E-Commerce Platform For Business

E-Commerce Platform For Business

Living in 2018 is a world full of technology, AI gadgets, innovation, and off-course big-bang E-commerce platform too.

For sake of wisdom, do you even imagine that the convenience, satisfaction, and variety of utility matching services at our doorstep (make our life easy and smart)…!

Well, if I think or someone says me, in what sector of the pleasant and dominating arena do you want to foot in the market?

Seriously, I will prefer to choose and operate my business in the E-commerce sector (i love it). Why?

Simply, e-commerce is stood for electronic commerce which is significantly contributing to the purchasing and selling of the core products and services with the help of electronic systems like the internet and computer networks.

E-commerce development allows you to take participate in the world of an online commercial transactions. Whenever you get connected with the internet (purpose with something buy or sell), it means you are involved in e-commerce.

But what are the forces involved in making E-commerce on the higher rank…!

It is measured that most of the excellent entrepreneurs invest capital in the segment of an online commercial transaction to gain and attain wider profit with 100% customer satisfaction results.

With the daily increasement in the online trade sector, most of the big and small businesses get attentive towards e-commerce stores which have proven them magnificent play in the cut-throat competition. Like for example, ‘Amazon’ the killer online B2C e-commerce online purchasing and selling store that upfront the convenience at the doorstep of the customers.

Every business operates its business in an efficient and effective way, but operating a business in e-commerce is changing the revolutionized game pace that tells companies how to actually operate their business.

Do you know?

The revenue of the e-commerce (global scenario) touches the heights in billion dollars, as you can look down below: 

ecommerce businessAccording to this it clearly magnifies that, the sector of e-commerce whether it is dissolved in physical goods, e-tailers, or digital products is highly dominating the field of the online market.

Well, from this data we know the importance and glimpse of the e-commerce platform. Now, let seek what are the channels of the e-commerce platform that widely used by the mobile app development company to increase their business sale and approach…!

As varied mobile app industries dealt in e-commerce service to provide the best and standing services to the customers or fortunate enterprises with the aim to meet with their utility services.

But the question arises here, what are the services they offered if they dealt in e-commerce solutions.

Classification of E-commerce Platforms

1. B2C (Business2Consumers)

The B2C is an ultimate channel to pull your audience that transaction happens between business venture and the end-users i.e. consumers. In the B2C channel, the products of business are directly sold to the ultimate consumers via the internet.

The B2C examples are – Amazon, Group on, JD, Wall-Mart, etc.

2. B2B (Business2Business)

As its name state, the transaction that happens between two businesses is called B2B. In this channel, the customers are each other operators. This worthy channel is also known as the push strategy channel.

The B2B examples are – Xero, ADP, and Square, etc.

3. C2B (Consumer2Business)

C2B channel is just opposite of B2C as in this tactic/channel alert when any consumer sells or contributes any monetary value to the business is known as C2B.

The examples of C2B are – Soma etc.

4. C2C (Consumer2Consumer)

The e-commerce transaction that happens between consumer to consumer is called C2C. In C2C the consumers are the buyer and the seller means to say that one commodity sells or buys the product or service to another.

The examples of C2C are – eBay, Olx, Quicker, etc.

5. B2G (Business2Government)

The B2G transaction happens when a company pays for government goods, services, fees online. In this, there is no contribution of consumers takes place likes happens in the above channel.

The examples of B2G are – paying tax online, electronic auction, filling out electronic forms, etc.

6. G2B (Government2Business)

It is just the opposite of B2G business channel. The term G2B is the effect when the government purchase, sell, or used some business resources in monetary term is called G2B.

The examples of G2B are – hiring resources etc.

7. C2G (Consumer2Government)

The C2G e-commerce channel may enable when people to use government services and pay on behalf of them. And, this procedure goes online.

The examples of C2G are – paying traffic tickets, paying car registration fees, etc.

So, these are the classification on which companies are dealt with e-commerce to provide facilities and integrate services at ease of convenience. As these channels are being populated in the market and gaining huge profit, is the mark of the e-commerce platform.

Do you know?

Business is getting more crawling towards e-commerce solutions especially in B2C and C2B mode of channel classification. These solutions amply and largely satisfy the customers and business in a glorious sense which constantly increases the peak level of e-commerce revenue at high.

But what are the reasons to look at e-commerce channels…!

Don’t know? (Don’t worry)

Superlative Benefits of E-commerce Platform for Business & Consumers [Let’s roll down]

Well, I have discussed enough e-commerce, but I forgot to mention why customers and businesses (retail) were impressed with the e-commerce solution platform (so much)…!

What are the benefits businesses and consumers leverage’s (I can’t wait), then let discuss it…!

Benefits of E-commerce to Business/Retail

1. Increase Sale

Effective e-commerce solutions enable the business to get a maximum number of responses from the customers, which boost the company to increase their sale revenue at high.

Through competitive and utility matching e-commerce website customer stay and allow some time on your portal to check with products and services (if their desired product match with your cart), then surely your income at high.

2. Spot Communication

In this phase, the e-commerce website enables consumers and businesses to communicate with the product with the retailer at the same point in time.

With this regard, this saves the most crucial time for the consumer to know and exact knowledge about the product and services.

3. Advertisement

Advertising is the best medium to grow your business, whether you operate offline or online, it supports all. Through advertisement consumers first, learn and identify your product and then come to your e-commerce website (if they find matching utilities at a superior level).

4. Personal Growth

As there is high demand for e-commerce appealing in the market, from which business can enable their e-commerce relative business online and can earn wider opportunities which ultimately increase their personal growth.

5. Low Financial Cost

As Woocommerce Development Company is the best approach to develop an e-commerce website at a low cost. So, it well matches the budget of a business to get one e-commerce website at a low cost to earn high profits.

Benefits of E-commerce to Consumers

Effective and flexible e-commerce website helps customers to explore a variety of utility matching products and services at right time, at the right place with no extra effort.

1. Convenience Approach

The customer wants an easy and eye-catchy e-commerce website, due to which it makes them the convenience to choose and cart desire product at an ease of simplicity features. So, for that reason, varied enterprises make an effort to play at this level.

2. One Click Service

E-commerce facilitates searching for what you love and buying what you can at low-cost services. But more than that, it also offers a one-click service which means users do not need to fill any hard work written activity, it is simple and smart with the modern world.

3. Detail Datasheet

Customers buy online materials full of safety and information, so the e-commerce website is the best, secure, and detail-oriented solution. As it provides each and every detail of the product that customers want to know, although you can raise questions too.

4. Reduce Time

Consumers have the ultimate benefit that it takes them to make more work in less time. Buying and selling of products at low cost with ease of convenience features attract more customers in less period of time.

In the end…!

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That all, I wish to tell you guys…!

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