun and cure your boredom.

9GAG has something for everyone, whether you're in the mood for relevant memes, amusing animal videos, or witty internet jokes. The website has become a center of online culture and a terrific way to meet like-minded individuals thanks to its user-generated content and vibrant community.

Therefore, 9GAG is worth checking out if you're searching for a way to kill time and have a nice chuckle.

I've laughed enough today, so let me go through those funny memes and videos on 9GAG once again.

22. Codecademy

Do you like programming and coding? I also like coding, but sometimes it's hard to understand certain elements.

Codecademy is a website that can help you productively kill boredom. It provides interactive coding lessons in various programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

By completing these courses, you can get valuable skills in coding and even start a career in tech. The website offers a gamified learning experience, where you earn points and badges as you progress through the lessons.

Additionally, you can join the Codecademy community to ask questions, share knowledge, and collaborate with other learners.

Overall, Codecademy is an engaging, educational, and cool website to simultaneously kill your boredom and learn technical coding.

23. Project Gutenberg

I heard you like reading some great titles; is it true? I like reading them too. That’s why the moment I entered Project Gutenberg, It became one of my favorite and fun websites to visit.

Project Gutenberg is a cool website that offers free access to a vast collection of public-domain books, including classic literature, science fiction, and historical documents.

With over 60,000 books available, it’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to kill boredom by reading. Whether you prefer to read on a computer, tablet, or e-reader, you can find books to suit your taste on Project Gutenberg.

From the works of Shakespeare to the adventure of Sherlock Holmes, there’s no shortage of interesting and entertaining collections to explore.

So if you’re feeling bored and looking for something to do, why not try Project Gutenberg? I bet you will like their collections.

24. Pixlr

If you're into designing or editing, then Pixlr is for you.

Pixlr is an interesting photo editing website offering an online photo editing tool that can help you kill boredom in many ways. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily enhance your images, add many filters, and create amazing stunning graphic designs.

The website offers a variety of editing tools and features, including layers, brushes, and vast effects, which allow you to experiment and be creative.

Whether you want to edit a photo, design a social media post, or create digital artwork, Pexlr is a one-stop shop that provides everything you need in editing.

So if you’re feeling bored and want to unleash your creativity, I recommend you head over to Pixlr and start editing and bring out your inner creativity capability.

25. Spend Elon Musk Money

Have you ever wondered how much money Elon Musk has right now? I’m sure you know but what if I tell you that you can spend all his money to buy anything you want! Sounds fun, right?

Spend Elon Musk Money is a fun and cool website to visit when bored. So what this website does is it gives you Elon Musk's entire money and a pre-made dream shopping cart list, and you can add items such as hyper cars, iPhones, luxury apartments, homes, flats, sports teams, lifetime food, and much more.

But there’s a catch, this money is not real technically, so you are not spending his real-life money from his bank account but just the dummy one.

But the most fun part is that no matter how much you’ll buy, I bet you can’t spend all his money. Spend Elon Musk Money is a cool, amazing, and fun website that kills your boredom.

26. TED

Are you the type of person who likes inspirational things?

TED is for you, providing you with the most inspiring and educational talks and podcasts from experts in various fields.

The website has various categories to explore motivation talks from technology to society, identity, and community. I like this website as it keeps me motivated in my hardest time.

You can pick your interest, and the website will automatically personalize the categories according to your interest and send you personalized talk recommendations in your inbox.

27. This American Life

An amazing website that allows you to listen to popular radio programs that feature true personal stories and incidents that happened in real life.

The “This American Life” website is a great way to kill boredom by immersing yourself in fascinating and thought-provoking stories. With over 700 episodes available, the site offers a vast selection of audio recordings and transcripts covering various topics and perspectives. Whether you're interested in politics, relationships, history, or human interest stories, you will find something that catches your attention.

The site also offers a helpful search function, making finding episodes that match your interests easy. So if you're looking for a way to pass the time and stimulate your mind, check out the This American Life website.

28. Engadget

If you are a tech lover and want to stay ahead in the technology race, why not check out Engadget, a cool gadget website? This is a pretty amazing website to visit when bored as you will face up some of the latest technology news and reviews.

