6 High-End Open Cart Extensions to Boost your Ecommerce Sale

6 High-End Open Cart Extensions to Boost your Ecommerce Sale


As the growth of the eCommerce industry is growing, day by day, more and more new themes and designs are implementing. When starting an eCommerce website, they must know the software and programs that show the best results. With the increase of the online market, Open Cart themes and moduli are beneficial in expanding your business. One of the best choices in the market is OpenCart development; with this, your online business will boost the eCommerce industry. OpenCart Development is developing different themes and designs to make it more attractive and easy to implement.

OpenCart Developer used different methods and themes to modify the platforms and easy access to plugins. OpenCart also has some beneficial extensions that customize your need to provide you with the best selling extensions that are easy to install and compatible with the Cart.

The top 6 Open Cart Extensions are:

Some of the best selling Extension that will boost the eCommerce sale are:

Nitro Pack Extension

Nitro Pack is one of the best Open Cart themes Extensions, which will boost the loading speed, enhance user experience, increase conversion rate, and provide overall performance 30% faster than the other. To set Nitro Pack, one has to purchase, install and run it, including multiple extensions that will boost the open cart website. It comes under 6 unique designs and supports more than 30 premium features. Nitro Pack is the best fit for an Open Cart eCommerce website as it offers one-click access to the bestselling and is guaranteed to increase the speed.

Pre Order Extension

Pre Order Opencart Extensions Themes have the best-selling eCommerce features to increase sales. It includes allowing customers to order online and check the availability of products. Customers only have to add the product to the cart and save it to the wish list, and at the end, they can cross-check the sold products. This will allow you to make pre-orders, and if some products are not available at that time, it will notify you later at the arrival of the product. Pre Order Extensions are compatible and support multiple languages. Easy installation, and one can select the product according to categories like the product, brand, etc.

iBlog Extension

iBlog Opencart Extension is simple and comes with extensive documentation and features. It will drive traffic to your website and provide two-way communications with the clients. It includes a Question & Answer section configuration and pre-sale questions iBlog for Open Cart comes with a section that answers the most common configuration and pre-sale questions. iBlog provides you with a simple and effective way to write blogs with an Open cart Extension. It includes some features like clickable tags, Authors'' names; it displays all blogs on a single page.

Order Review Extension

Order Review OpenCart Extension is beneficial for customers as they can give reviews about the product. This extension helps to make your website more interactive and engaging to new customers. It includes a flexible configuration panel that will allow you to create different ratings and advanced product reviewing methods to make a more social presence. It includes some features like admin can add images, create notifications, page listing of products, share reviews, shuffle reviews, and display the desired number of reviews.

Watermark Extension

Watermark OpenCart Extension allows you to the extent of the default functionality to auto-generate Watermark. You can upload your image through admin panel control in jpg, png, etc.

Watermark allows you to create your font with different colour styles; it uses different watermarks on different stores with multiple functionalities. Log in to your OpenCart, add an extension, find a watermark install, and activate the link to get started with this extension.

iAnalytics Extension

iAnalytics OpenCart Extension is brand new and allows you to view conversion rate (CR), customer actions, visitors, wish list products, and impressions directly from the website server, and no tracking codes are needed. All the information is tracked with a single and compatible with all the themes. One can have pre-sale records like visitors' demand and searches and customer behaviour after the sale.

Some features include data about products added to the Cart, conversion rates, and most viewed product details.