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Roulette is a highly popular casino game with a long history. It has captured millions of players' attention for centuries. The gameplay of Roulette is simple yet unpredictable and combines elements of wheel layout, betting options, and house edge (casino's advantage). The exciting elements make it a fun gaming activity for all ages and skill levels. With the rise of mobile gaming, Roulette has changed into the digital sphere, offering a convenient and engaging way to experience this classic game on the go. Roulette, a unique casino game developed by Orion InfoSolutions, offers an on-the-go platform for players to compete against top-ranked Roulette players. This game comes with a wide range of features, including player profiles, multiple gaming modes, leaderboard & achievements, and customizable settings.

Client Requirements & Vision

With the Roulette project, the client's approach was totally unique. From the user interface to features, these requirements were for making the game completely outstanding and driven by values. They wanted to push boundaries for better outcomes with unique products for their end users. So, they envision an app that offers its players unique game modes, power-ups, and special effects that add a fresh twist to the old-fashioned Roulette gameplay. After assessing the requirements of our clients, we realized that the work is definitely challenging, but with our team, it's not impossible.

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Features & Functionalities of Roulette Game Development That We Included

Guided by the client's vision, we incorporated a range of features and functionalities into the Roulette app:

Player Profiles

With a profile dashboard feature, players can create personalized profiles, track their progress, and showcase their achievements. They can also enhance their profile section by uploading pictures from the device. We added the tracking progress section more simply, which provides players with a complete overview with one click.

Multiple Game Modes

Our clients wanted to provide their users with something innovative, so we implemented multiple game modes, including Instant Play, multiplayer, tournaments, and daily challenges, to cater to diverse player preferences and skill levels

Leaderboards & Achievements

Therefore, our game designers developed a robust leaderboard system to enhance the users' gaming experience and keep them entertained for the long term. This feature became the central headline part that drove a large number of users. The feature allows players to compete for the top spot while unlocking achievements, providing a sense of accomplishment and motivating players to keep playing.


The client wanted something fun and unique that few in the industry offered, so we did what we always do. Our team added power-ups to the game, a dynamic element to the gameplay that allows players to gain advantages for a limited time, like increased spin power or extra chances, for a never-ending fun experience.

Special Effects

This feature encompasses visually appealing and stunning special effects in the game that are triggered by specific actions. This element made the whole game more entertaining and unique, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Social Features

Of course, social interaction is important to enhance the experience. Therefore, the app integrates social features like in-game chat and the ability to challenge friends, foster a sense of community, and encourage friendly competition.

Practice Mode

Practice mode allows players to isolate specific aspects of their gameplay, like striker control and disc placement. They can experiment with different techniques. This focused practice environment helps players refine their muscle memory and develop a more consistent and accurate prediction.

Smooth Gameplay

Smooth gameplay is necessary to allow players to immerse themselves in a completely different game environment. To provide such an experience, we developed an immersive physics engine that ensures realistic Roulette physics, replicating the nuances of spinning and stopping the ball.

Challenges in Development Phase

The idea of developing a unique roulette game application was fantastic, but the actual development process presented a few challenges. The first challenge that we faced during development was achieving a seamless blend between a basic Roulette game and a value-driven modern mobile game experience. We came across the problem of replicating realistic physics. Accurately simulating the physics of Roulette, like friction, spin, and stop on the roulette table, made the task complex. The other problem that we faced was building a system that prevents cheating within the game. Implementing robust anti-cheating measures to maintain fair gameplay in online matches was essential. Therefore, we addressed all these problems and provided our client with top-notch solutions. How did we do it? Check below!

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Solutions We Implemented


The problem was taking time, so we held a meeting and discussed it with our top experts, and we found the solution. So, we kept our client's expectations and their vision high; we tackled each challenge head-on. For the seamless blending of classic and modern game environments, we designed intuitive interfaces with familiar roulette elements alongside innovative features like power-ups. On top of that, realistic physics was achieved. We implemented a custom physics engine meticulously tuned for accurate spin and ball behavior. To make the platform completely away from cheaters and hackers, we integrated a secure coding structure and server-side validation. This enabled fair play in all game modes. The final result was totally unexpected as it resulted in a truly unique and engaging Roulette experience that finally exceeded the client's expectations and visions.

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