This is a great place to follow for knowing about technology and gadget-related news. You will find podcasts, news about the latest deals, gaming, and reviews in just one place.

29. Google Arts & Culture

Antique artworks are always fascinating and entice us to think about our historical culture again. Made by Google, this historical arts and culture website is super fun to kill boredom.

Google Arts & Culture is a fantastic website to kill boredom and explore the world of art and culture. With just a few clicks, you can access thousands of museums, galleries, and cultural institutions from around the globe.

The site provides high-quality images of artworks, virtual tours, and interactive exhibitions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the art without leaving your home.

You can learn about famous artists and historical events and explore different cultures and traditions. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just looking for a way to pass the time, Google Arts & Culture is the perfect place to explore and discover something new.

30. Stuff You Should Know

Do you want to know unraveled Stories?

Stuff You Should Know is an amazing website to listen to popular podcasts that explains how things work. This is a fascinating and informative website that offers a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. Whether you’re interested in science, history, or culture or want to learn something new, this website got you covered.

With thousands of articles and podcasts available, you can easily lose yourself in the ocean of information on these cool websites. From learning about the history of tattoos to exploring the never heard mysteries of the universe, Stuff You Should Know offers an endless array of interesting and engaging content that will keep you away from boredom and educated for hours.

So if you’re looking for fun and cool websites to kill boredom, this is one of them. Check out and see yourself.

31. Open AI’s ChatGPT

At first, I was shocked; then, I went into the world of imagination. Do you know why? Because this website made me.

This is not fun, cool, or interesting; it's above the level of all of those. It's an unmatchable cool website that will kill your boredom and keep you engaged for hours and hours. Open AI’s ChatGPT is powered by the world's only top AI technologies that can provide any data or worldwide information.

The best part is that it can generate any piece of copy, programming codes, and many more in just a few minutes. It is already launched and accessible through only browsers currently. Its capabilities are not yet at 100% level, and it is already impacting the overall industry worldwide.

Many big companies are already operating the Open AI’s ChatGPT to ease workflow and comprehend agile profit integration. Everything is possible through this website, from making coding much easier to generate any content.

32. How a Car Works

Looking for something to pass the time? How a Car Works is a cool website to visit when bored. This website offers you a complete video course on car engineering. You can take this course and learn how a car works without spending a penny.

If you’re a car enthusiast, then definitely give it a try, you will learn many things about a car engine and its other parts. The video course teaches you about modern cars.

33. Time Lamps

Time-lapse photography is a fascinating technique that captures the gradual changes over time. Watching time-lapse videos can be a great way to kill boredom and experience the beauty of the world around us in a new way.

Time Lamps website is dedicated to time-lapse videos, offering a wide variety of stunning content worldwide. These amazing websites are a great source of fun and inspiration, as they showcase the beauty of nature, cities, and landscapes in an entirely different way.

Whether looking for a quick escape from the daily grind or seeking inspiration for your time-lapse project, this website is a must-visit.

34. Explore Mount Everest

If you’re bored and want to do something cool and fun, why not try the Explore Mount Everest website for free? This website takes you to a 3D model of Mount Everest, where you can explore it and learn what exactly these mountains possess.

It’s a very cool website to pass time when getting bored.

35. Bored a Lot

Are you bored a lot? Well, try Bored a Lot, the most amazing website ever. It has the best collection of the coolest and most funny websites. The collection of 100+ random and useless websites sounds fun.

Bored a Lot will not let you get bored with their comprehensive collections of funny random websites. You can find collections of all categories, click on the button that says take me to a random website, and it will randomly redirect you to one of the funniest or most gaming websites.

36. Tic-Tac-Toe

If you find free game websites to time pass and kill boredom, Tic-Tac-Toe is your partner.

It's our childhood game, but I was good at it. If you enjoy playing games, then you should give it a try.

In Tic-Tac-Toe, one player draws Xs, and another player draws Os inside a set of nine squares, and each player tries to be the first to fill a row of squares with either Xs or Os.

The Tic-Tac-Toe is a cool website for passing time and killing the boring time.

37. Lamebook

Lamebook is the perfect website if you're looking to kill some time and beat boredom. This website doesn’t make sense, but it has some funny posts. The website is filled with some of the funniest posts. By reading them, you get confused and giggle.

