How to Develop a Question-Answer Mobile App Like Quora?

How to Develop a Question-Answer Mobile App Like Quora?


In spite of their age, Question-Answer Apps are gaining user attention more and more today, and have been for some time. Platforms like Quora, with their main goal of sharing knowledge, will continue to be in demand as long as they remain useful. We often pay attention to the expertise that others share and are inclined to trust their opinions. Before making a buying decision or choosing where to go, many people check the Internet for information. We are 100% certain the Question-Answer Apps will remain at the top for a long time.

Yet even for these giants, such as Stack Overflow,, or Yahoo, staying on top is difficult. An example is Yahoo Answers, which, despite the efforts of the company, is losing popularity steadily. What makes Quora succeed where others fail?

We outline some of the characteristics of Quora-like Apps, including what features users expect, how they are managed, and how they are built.

On Quora, users are able to ask questions and receive answers. Users can also answer questions asked by other users, edit and update the answers over time, and organize them.

You can follow specific topics, users, and questions on the site. A user’s feed will display their activities.

There are more than 200 million unique visitors on Quora each month, according to Adam D’Angelo, the founder, and CEO of Quora.

Easy-to-use and intuitive, this platform offers a great user experience. The latest questions from various categories are conveniently displayed at the top of the main page, making it convenient for visitors to get started. You can find the ‘Answer’ button next to the ‘Home’ button. The user may find topics they have been asked to answer or may be interested in clicking on them. Space is a collection or community based on interests or tastes, so users can follow any space. It notifies about any activity connected to a user through the last tab, ‘Notifications’.

An app can be made pretty easy to navigate by incorporating these tabs which are simple and understandable for visitors.

What are the steps for building a Question-Answer App?

Step 1. Examine your competitors’ apps, for example. Quora.

Step 2. Hire a company that develops web apps.

Step 3. Make the design intuitive and easy to use.

Step 4. Launch an MVP and add several essential features to your app.

Step 5. Develop an engagement strategy for users.

Step 6. Make your app unique by adding several unique features.

Step 7. Your online question-and-answer app could be monetized in a number of ways.

Step 8. Keep your app up-to-date.

Listing the Key features of Question-Answer platforms like Quora

What you can do to attract users

Learn how its creators acquired their first visitors before you learn how to build a site like Quora.

As popular as Quora has become, it was not always that way. According to the founders, they didn’t have an audience or any content at the beginning, so they needed to figure out how to attract users. Then what did they do?

Founders created their own content for several months after the launch to see first users signing up. They were interacting with their accounts and asking questions. In the meantime, another similar platform Reddit has chosen an inconvenient approach. In order to make it seem like different people were writing the posts, they created many fake accounts instead of using their own. In retrospect, the site’s creators admit it took a while for users to flock and they stopped updating on their own.

The strategy above may work pretty well if you are trying to build a community for a question-and-answer app. An app with no content is unattractive. Make sure the content is valuable.

Furthermore, if you’re producing your own content, you should create fewer different types of content and concentrate on what you do best. As a result, you will provide visitors with valuable content, hence increasing the likelihood of them returning to your site.

User-attracting methods of Quora Today

Quora demands UI/UX design that is well-thought-out and a flexible database that is fast and attractive.

There are several methods of attracting users.

The advertisement

Ads on social media paid search, and so on can be used. However, your objectives should be considered beforehand. The advantages and disadvantages of paid channels vary.

Creating content

Users tend to trust a question-and-answer app if it offers quality content. Therefore, sharing and referrals can increase traffic.

Email newsletters

Letters are usually sent every week by Quora. Among the top questions you have are the following.

Social networking

Why is Quora not as popular as it should be? Social networking can be used to your advantage. You’ll gain more traffic from them. Your target audience may hang out on social networks where you can create a page. Quora can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Model of monetization: Important for you

As a business developer, you must know how Quora was valued at $1.8 billion and has about 200 million monthly active users, according to the latest research. Since 2016, advertisers have been able to use the platform. At the moment, Quora’s only monetization model is advertising.


By displaying relevant advertisements from relevant advertisers, Quora’s revenue model incorporates advertising successfully. Quora’s app doesn’t seem to be entirely free of advertisements. Sponsored posts are not allowed on this platform. User responses are good, but content promotion isn’t shown.

In fact, the question-and-answer app could be monetized in more ways. In the following sections, we will examine three of the most popular.

Providing premium features

A purchase option is a great idea for additional features. It is possible to improve analytics, for example. According to Quora, it only displays users’ numbers, without providing any kind of detail (such as demographics) about those who read answers or follow the users.

Receiving donations from users

Users can be asked to donate money to support the project by providing them with the best content. Wikipedia actively uses this monetization model. It’s best to integrate PayPal or Stripe into this process to make it as simple as possible.

Google AdSense

There are two advertising tools provided by Google today – Ads and AdSense. Placing ads on an app is a way to earn money with Google AdSense. The platform earns money when a user clicks on the advertisement.

The best way to improve Question-Answer apps

Studying user engagement strategies, content organization, and more is required to build a question-and-answer app. Here are a few hints we’ve provided for you.

Engage your audience :

It is important to consider how long a user spends on the app. As an example, Quora allows its users to follow an unlimited amount of questions, topics, and spaces, in addition to increasing their time spent on the app.

Furthermore, every question page on Quora offers a section called ‘Related Questions’ to help users deepen their encounters with the app.

Integration of social networks :

In addition to the traditional login and password, many modern Apps offer the option of signing up using social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Furthermore, it would be best to include an opportunity to share posts or answers.

Provide relevant data :

To save users’ time and make their experience with the platform smoother, relevant data must be delivered to them. In Quora, for instance, the user receives notifications when their question gets an answer.

Users will receive customized and relevant content based on notifications and followed topics.

Quora also organizes its content in a way that ensures maximum time spent. Engaging content is key to increasing engagement rates.

However, the content is not only accurate but also of high quality. In Quora, users are indicated as experienced in a certain field by displaying a blue tick.

Be careful with emails :

Emails should not be sent if they have no purpose. Rather than focusing on quantity, replace it with quality. According to the users’ preferences, you might send a weekly digest. Furthermore, Apps like Quora ask interesting questions that may be useful to users. It is also extremely good to include links in your letters because users can access the topic they are interested in.

The technology Stack of a Question-Answer App

The following specialists are needed to create a Question-Answer site:

  • Project manager. A team of web developers on outsourcing is under his management and he communicates with the customer.
  • UX & UI Designers: Develops interfaces and designs products.
  • iOS and Android Developers: 75% of Quora visitors access the service using their mobile phone (50% via browser).
  • Back-end Developers: Build and maintain server-side software.
  • front-end developers: Build software to interact with users.
  • QA specialists: They ensure that software is of high quality.


After deciding to develop question and answer Apps like Quora, market research will enable you to identify what niche has the most potential for engagement and where you can demonstrate your expertise. You do not have to be shy about uploading the first content, believe, this will produce more fruits in the future. Business owners in this category should pay attention to their audience because it is their biggest asset.

You need time and preparation to develop a question-answer app. Orion Infosolutions is a Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur with experience in developing mobile applications. In addition to developing entertainment and social media applications, we have helped our clients make applications in many other industries.

Quora-like solutions are sure to gain a lot more popularity in the next decade. Discussing important and urgent topics, or engaging in casual discussions, is popular among people who enjoy sharing their expert opinions. It will benefit you later if you build it now.

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