13 Growing Importance of Mobile Apps for Education Industry

13 Growing Importance of Mobile Apps for Education Industry

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Today, I come up with an amazing topic (as you headed up) already, but do you know what makes me amazing to write for this one!

‘Well, I was studied at night since for 2-3 hours, not from the books, from the source of the internet or you can say educational mobile apps’

Don’t you think how wonderful is this?

Do you use mobile apps for education or studying…! (Hmmm)

If (yes) – it is great! If (no) – it’s time to check my blog!

The value of online education or mobile app education touchdown approximate 1.96 billion by 2021…and we are at the stage standing in the middle of that!

About 85% of HIGH and CO education schools, institutes, and universities shake hands with education app development in India to divergent and adopt the trend to give high and focused learning and knowledge platforms to the students that match with their best results.

So, I gonna discuss, how mobile apps are a growing advantage for the education sector…?

Importance of Education Apps

Over the past few decades, children are well influenced upon by technology, when mobile apps have been developing for education sectors, it simplifies dozen of things. Now a great education for children is become the most valuable asset and can be only determined and accomplished by mobile apps.

But, why do you and I need to accept mobile apps for education? Does it change anything? Of course, it changes a lot as I mentioned below: –

1. Increases Interaction – about 58%!

The research said that a normal interaction between parents, teachers, and children is done at a normal rate. But apps in education make the student more interactive and activate between all three!

So, the tendency of interaction goes 58% more than normal interaction…!

2. All on the Internet – up to 95%!

Well, we can’t neglect the power of the World Wide Web; everything you and I want to know about any category is out there. The wealth of this platform implicates the seekers to reach and find what they hunt for!

Similarly, the mobile application is well hosted with the internet, so teachers or students do not look at 10 different places for the collection of one matter! Access any small to a large bunch of resources from the Internet.

3. Entertainment – you can imagine!

Traditionally, all the things have been taught via words of mouth along with body gestures! But it does not count in the right manner especially in India. Students become bored and flash all passes information in just seconds!

Now things have been different, learning with passion and entertainment with the help of mobile applications made the student more addicted to learning and focusing on their exams.

Is it happens with you; then this is great keep it up!

4. All-time Availability – 24*7

Alike school, institute, and universities; you are not getting any help as mobile apps for education can do!

Imagine! Means anywhere can be classroom…you are free to know anything with simple and easy guides.

5. Utilize Leisure Time – put some effort!

In free time some children play, talk, sleep or just sit ideally as I do! But, my friend the best time to utilize your leisure time with mobile apps where you can learn things instantly with magic and surprises.

So, go head up!

6. Free from Routine Tasks – how amazing!

I know we get bored by doing one thing again and again like homework for instance!

But with educational mobile apps, you are not just free from routine work but you have the power to learn things when you want. Just follow the simple instruction and get it completed by a set time.

7. Filling in the Gaps – no hurdle!

Generally, it is seen that on-going or attending students creates a gap with teachers and parents as well. To fill those gaps apps and websites have been made to stay connected with your students or child in the loop of every event, schedule, or announcement.

8. Systematic Learning – all do!

It is true “Smart learning is one thing and systematic learning is next”! What you will accept.

Well everyone loves to do things in a scientific (systematic) manner. Like one great philosopher said “two or three systematic work may be more beneficial than doing disorganized then work”

9. Portability – will not confine!

iPhone app development company in India makes apps available to children anywhere, anytime they can learn things in a serious manner. As there is the constant companion of parents and students outsets there, so mobile apps for education are much portable.

10. Sustainability – at 100%!

Well, traditional education structure uses a pen, paper, pencils, and other stuff. But learning through mobile apps is 100% sustainable. If you try to get some notes it is easy to do.

11. Supports Instant Updates – no loss!

Well, mobile apps are well designed in a manner to test the adaptability by the consumers. Mobile apps ensure total updates of the learning status, by the time if there any updating happens; you get it on your side like a thunderbolt!

12. Track Students Progress – no more walk!

It is easier than getting feedback from the call or walking on your feet to the education asset. With simple and powerful educational apps for parents, teachers, and children you can check the list of real-time awareness by clicking one button.

13. Miscellaneous Functions – easy and simple!

Mobile apps have made the world of education simpler! Various thousands of kinds of activities like payments, scheduling, billing, addressing, and many more functions can be easily done by one single application.

It is good to say that mobile apps for education are like – ‘One roof service’!

Powerful Impact of Mobile Apps on the Education Industry!

Everything needs to be perfect because it shakes the world’

How about the above line…I made it by myself…!

A True Case Study

Do you hear the TRIO?

One of the best School brands in India reported by ET (Economic Times)! TRIO is all about learning global values with an excellent education. The school educates students from nursery to higher secondary as per the scheduled Curriculum.

TRIO is available on Google Play Store to download!

The BackStory

It is true! School management is very common and sometimes hectic work. One of our clients brought an idea of creating a school management system which can let the school department’s work in a more efficient manner.

He wanted to create a one-roof school management system that leads to managing all kinds of schooling activities like updates, contacts, faculty, offspring, events, timetables, tasks, fees, notices, attendance, library, transport, and so on.

How We Execute The Development

For us, it was a challenging job, but not impossible, backed with a specialist and timely coordination we were able to develop the idea of our clients into reality with cheers and leads.

Summing Up

The great determination takes time to complete, it depends on us to take as proud or not

Hay! Again big words from my mouth…do you like it!

At the end! I just want to say… the education industry should shake hands with mobile app technology for better prosperity and growth!

It is the time to get in touch with a smart mobile app development company to develop an application with niche advantages…!

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