Pressing a random post brings you some of the funniest posts. This is what Lamebook does, giving you mood fresher posts and a smile.

The site features a variety of funny and entertaining content, including hilarious memes, embarrassing Facebook posts, and witty tweets.

You can also find amusing conversations, odd news stories, and amusing screenshots of conversations on the website. It's a great way to take a break from work or study and laugh. With new content regularly added, Lamebook is a great destination for anyone looking for online entertainment.


If you are a space geek or someone who loves space adventure, then NASA TV is made for you.

NASA TV offers a great space adventure, a high-def video clip of space sutter, articles, and much more. If you want to kill boredom, you should visit this fun website to pass time.

39. EatThisMuch

If you are bored, you might want to check this cool diet planning website to pass time.

EatThisMuch is your diet planner in which you can set your goals, and it will give the exact amount of calories you need to gain health and, similarly, for losing weight.

EatThisMuch is a website that can be a great way to kill boredom and improve your nutrition.

It generates meal plans based on your dietary preferences and goals, which can help you save time and money on meal planning while ensuring that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. With various vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb options, EatThisMuch can cater to any dietary needs.

Additionally, the website allows you to customize your meal plans by adjusting the number of meals, calories, and macronutrient ratios. Overall, EatThisMuch is a helpful tool that can make meal planning more manageable and enjoyable.

40. Buildbox

Buildbox is a game development website where you can freely create 2D/3D games. Through Buildbox, you can kill your boring time by making some cool games.

Try it if you know C, C++, Java, Python, and other game development programming languages.

41. Crazy Games

If you are bored, you might want to play free games!

Crazy Games is a dedicated online free game website to cure boredom; you can play any game without downloading it into your system.

These are the funniest cloud-based games in which you need a good internet connection, and voila, you are all set to become an online gamer.

42. Twitch Tv

Who doesn’t know Twitch Tv is one of the best and largest game streaming platforms and a great option for killing boredom? You can do streams of various games without any problems, or if you’re a person who likes to watch streamers play games, then you can also do this.

With a wide variety of content available, including gaming, music, creative arts, and more, there's always something to watch and engage with on the site.

Whether you're an esports fan, interested in learning new skills, or simply looking for entertainment, Twitch TV can provide hours of engaging content.

If you're looking for more cool websites to visit, consider checking out Twitch Tv to keep yourself entertained.

43. DontEvenReply

You want to laugh! Then you might want to dive into DontEvenReply. This is one of my favorite fun websites to pass time.

First, I laughed very hard when I visited this fun site and read some emails. This website contains some of the most fun email conversations. When you read those emails, I bet you won’t stop laughing just like.

So far one of the funniest websites to cure your boredom, so whenever you feel bored, jump on the website and read someone's emails for fun.

44. Stellarium-web

Stellarium is a fantastic website for killing boredom, especially if you're interested in space or astronomy. It's an open-source planetarium that allows you to view the night sky from any location on Earth at any time.

In real-time, you can explore the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies, watch meteor showers, and learn about different constellations.

The website is user-friendly and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. It's a great way to spend a few hours or even a whole evening, and you're sure to learn something new about our vast universe.

Learn about every planet in our solar system. If you want to learn about space, this website is for you.

45. GameHouse

GameHouse is a website that offers a plethora of fun and exciting games to help kill boredom. From puzzle games to hidden object games, GameHouse has something for everyone.

The website is easy to navigate, and the games are categorized based on genre, making it easier for players to find what they want. In addition to offering free online games, GameHouse has a membership option that gives players access to even more games and exclusive content.

GameHouse is worth checking out if you're looking for fun website games to play and kill time!

46. Miniclip

Miniclip is one of the coolest free game websites on the internet. With a massive collection of free online games, Miniclip offers a fun games to play in class when bored on computer. From classic games like 8 Ball Pool and Agar.io to newer titles like Flip Master and Tanki Online, there's something for everyone.

My favorite online game on this free game website is 8 Ball Pool, and I am pretty good at it. If you’re a gamer, check out this awesome game website.

The website also features leaderboards, achievements, and challenges to keep you engaged and motivated. So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to beat boredom, check out Miniclip and explore their vast selection of games; it's one of the best and cool websites to cure boredom!

