The 30 Best Mobile Games in 2022

The 30 Best Mobile Games in 2022


The best mobile games can look like anything. A social cheating game about a suspected crew member on an alien spaceship. The latest entry in the largest series of strategies in the world. A serious story of a player about love and loss. A game in which for some reason you have to build a boat.

A decade ago, Smart Money said mobile games would replace consoles as players could easily turn to their phones for fun. But, it's 2022, and the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo are all still strong. In contrast, the mobile market has never been bigger, with millions of players using their phones to play a range of games, including portable versions of some of the world's most popular multiplayer games, such as Call of Duty, Fortnight, Genshen Impact, And PUBG.

However, none of these games are on the list. Instead, we have tried to choose games that are easy to get and enter and that can be played efficiently without the use of a controller. Because who wants to take the Xbox One controller with them on the bus? Read about our selection of the 30 best mobile games available on iOS and/or Android, sorted alphabetically.

Ever since the first mobile game was introduced in the market, it has been on the rise in the global market. And now we have millions of mobile game apps listed with incredible graphics.

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1 ) Among Us

It's easy to understand between us - it's social deception in space!  - As soon as a round starts, every innocent player has tasks that he has to complete, while cheaters have no tasks but he should try to prove his innocence. All the while, every cheater is planning to kill his peers without looking. When a body is discovered, everyone comes together to decide who should remove the airlock. Pray this is not you. Despite being released in 2018, it was one of the most successful films of 2020 among us, set apart by an epidemic that spread around the world. The game became so popular that Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Elhan Omar streamed it on Twitch, and Apex borrowed it from Fortnight's recently added "Impostors" mode. If you are interested in watching it, the game is free on iOS and Android and only five rupees on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

2 ) Civilization VI

The long-running strategy series has generally been associated with PCs. But, with solid touch controls, Civilization VI on iOS and Android is an effective portmanteau that allows you to keep the world's destiny in your hands ... or in your pocket. Firaxis first tested the water with the iPad version, but now you can play the critically acclaimed 4X game on almost any latest iOS or Android device. If you've never played a series before, the pitch is simple: you choose a nation to guide you throughout your life playing as your ruler. As you play, you will do what nations have done throughout history: build cities and engage in wars. But the way you play, and the resources you have, determine what features, advantages, and disadvantages your country will face while you play. It's basically a playable turn-based strategy game (with a great, incremental soundtrack), and it works great with a touch interface.  Check out our Civilization VI review.

3 ) Device 6

Ahead of this 2019 Apple Arcade standout Saunara Wild Hearts, a beautiful playable pop album, developer Simogo created Device 6, a beautiful playable novel. In this stylish text adventure, the players are portrayed as Anna, a woman with Alzheimer's disease who tries to find out who she is and why she wakes up to find herself on a mysterious island.  It all runs in text, but Device 6 has a ridiculously powerful presentation that manages to make the written word visually appealing, as the text revolves around the screen to create a sense of space. For example, the words may align themselves diagonally to suggest that our hero is descending the flight of stairs or the page may be completely reversed. Pair it with a moody jazz soundtrack and graphical style that takes the form of a typical novel or e-reader and plays with the player's expectations of how the text should behave, and you have a clever, sticky puzzler.  This should be run and finally, the solution.

4 ) Downwell

This viciously clever Regal Tak does what he says on Ton, This is a game where you play as a little boy while trying to survive by descending into a deep well. The game has a simple aesthetic (it's black, white, and red) that contradicts the incredibly beautiful design. As game maker Mark Brown of Toolkit says in his excellent video on games, Downwell Shigeru Miyamoto is the epitome of this quote: "A good idea is one that doesn't solve just one problem, but solves many problems together." Can solve In Downwell, this means that the bullets you use to shoot down enemies are also the primary means of reducing and controlling your descent and clearing the way through destructive obstacles. This is just one example of the economic design shown in Downwell. If this all sounds a little too theoretical, let's just say: Touch controls feel great and intuitive and it's basically so walkable that  I've had it on and off my phone for the last five years. Check out our Downwell review.

