How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like OLX

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like OLX


People have become more tech-savvy as a result of the digitization and arrival of advanced technologies, and try to accomplish as many tasks online as possible. As people have adopted this new and easy way to trade their goods in the last few years, buying and selling of goods has also been added to this queue.  The trend has become increasingly popular over time, and today, more businesses are investing in this sector to make money.

OLX is the most popular marketplace app, and customers choose to either purchase the items they need or sell the items that will no longer be useful, such as furniture, books, electronic devices, vehicles, or even real estate. Users can easily and quickly deal with other users by using these global classified platforms. Additionally, businesses are reaping multiple benefits from investing in this sector, as they are also earning a high return on investment.

A guide below gives information about the development process and estimated cost of classified applications like OLX for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their own. App developers can take their plans for building online marketplace apps such as Quikr, OLX, and Expat to the next level by knowing what is essential for these apps. 

OLX: Top Features

Popular classified apps include OLX. OLX is notable for certain features that distinguish them from other classified apps.

Logging in/Signing up is easy – OLX’s signup and login processes are easy and straightforward. These mobile apps are simple to use even for non-techies.

User-Friendly Design - There is no doubt that the OLX mobile site and 4mobile app offer one of the most appealing interfaces on the market. It is easy to navigate through both apps and the visually appealing design keeps the user interested and engaged.

Chatting Option - Apps such as OLX let users communicate with sellers through a private messaging option. Through this feature, users can directly negotiate with sellers, enhancing their experience. Such a feature builds customer trust in mobile applications.

Notifications and alerts - Classified apps like OLX provides their users with real-time alerts. Real-time updates about a sale or current buyers and sellers nearby can be found here. Getting real-time information is made easier by these time-saving mobile apps.

Advertise for free - The most prominent feature of apps such as OLX is that you don't have to pay to post an ad. These mobile apps allow anyone to post an ad for free. Customers flock to these apps as a result of this feature.

User-friendly Features - These apps allow users to find buyers or sellers as well as to save specific ads for later. Among the best mobile apps in the world of smartphones, these apps offer a wide range of features.

Additional features

  • Bilingual
  • Geolocation support
  • Integrating social networks
  • Payment integration
  • Verified sellers

App Development Cost Factors

Development costs are determined by a number of factors. It is important for you to know these factors so that you can make an informed decision. A lot of challenges can be involved in building apps like OLX that mimic global apps.

Platform type

The type of platform you pick has the greatest impact on the cost of app development. In general, the cost of creating an app like the OLX app for iPhone is higher than it is for developing an app like the OLX app for Android. App development for the Android platform is much more expensive than for the iPhone, according to the tech world. It will be necessary to choose either a native app format specific to a particular platform or an app that works across many platforms. Cross-platform apps are more expensive to develop than native apps. Identify which platform will be most advantageous for your business by conducting proper market research.

App Design 

The success of a mobile app depends on its design. UX and UI are both critical components. In order for a mobile app to be successful, its UI/UX design must be top-notch. The design of your app is essential in making your app stand out from the rest as a result of the abundance of mobile apps. As a matter of course, a mobile app needs to be functional and high-performing in order to provide a seamless experience. Based on the quality of the app design, the cost of a mobile app will vary.

It may cost more to create a UI/UX design that incorporates many animations, etc. Nevertheless, investing in a quality app design that perfectly communicates your brand message is vital if you want to enhance customer experience.

App Size 

Additionally, the size of the app plays a part in determining its average cost. The size of an app depends on how complex it is to develop it. Different apps require various features and functionality. App development costs can be determined by how complex these features are. The features that you need in your app, from integrations to animations, can make a big difference in the overall development price. An app has a variety of additional features in addition to its core functions that help it stand out and perform its tasks effectively. A mobile app will cost more to develop if you require more features.

Hire a certain type of company

All over the world, there are numerous companies that develop apps. There are also freelance app developers who accept and complete projects within the stipulated time frame. Companies and individuals charge different prices for developing mobile apps like OLX mobile apps based on different factors like geographical location and years of expertise. A startup usually charges less than an established company. The quality of work performed by the company or professional should however be taken into account while choosing them for the job. It's a good idea to check previous work before hiring a freelancer or company to get an idea and make a well-informed decision.

As you consider hiring a mobile app solution company for your project or hiring a developer, you should be aware that the total cost of development for apps like OLX may vary. You can get an app developed for an affordable price when you contact a reputable mobile app development company.

Apps like OLX offer you many opportunities for making money

Prior to learning How to build an app like OLX, every businessperson looks for monetization techniques. 

Listed below are a few ways to monetize your business to increase revenue:

 1. Show advertising

Apps that display advertisements of other businesses and their products are the most common way to make money. Ads will pay you well if you show them.

 2. A feature list of the best features.

Businesses can charge to be displayed in the top features list of classified apps, ensuring enhanced visibility for those businesses.

 3. Payment commissions.

An application fee will be applied to every transaction made by a user through the marketplace. The fee amount will be determined by the amount of the transaction. Revenue Model Use of this popular tactic helps a lot to get high profits.

Process of Developing an Online Classified App

You will be halfway there to success once you have a successful marketplace application like Quikr, OLX, or Expat. You should do proper market research and research the demands of users before hiring Ecommerce marketplace development services. To create a scalable app solution, we must follow these steps:

 1. Identifying users' needs

In order to be successful in the market, businesses need to focus on changing the demands and choices of users. After knowing the user's requirements, building a classified app would be straightforward. Study your target audience and take a look at the market trends.

 2. Develop a project plan

In order to start the development process, you must identify the user's needs, the challenges they will face, their solutions, the features they'll require, and many other things to consider, such as team structure and technology stack. To ensure the development of the best-suited app, this plan needs to be followed step-by-step.

 3. Creating the App Design

You need to create an app that will capture the attention of your users. Apps with attractive features and structural design will accomplish this. For this purpose, CSS should be used in a way that it enhances the app's visibility; various tools can also be used.

 4. Developing mobile applications

It is important to hire a classified app developer who has years of experience and knows how to implement the best technology stack for the creation of your app. They will include essential and advanced features to separate the app from its competitors.

 5. Launching and testing the application

This is when the testing will take place and testers will find any issues within the app. There will be no errors, and the process will continue until the entire process is error-free. Now that the app has been successfully tested, the market launch can begin.

Evaluation of the Cost of Developing an App Like OLX

The exact cost of building a classified buy-sell app is not easy to determine. The cost-affecting factors need to be understood in order to determine it. A number of factors affect app development, from the platform selected for app development to the design to the feature lineup to the team structure to the tech stack, to the location and experience of the provider, and, most importantly, to the hourly rates offered by different providers in different areas.

With these factors in mind, it is estimated that an app like OLX will cost between $10,000 and $40,000 with all the features it requires. If you want to develop an app with advanced features that's compatible with different platforms and devices, the cost will be higher.


We hope that the above blog answered all your questions about the cost and development of a marketplace app like OLX. Businesses looking to invest in this sector would have a great deal and a great opportunity since classified apps are one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide with minimal risk. Market players like OLX, Quikr, and Expat already offer lucrative shopping deals to their customers through their apps.

You should take advantage of the current market and launch your own classified app with impressive and appealing features if you are also searching for a profitable idea. We at Orion Infosolutions have a team of experienced application designers & developers that will provide you with a complete understanding of How to build a website like OLX or how to build an app like OLX. For scalable solutions of all types, get in touch with us.