47. A Soft Murmur

Who doesn’t like pleasant, soft music or sounds? It makes your mind calm and silent.

A Soft Murmur is a soft sound generator website designed to help you relax, focus, and tune out the unpleasant sounds from your background.

It’s frustrating to hear loud noises when trying to focus on your work; therefore, A soft Murmur website becomes a great place to make your environment according to your preference. Change sounds that suit your environment and heart, and kill your boredom with cool, warm, and pleasant sounds.

48. Calm

Now, what can I say about this amazing website? It helped me reduce stress from my life, simply amazing and comfortable.

Everyone faces challenges or downsides occasionally and feels unwanted, stressed out, low, and much more.

Calm is a place where you can reduce your life stress. It’s a meditation website that helps you find and solve your inner life problems.

When you enter the Calm website and listen to the content, you feel different, motivated, and less stressed.

I would recommend you try this amazing website and witness an improvement in your life.

49. Duolingo

Duolingo is an excellent website for those looking to kill boredom while learning a new language.

With its user-friendly interface and fun, interactive lessons, it's no wonder that Duolingo has become a popular choice for language learners of all ages. Not only does it offer lessons in dozens of languages, but it also tracks your progress and rewards you for completing lessons.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Duolingo has something to offer. So, if you're looking for cool websites to explore, Duolingo is one of them.

50. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a fun website to kill time and learn something cool at the same time. The website is a fun game where you mix chemicals to build something new. It’s a fun little game of making alchemy from elements like sand, water, etc.

51. River Styx

River Styx takes you on a legendary journey of mythology. A boatman and you are the only traveler on this journey.

River Styx is a website that offers a plethora of entertainment options to help kill boredom. From addictive games to engaging articles and videos, there's something for everyone. Whether looking for a quick distraction or a longer escape from reality, River Styx has covered you.

And if you're looking for more cool websites to explore, this site also offers recommendations for other online destinations that will keep you entertained. So if you're bored and need a little pick-me-up, head over to River Styx and discover all the fun that awaits!

52. Animated Drawings

Have you ever tried animating your drawings?

Well, I’ve found a very cool website to have some fun when getting bored. Have you ever heard about Animated Drawings? This website is so cool that I spent nearly one to two hours making my drawings animate.

The site provides you with an option where you can make your drawings move, jump, and dance, do boxing, etc.

If you’re bored, then the Animated Drawings website is your place to kill and spend quality time with yourself.

53. Post Secret

Post Secret is a cool website that can help kill boredom. The website is essentially a platform where people anonymously share their secrets by sending homemade postcards with their confessions written on them.

The postcards range from humorous to heartbreaking and provide a fascinating glimpse into the human experience.

It's a great way to pass the time and get lost in the stories of others. Reading the secrets can be addictive and cathartic and you may even find yourself inspired to create your postcard to send in.

This unique and engaging website is worth checking out when you’re bored.

54. Strikingly

Feeling bored! Why not try designing your website for fun? Strikingly is an amazing website designed to cure boredom and learn to design a website.

The website templates range from Business to Fun, Blog, Company, and Event. Every website they have is completely responsive and interactive.

55. Uncrate

Uncrate is a perfect website for men to shop various collections of men’s products, from clothes to cars.

This cool website offers a wide range of products and gear for men, from the latest gadgets and technology to stylish clothing and accessories.

It's a great resource for anyone looking to kill boredom by exploring new and interesting products. The site features high-quality photos, detailed descriptions of each item, and links to purchase them. Uncrate has something for everyone, whether you're into cars, watches, or outdoor gear.

So if you're bored and want to browse some cool stuff, check out Uncrate and discover some awesome new products you never knew you needed.

56. Radiooooo

Radiooooo is a musical time machine website that offers you a range of radio streaming from retro to classical and modern.

This is a fantastic website to cure boredom while traveling somewhere or chilling out with friends on a long drive.

You can also contribute by sharing your choice of music. Randomize the playlist and enjoy the uninterrupted radio throughout your journey.

57. Forgotify

Forgot something? Is it old music? Then worry not because Forgotify has got you covered. This is a music platform for forgotten music collections. If you’re a fan of old music, then Forgotify is for you as it contains a wide range of forgotten music collections.

