Hidden Android Features that You Should Know

Hidden Android Features that You Should Know

Android phones come in different shapes and sizes but they all use the same operating system. In this, with the help of the setting, we can easily manage our phone devices according to our needs. They are many features that help us to make our phone more useful. Here, we will discuss less less-known facts about the Android phone and if we utilize them then we can make it more advanced and more useful.

Android devices are easier to use and operate and we can say that it is a user-friendly operating system. People basically use it because of its user-friendliness. The number of users is increasing day by day due to its better services. It is a very helpful platform and people use more Apps on it because approximately all Apps are free on the App store where we can easily download them and can use them. Here, we will discuss all aspects of Android devices and their features.

Font Size

We can easily increase the font size of letters and we have no need to squint our eyes when we are using our phones. In the setting, choose the display and click font size and make it according to your need. You can also check its preview and can apply for all the Apps that are suing by us. Approximate most Applications will apply it when we apply it to all Apps.

Find Your Phone

If we will apply to find my phone in the mobile setting then if we lost our devices then with the help of the Google account, we can easily track our phone device. For this, we have to make changes to the phone setting. If we apply changes then in the case of phone loss, we can get the exact location of our phone on the Google map and we can get it back easily.

Tweak Quick Setting Panel

By dragging two fingers on the screen we can directly access the most important features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flashlight, and many more. So, we should use this trick to save our time and for getting easy access to them. By making changes in the setting, we can easily create the shortcut that is used by us regularly. It will surely save our time. Shortcut helps us a lot to access our services in an easy way.

Data Usage

In Android devices, we can set a limit that how much data should be used by the background App. When you are not connecting to Wi-Fi then you can set the limit of data usage. So for this, we can use a data saver that will help us in all ways.

Stop App to Create Shortcut

Whenever we download an App then it automatically creates a shortcut on the home screen and it helps us to directly use App on the home screen. But it has also many demerits. We should avoid this practice. Basically, this setting appears in the App store but in the Android new version, you can easily do it on the home screen.

Rotate Home Screen

Sometimes we move our device like landscape and portrait then our screen does not rotate according to that. For this, we can change our setting and our phone will rotate auto according to user need. by making it auto, we can easily use it with flexibility.

App Permission

It is for giving access to Apps like which features can be used by App or not? Like which App can use photos, microphone, and many more features. Like many times when we use any App then it demands access to your current location and many more. So, by accessing our settings we can easily define them. We can easily change our App permission.

Battery Use

You can optimize your battery by using settings. Like when we are using an App then in the background many Apps still work at that moment and they update themselves. But we can control all of them by assigning batteries. After changes setting, we can give battery access to our Applications. In the setting, there are many options by using them we can optimize our battery.

Access Your Phone by Your Voice

When we are using our device then each time we have no requirement to touch our phone. We can access it by our voice command. In the setting, we can make access by voice, and all functions we can use directly by voice and we have no need to tap it again and again. Voice command gives us the best opportunities to handle our devices easily and commanding by voice. It can be done easily by us by accessing and changing our settings.

Get More Memory

If we are using the Android latest version of 7.0 Nougat and a later version then we can use the smart storage feature. If we are facing a problem regarding memory space then we can use smart storage that will delete duplicate cache, photos, and videos that already moved to Google photos. We can use this by launching smart storage options.

Lock Screen Time

We should always fix the time on our phone screen because if our phone screen will be open then anyone can use it without our permission and it will consume more battery. So, we should always prefer screen lock time so our screen will stay for less time and it will save our battery life.

Custom Notification for Specific Contact

We can easily set a special ringtone for specific contacts then we will be able to know easily who is making the call without checking the home screen. It can be done easily by changing our settings.

Unlock Phone in Car

When we are going by car then and want that our phone should unlock itself then it will serve as a map and we have no need to enter any kind of code and by the help of it, anyone can easily set their favorites tune. Android does it by your stereo that is connected to Bluetooth. All these can be done by us easily by changing the settings.

ON Wi-Fi Automatically

It is advisable that we should keep off our Wi-Fi when we are in public places to improve our security. But when we are in a public place and we face any past used network then we find that it is trusted then our Wi-Fi will automatically catch it. We can on this by using the Wi-Fi toggle setting.


For all Apps, we can directly set our defined notifications that will help us a lot. We can also decide the priority and according to that, we can create the ringtone for it. It is the best way to decide our priority. We can also manage our priorities by changing the setting.

Help From Cortana

At present market is full of AI [Artificial Intelligence] and each person is having own favorite AI. Cortana is the best for Android and when we use it then we will get the best output from it. We should use it as a default App. Cortana is very helpful for us that helps us in a great way.

Develop Your Own Android App for Rich Features

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