5 ) The Go games (Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go)

The Go series of mobile games take on characters from publisher Square Enix's Western Stable (Agent 47 from Hitman, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and Adam Jensen from Davis X) and shrinks them to smaller game size. These awesome mobile games bring our heroes into byte size levels and take the basics of each series to the world of turn-based puzzle games. For example, like its PC and console outings, Agent 47 also has coins, which it can use to distract guards.  But, in Hitman Go, this move should be done with laser-like accuracy to ensure that the guard can't get it back to its position before you slip. 

Go Games Distillation is a classic experiment - digging into the center of an experience and managing to retain that essence by translating it into a different genre. Each level is so short that you can (theoretically) complete one or more while riding the bus, but these mind-blowing puzzles can hold you back much longer. Check out our Deus Ex Go review.

6 ) Good Sudoku

According to the Good Sudoku website, designers Zach Gage and Jake Schlesinger had one goal in designing AI for the popular Japanese logic game: "to help you learn and like this classic game."  To this end, the game has a strong gesture system, which has the ability to clearly articulate the difficulty levels and the techniques required for each difficulty level individually, as well as the tasks that are difficult to perform. Are designed to eliminate. Playing Sudoku And there are lots of Sudoku to play - there are over 70,000 Sudoku puzzles in this game.  In addition, if you feel confident in your abilities, Good Sudoku features global leader boards so you can see how you connect with players around the world. Perhaps most impressive, Good Sudoku lets you load external Sudoku puzzles and play them in the game, and the gesture system can help.

7 ) Grindstone

With aesthetics inspired by Cartoon Network, Grindstone is instantly eye-catching. But, it's visually violent puzzle gameplay that keeps players coming back. (I don't know how many times I've heard game reviewers say that they keep paying for Apple Arcade subscriptions so they can play Ground stone. Take control of a savage warrior named George, who must go to the monster-infested mines and kill the animals to loot. The monsters in question are color-coded and placed on a candy crush style board. Once our savage friend starts biting and biting, he can only attack monsters of one color. He even bumps into a gem, allowing it to change color and start hitting the rings again.  When he does, he bursts into color. It's basically a match 3 puzzle, as you know, but Pew and Candy have been changed to White Pinata.  Ground stone is one of Apple's best arcade games.

8 ) Hearthstone

Blizzard collecting card games are amazingly fun, even if you have no interest in the Warcraft universe in which this set is located. With 10 hero classes, each of which can use its own different cards, Hearthstone is a deep and basically playable digital card game that manages to feel quite comfortable at the same time. Although the game is free to play, you can spend money on additional cards to expand and improve your deck. Whether you choose to spend money or play with what you get for free, Hearthstone is a great collector's card game.  Check out our Hearthstone review.

9 ) Hundreds

Touch the circles to win! This may sound like a strange proposition, but hundreds of people are pushing it endlessly. This is a difficult puzzle game where each circle on the screen has a numerical value that increases or decreases depending on its size. As you touch the circle, it grows and so does the number. Your goal is to add up to 100 numbers from all circles. But, the important thing is that the circles cannot overlap and, if they do, you have to start the puzzle from the beginning.  There are 100 levels to play, depending on the theme. When you have completed all of these, an infinite mode opens, because infinity is better than 100. It's just math.

10 ) Bladed Fury

Blade Fury is an action 2D side scroller designed in ancient China with a unique and inspiring visual art style. Players must fight various monsters to avenge the hero's father and restore family honor. It's a paid title, but it's worth it.

11 ) Inside

One of the best indie games to date, Play dead’s Inside is a masterpiece of cinematic horror that works on the phone just as it does on the PS4. As the game begins, a little boy emerges from a dark lair and begins a track that takes him through a shady forest, a dystopian cityscape, a flooded cave network, and an extensive underground laboratory. As you progress you will run, jump and solve puzzles. If it seems we are doing something, it is because we are. Inside is an amazing game and the less you know how to get inside, the better.