58. Hacker Typer

Want to feel like a hacker? Check out this amazing website that acts like it is hacking. Pressing a few buttons on the keyboard will start the hacking process.

But the one thing I didn't understand while using it was what this website was hacking. Is it my PC?

No, it’s just the code that looks like its hacking.

Apart from this, the website also offers you a course for learning to hack, so if you’re interested in becoming a real hacker, you can enroll in the courses without any complications. Good Luck!

59. SuperCook

SuperCook is a fantastic website for anyone who loves to cook or wants to experiment with new recipes. But it's not just for foodies! SuperCook is also a great tool for killing boredom.

This fun site lets you enter the ingredients you have on hand and generates recipes that use those ingredients. This is perfect when you're stuck at home with a limited pantry or need the inspiration to try something new. With thousands of recipes, SuperCook will keep you entertained and well-fed while making the most of what you have.

Overall, it’s an interesting website for cooking something easily in no time.

60. Akinator

One of the coolest and most amazing game websites that killed my boredom and blew up my mind simultaneously. This website can guess what you’re thinking, Akinator is something else.

Akinator is a website that can guess what you think, such as a superhero, animal, or celebrity name, without mistaking it. It gives you the correct answer when all the questions are answered.

These are the top fun and cool websites to visit when you are bored; however, there are more websites to kill your boredom in 2023 that will make your boring day amazing and fun.

61. GetHuman

Looking to fix your customer service issues faster? Let GetHuman help you. This amazing website has customer service numbers for every company around the world.

Cure your issues by visiting GetHuman and calling any company from A to Z. Whether you want to call Google, Amazon, Bank of America, or Ubar, everything is there. Just click on the company service you want and dial the phone number.

Additionally, if there’s a company that doesn't have any source of contacting them, these fun websites give you some instructions on how to fix common problems. 

62. PixaBay

Do you want free copyright images for your projects or other needs? No problem! PixaBay is the all-in-one solution for free and copyrighted images that you are looking for.

This cool website on the internet allows you to download free copyrighted images that you can use for your school, college or any type of project.

Approximately, 4.2 million or even more stunning images are available on this cool website. On top of that, you can create creative videos by using its free collection of stock videos and royalty music.

63. GS-JJ.com

One of the cool websites, GS-JJ.com is a multiple-category brand, that primarily offers lapel pins, coins, medals, keychains, belt buckles, lanyards, stickers, and more each with thousands of unique designs, which makes people amazed by their craftsmanship expertise.

The products that they offer are fully customizable and unique. Here you can find a variety of custom promotional items.

64. Down for Everyone or Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me is one of the fun websites to cure boredom.

How does this website actually work? Through this site, you can know whether any other site is currently up or down.

For example, if you are having a problem log in to Instagram or it’s not loading, simply fill in the site name in the given search bar and the site will tell you whether Instagram is down (in real-time) or not.

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the cool websites on the internet.

65. Have I Been Pwned

Finding suspicious activity in your account? But how will you know someone jacked up your password? Don’t worry, this one of the cool and completely random websites got you covered.

Well, that’s the point of this site.

If you want to know whether your email or passwords are safe or not, simply enter the email address and the site will tell you if your email accounts are pwned or not. This is a very useful and cool website. Did you know? in 2023 Adobe faced over 150 million accounts leak issues. 

Therefore, you should also check if it happens to you.

66. Window 93

Remember when we were in school using that old sparkling Window 93 in the computer classes? 

If you are from the modern generation then you might not know about Windows 93. But don’t worry, 

This cool website will take you back to the 90s computer when Windows 93 was extremely popular. Window 93 is a fun website to kill your boredom which allows users to use this window function without installing it in your system.

67. Whichbook

Are you a book geek? Visit super fun websites to kill your boredom, as it has a list of old to modern books according to your moods and motions. 

This is a new way of choosing what book to read next. This site will also tell you where to borrow and buy the books from.

All you need to do is open the website and search for the book you want to read or choose from the library.

68. Wayback Machine

How you will feel traveling back to the old days when our world had less technology. Wayback Machine gives you a way to see the old internet world when it all started first. 

