Andar Bahar Game App

Andar Bahar Game App

Andar Bahar Game App advantages and latest features

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Andar Bahar Game App
Andar Bahar Game App


Andar Bahar is a simple card game of chance played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is trendy all over the world, especially in India. Andar Bahar is a prediction-type game in which the players predict which side they will get the Joker or Trump card. Followed by the first bet, players can place a second bet if the Joker card doesn't appear in the first round. Players can use and implement many ways and strategies in the game, but no matter what you do, your luck is your friend while playing Andar Bahar.

What Is The Andar Bahar Game That We Have Developed?

Andar Bahar is a fun-to-play card game developed by Orion InfoSolutions. We incorporated advanced game development platforms such as Unity that helped us create this game without complications. The game has attractive UI designs and themes which users can change according to their preferences. But the most crucial part is the gameplay which we again successfully embedded. We wanted a clear and responsive game application that allows our players to make their gaming experience more immersive. And who doesn't love card games, and that too when you can win real money playing them.

Andar Bahar Game App

Client Requirements

The client's objective was to build a game that is making massive progress in the gaming industry, and then they acknowledged that Andar Bahar card games are gaining popularity. Their main concern was to make the game app completely on a robust platform with top-notch secured payment options. Also, they wanted their game to be completely fresh and unique.

They were searching for a mobile app development company that could understand their requirements and have excellent knowledge and experience in developing games and apps. So they approached Orion InfoSolutions to do this task. Orion InfoSolutions developed the best Andar Bahar game app for passionate players who love playing card games. We delivered their project within their given time, and they were also delighted with the services we offered them.

Andar Bahar Game App

Features of Andar Bahar Game Development

Here are some of the critical features of the Andar Bahar card game, which we included.

Fresh new smooth user interface

Variations of themes to make the game more alive

Video tutorials and practical instructions

Multiple betting options for users

Cross-platform support

Play with your friends and families in a custom room

Invite anyone and win free chips

Soothing and cool sound effects

Real-time chat option to cast away your boredom

Additional mini-games to increase your bankroll chips

Daily new contests and rewards

Compatible with any internet connection speed

Fast and variety of payment methods for adding money or withdrawing

Facebook option to invite all your friends and have fun with them


Responsive UI Design

Creating a fully responsive application with an attractive and fresh user interface is a difficult task; As a result, the app can also be quite heavy and laggy. Therefore our team decided that it has only one solution: a proficient game engine. So we chose Unity to build a responsive UI game application without complication.

To Make a Game Animation and Graphics Interactive

Building a simple app with low-quality graphics doesn't make sense in this modern technology world where mobile phones are powerful enough to handle any graphical interface. Using advanced tools, we developed the Andar Bahar game, unique with some 3D graphics and attractive animations. And the final result was very satisfying and ultimately paid off.

Creating a Secure Path for Payment Transferring

Payment transferring was a big task as our client wanted the best payment methods that no other third or fourth party could include. But our programmers took this challenge and built the payment API that sends a secure OTP to the user, and after entering it, payment can only be made. Apart from those, no one can interconnect in the payment process due to encrypted functions.

The Final Outcome

After a complete team effort, Orion InfoSolutions was able to build the Andar Bahar game application as our client requested. Without compromising on graphics, animations and UI, we finally created a responsive mobile application and secure payment solutions. Our client was thrilled with the final outcome of their project, and so were we.

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