12 ) Mom Hid My Game

A hidden object game with a funny twist, Mom Hide My Game introduces players to a character they may be familiar with: their mother wants them to stop playing a lot of video games and give them their handhelds. Buy a console At each new level, players need to know how to bring back their console while avoiding the mother carefully.  It starts out very simple - you need to use a ladder to climb up and retrieve your console from the window - but it soon becomes ridiculous. At one level, you have to retrieve the console from the crocodile's mouth with a branch between its jaws. In another, an old man is sitting on a blanket, and you should keep filling an old man's glass of water until he gets up to urinate, and shows the game under the sheets. It's a fun puzzle with a weird sense of humor, and a great way to spend a few hours.

13 ) Monument Valley 2

Similar to the best 2014 game sequel, Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2 Isometric, M.C. Escher-inspired puzzle gameplay that made the original game so popular. The goal is for the protagonist Ro and his daughter to be guided through several levels to change perspectives and/or create new paths to advance the level. With a simple, yet compelling, artistic style and more focused story, Monument Valley 2 improves the first game, offering plenty of fun for new and returning players.

14 ) Tinker Island 2

Tinker Island 2 is a beautiful sequel to Tinker Island, a popular adventure title in its day. The game has a well-designed world, a fun and interesting story, and overall solid gameplay despite its simple pixelated visuals.

15 ) Ridiculous Fishing

A funny, simple, and fun idea, funny fishing takes players on a fishing trip with more fish (and more guns) than you would normally associate with a cold game. Fishing here is done in three stages. First, draw your line as deep into the water as possible, avoiding fish as much as possible. Second, you should back up while avoiding jellyfish, but try to add as many other fish as possible on your way to the surface. Then, in the end, you throw the fish into the air and shoot them while trying to keep them in the air with the increasing arsenal of guns. This fish is a banana.

16 ) The Room

An incredibly popular series of hidden object games, the Fireproof Games series includes five entries: The Room, The Room Two, The Room Three, The Room 4: Old Sons, and The Room VR: A Dark Meter. The Rome series runs a lot like Myst, but it's much deeper, which keeps you inside the decorative, haunted spaces, and lets you interact with the objects around each room until you don't manage to do anything.

17 ) Rymdkapsel

Rymdkapsel is a completely unique RTS. It's not too late - you can blow everything up here in a few hours - but, borrowed from the genres of Tetris and RTS, Rymdkapsel is the opposite of everything you play. All puzzle games and RTS fans must see it.

18 ) Sage Solitaire

A solitaire game for ages, Sage Solitaire (created by God Sudoku developer Zack Gage) combines the nature of solitaire pick-up and play with some poker ideas. There have been a lot of good solitaire games lately, including solitaire mini-games in The Solitaire Conspiracy and Tailoring, but Sage Solitaire has a great take on the card game that feels different from the rest and most importantly that you can play on the go can walk.

19 ) Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village is the title of in Games' latest strategy in which players visit the village and set up their own farm, unveiling the mysteries of the village. There are many opportunities for adventure as players explore different locations around them to find crystals, which are the key to moving forward in the story.

20 ) Slay the Spire

Sack the Spire is a turn-based game where you have to pass through towers using cards as your only weapon. As you go, you get new cards for your deck, which opens up more options as you progress. But, because it's a roguelike, the deck resets every game, so you can't take the card with you. However, some progress is ahead. For example, classes are permanently available after unlocking. Since Slay the Spire first entered Early Access in 2017, there have been a number of games, including Monster Train, Nowhere Prophet, The Legend of Bum-Bo, Griftlands, Dice Dungeon, and more.

21 ) Song of Bloom

A short game featuring narrative punch, Song of Bloom is a beautiful aesthetic and interesting puzzle to think about. With a subtle story, Bloom's song demands careful attention, but his charming style of art is immediately impressive. The game's puzzles aim to reflect the narrator's emotions, making Song of Bloom a unique and influential puzzle genre.

22 ) Spelltower

Also developed by Good Sudoku and Sage Solitaire Fame's Zack Gage, Spelltower + is a word game where you draw a line through adjacent letters to form words. So, if "D" is before "O" then you can spell "Do" and if they are before "E" and "S" then you can spell "Does" etc.  With 11 total modes, the current version of the game is significantly more feature-packed than the original 2011 release. In Tower mode, for example, when they are played, the characters disappear from the board, and the letters above and below them fall to fill a portion of the space left by them. But, in puzzle mode, the board changes every turn, so you have to make sure that no tiles are too close to the top of the screen. Even if you choose to play, Spelltower + is a mind-blowing word that pays off for a good time. Spelltower + is an Apple Arcade game, but you can play the basic version for free on iOS and Android.