You can enter any website and explore how it was when it first launched on the internet.

69. Bees Bees Bees

Bored? No worry, Bees Bees Bees is the website to visit when bored. The website is so funny and cool that you will enjoy it so much. Bees made a memorable appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, swarming around the studio audience. 

In a widely shared clip from the episode, Oprah is seen enthusiastically discussing bees with excitement before the insects fly into the hall. 

You will enjoy watching this fun website to kill your boredom.

70. HTML 5 Games

Want to do something exciting? Now is the time. Visit these fun websites to kill your boredom. On this website, you can play a variety of HTML 5 games completely free. Also, you can place the link on your website if you have any and directly enjoy the gaming sensation with just one click.

71. Paper Toilet

Do you miss wasting toilet paper without worries? Websites offer virtual toilet paper games for fun and boredom relief. 

Visit this site - you will be surprised by the entertaining options for virtually wasting toilet paper from the comfort of your home. Rediscover fun days by playing online toilet paper games to kill your time.

72. Wizarding World

Are you a die-hard fan of Harry Potter? We all are. We all have read and watched the whole Harry Potter part. Each part has a unique mystery that makes the series engaging and entertaining.

Pottermore is a fun game website that allows Harry Potter fans to discover the never-experienced wizard quizzes, puzzles and much more. This fun game website will take you to the world of wizards and introduce you to your favorite characters from the series.

If you feel like you have nothing to do, then check out these websites to cure boredom.

73. Pokémon Showdown

Looking for one of the best game websites to visit when bored? Try Pokemon Showdown.

We all know what Pokemon is. We all have watched this thrilling and dashing cartoon series in our childhood. This cool game website brings back those memories back the moment you enter the site. 

You can play Pokemon battles online with random players from all around the world. These are fun and cool websites to cure boredom.

74. Music Theory

Are you interested in learning musical instruments? If you are, then visit these cool websites to cure boredom. Music theory is a great platform to bring out your inner hidden talent for music if you have any.

The site has a cool web design and it is best for people who are always looking to learn something new. Check out this fun and cool website to kill your boredom.

75. 5000Best

Tired of searching for your favorite things on the internet one by one? Try 5000Best cool things websites to visit when bored.

This cool website offers you over 5000 cool things lists of movies, websites, tools, books, games, videos, and pictures on one page.

76. Wait But Why

If you’re a curious learner about new things then Wait But Why is your best buddy. Wait But Why is a cool website that offers you tons of articles about never heard stories, archives and news.

Additionally, this fun website also has a store section where you can shop for many things like phone cases, posters, appearls, characters, mugs, and different types of accessories.

77. My Fridge Food

Are you a cooking enthusiast? This is one of the fun websites when bored as it gives you a whole list of cooking ingredients. Here you will find almost every ingredient that your fridge might have.

Selecting ingredients from the website will give you tons of cooking recipes which you can try at home. Each recipe also contains cooking instructions which is amazing. Also, you can submit your own cooking recipe, now this is something amazing…right?

If you’re feeling bored sitting at home, give it a try to these cool cooking websites to visit.

78. 2048

2048 is one of the coolest game websites to cure your boredom at school or the office. You have played this game before, right? Okay, anyway, 2048 is a fun game where you merge numbers to get a 2048 tile.

This is an online game and fun to play. In addition to 2048, if you want to try something else then there is our all-time favorite game available on the website as well. Yes, I’m talking about Tetris online. This is another amazing game that will engage you for like hours and hours.

79. Incredibox

Music is everywhere, oh sorry, I was distracted by one of the cool music-composing websites that amazingly kills your boredom. This cool website offers you a great way to learn and compose music. Also, the website has a great design and user-friendly interface.

Compose your own unique music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers, believe me, they are amazing. You can choose your music style through 9 amazing flavor, start composing, mixing, and share your creativity worldwide.

80. Flash By Night

Do you love quizzes and casual games? Just visit these fun websites to kill your boredom. This custom-made website offers you a selection of games and diversions. 

Here you can play different types of quizzes and games that can help you develop your IQ level and brain thinking capabilities. If you are looking for some remarkable games and brainstorming quizzes, visit this website. 

81. Adobe Kuler

Want to improve your color mixing ability? Adobe Kuler fun websites to kill your boredom is a website that will allow you to create harmonious colors that make a palette.

Apart from this, it also has multiple options like extracting color from an image and extracting gradient colors from an image. Also, it has accessibility tools that let you quickly verify that the contrast ratio of text and background color combinations meet the standards of web content accessibility guidelines.

This is one of the most fun and cool websites to cure your boredom. 

82. Cracked

Want to read something fun and mysterious? Cracked is one of the fun humor websites where you can read old to new funny stories and listicles. Here you can read funny stories, and jokes, learn about movies, and much more. This website also organizes open submission contests for freelance writers.

If you’re someone who likes to write, you can try this cool website to show your talent.

83. Quick Draw

Remember when we used to play a draw-and-guess game to pass the time at school? Quick Draw is an interesting website to kill your boredom which allows users to draw a given object name on the screen. And website neural net will guess the drawing that you have created. If they guess you’re drawing correctly,

Hey Jinx, you can play this game at school or the office to pass the time. This is one of the coolest websites to visit when bored.

84. The Moth

Are you a fan of live podcast events or like to explore real-life stories? Check out this The Moth website where you can read real-life stories and books, and even you can watch live event podcasts. These websites can help you learn new things about world people and also kill your boredom.

85. This is Why I Am Broke

Want to buy gifts for your loved ones?

This is why you are broke, I mean, this is Why I Am Broke is one of the fun and interesting websites to cure boredom in 2023.

This gift website is best for you if you want to buy authentic and traditional gifts for someone. But also here you can not only buy gifts but there are various types of products for your home and outside decor. Buy a big telescope or anything, they have everything for your every occasion.

65+ More Cool Websites, Interesting Websites, Fun Websites to Visit When You're Bored

Big Think The Oatmeal This Is Sand
The Oregon Trail Make your Own Game Slither.io
Oddee Fail Blog People of Walmart
Open Puppies Incredible Things Built With
The Internet Map MapCrunch Internet Live Stats
Lizard Point Zoom Quilt Passive Aggressive Password
Instructables Gravity Points Gnoosic
Not Always Right NOIYS Cool Things
Vsauce Virtual Gym Trainer Your Web Browser Knows You Better
Play Retro Nintendo Games Car Makes Noise A Good Movie To Watch
MUBI The Onion GeoFS Flight Simulator
Fail Blog ZergNet Attack Of The Cute
Smithsonian Zoom Quilt Shady URL
News of the Future Habitica Cookie Clicker
Gnoosic Rainy Mood Mental Floss
Lego Videos Colors Screen OCEARCH Shark Tracker
Apartment Therapy Hotspot 3D Is it Normal?
JS Paint Classic Reload Awkward Family Photos
James Edition Wiki How Bored Button
Touch Piano Child’s Own Weave Silk
Da Font Human Benchmark Sneeze the Dragon
Onread The Office Stare Machine  

Why Should You Create a Funny and Cool Website?

The biggest reason to build funny and cool websites is engagement; the more funny and engaging stuff you add to your website, the more the audience will be attracted. Moreover, the increasing popularity of funny websites is nowhere near stopping. Therefore, the industry is growing, and you can also take advantage of it.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

When it comes to website development of such fun, cool, and interesting websites to cure boredom, the cost can vary based on the website’s size, needs, requirements, and other factors. However, the cost to develop fun and interesting websites will cost you around $5,000 to $10,000.

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The trend of funny and cool websites to cure boredom is on the rise, and more and more people daily search for such kinds of websites to cure boredom. So next time you get bored, copy one of these website names, paste it into a google search bar, and cure your boredom instantly. The funny and cool websites we listed in our post are genuine, tested, and highly engaging, so there is no risk in any fun sites. You can try out cool and fun sites daily, but you’ll not get bored. So, if you ever feel like you are getting bored, visiting these can be one of the fun things to do online.

This post has everything that gives you a crystal clear image of these interesting websites' positions in the market. And also, this article gives you creative ideas to make pass time websites for your business. If you have any ideas, don’t hold them back, the industry of funny websites is large. You can also take advantage of it; bring your ideas to us and see them become a reality.

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