23 ) Super Hexagon

For a game where you play as a geometric shape, the super hexagon is more fun and obsessive than it sounds. Created by Terry Cavanaugh (the developer behind and, more recently, Dicey Dungeons), Super Hexagon is a game that relies on anxiety and wants to keep pace with its beating electronic beat. Your task is simple: rotate a hexagon so that as the walls close around it, the shape is always in the direction of the space in the wall. It's incredibly fast and compelling and costs $ 2.99 to get it on iOS.

24 ) Threes

Three is the amount of progress. Three you need to think. This portable puzzler is easy to understand but difficult to master. Play four by four occurs on the board (not opposite the grid in Candy Crush) and players need to combine matching numbers to create cards of twice the value.  As the game progresses, the cards move from side to side, filling the board and the game becomes harder to continue. But stick to it and you can make your way to the leadership boards around the world. Like the best mobile games, it's easy to play for three to five minutes and waste hours traveling.

25 ) To the Moon

A story-filled adventure game with an art style reminiscent of SNES RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, To the Moon, is a touching narrative game about two doctors who give dying patients a chance to change their memories. So that they are not able to change their memories. Life is their deathbed. This emotional story is light on gameplay and heavy on narrative, telling the story of a dying man whose dream was to go to the moon. Our Doctor Hero must enter his brain, the Sycamore style, to change his memories. The moon is short (about four hours long) for the moon, but its central story has emotional benefits.

26 ) Wordle’s various spinoffs 

Ever since Wordle gained popularity for the first time, various spin-offs created by fans have popped up for players to enjoy. Games like Squirtle, Squabble, and many more are great for word puzzle game fans, and we've put together a list of 20 such games to test your daily wordplay game.

27 ) My Hero Ultra Impact

My Hero Ultra Impact is the latest installment of Bandai Namco's game in the My Hero Academia franchise. Game Gacha belongs to the genre of RPG and has 3v3 combat features, and the story features Izuku Midoriya and his adventures and pays homage to the classic anime.  This game is one of the best titles of Bandai Namco in recent times and it has a lot of content for the players to enjoy.

28 ) What about Golf?

In this highly innovative golf game, golf developer Trebend has just one excuse to cook some ridiculously cool surfaces. Golf But Portal, Golf But Angry Birds, Golf But Super Hot - Golf borrows from the aesthetics of popular games, using famous mechanics to put an interesting spin (pin purpose) on 18 holes.  But beyond golf's creativity, it really feels like Triband threw every idea on the wall and got most of it stuck.  There is a level where you play as a duty. There is a level where the game's golf mechanics are applied to football. There is a level where you have to shoot a fast-moving rocket towards the flag. In What the Golf, anything can be golf, and that's the magic. What is golf? Apple is an arcade game.

29 ) You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build a Boat may seem like a survival game where you have to collect wood and iron to build a ship, but it is actually a puzzle game where you can help build a friend's boat. A 6 by 8 grid. Line up three keys to open the chest of treasure. Use three swords to attack a monster. The action of You Must Build a Boat runs on two planes, with the little Phila running from left to right on the upper third of the screen, while the lower two-thirds are devoted to puzzles. You can also catch monsters along the way.

30 ) Florence

A great drama about love, loss, and letting go, Florence is a romantic drama that tells its story in very few words. Instead of a spoken language, Florence relies on touch-based mechanics and simple puzzles to express in words the joy of falling in love and being out of it.  With a beautiful, melancholy soundtrack by beautiful hand-crafted aesthetic and composer Kevin Pan can, experiencing the story of lead character Florence Yeoh is amazingly emotional as she falls in love with a musician named Krish.

Their relationship is played out in small, smart mini-games when you have to fit together puzzle pieces to suggest interactions, or what objects around the apartment after the couple moves together. You have to make a choice. Where to keep Although the game can be completed in a 45-minute PlayStation, Florence manages to pack the walp in that short time.