Apple ‘iOS 12’ – Can You Guess What Features Apple Will Add?

Apple ‘iOS 12’ – Can You Guess What Features Apple Will Add?

Hey friends…we have an interesting and trending year that takes us into another velum.

Certainly, 2018 is the marvelous and utmost year in which lots of gadgets have been seen and used like for example; Google announced Security Updates for Android Smartphones, Upgradation in Android Instant Apps, Innovation in Machine Learning, and many other inventions with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But these are related to Android OS.

What about Apple iOS…!

APPLE is best known to play with AI and MI. As we know that APPLE gloriously developed and markets its vantage iPhone series from its initial release till to the present and May even continues in the future too.

As you are well aware of the iOS version…!

And I know what version you are currently using – ‘iOS 11’

Isn’t it true…!

Arrange your sit back and get ready to dive and use the new and latest iOS 12 right for your smartphone.

But, instantly you cannot use a full version of iOS 12. You can only access its ‘BETA’ tester right from your current smartphone.

This is the golden chance for iPhone App Development Company in India to develop the app and provide better solutions to the clients, and them to enjoy the new flexibility with iOS 12.

But, don’t worry… APPLE announced to release its full and final iOS 12 version for its iPhone users in SEPTEMBER.

But, could you suggest what features you can guess that APPLE will add in iOS -12.


Don’t worry; I outline full and final mark features that APPLE will add in its iOS 12 version.

Let’s seek what they are?

What’s New In Performance!

  • Up to 40% faster app launch
  • UP to 50% faster keyboard display
  • Up to 70% faster swipe to camera
  • Up to 2 times faster share sheet display under load
  • Faster and more responsive
  • Smoother Animation

Enjoy And Fun With FaceTime!

  • Make face-time calls with up to 32 participants simultaneously.
  • Answering incoming group face call with video or audio.
  • Join and add people to the group at any time.
  • Get Ring less Notification.
  • Messages Integration.
  • Animoji.
  • iMessage sticker packs.
  • Private end-to-end encryption.

New Integration In Messages!

  • Create an all-new kind of Animoji.
  • Tongue and Wing Detection.
  • Use the camera in Messages to capture photos and enhance them.
  • Use classic black and white, comic book, and watercolor to enhance your look.
  • Add text effects like speech bubbles and emojis to your photos or videos.
  • Fun with iMessage sticker packs.
  • Redesign App Strips.

More Security In Screen Time!

  • Calculate the time you spend using apps and websites.
  • Set a specific time like bedtimes, when apps and notifications are blocked.
  • Create exceptions for apps you’d like your kids to have access to.
  • Set the amount of time implicitly.

What’s New Upgradation In Notifications!

  • Grouped notifications.
  • Instant tuning.
  • Siri notification suggestions.
  • Critical alerts.

Stay Relax With Do Not Disturb Mode!

  • Do not disturb while a bad time.
  • New do not disturb options.

Make Most Of The Argument Reality!

  • Persistent and multiuser experiences.
  • 3D object recognition.
  • Face tracking.
  • Scene reflection.
  • USDZ file format.
  • AR quick look.
  • Can Measure Apps.

New Upgradation In Photos!

  • A single destination for your Memories, Shared Album activity, and the best moments in your library.
  • Sharing Suggestion.
  • Intelligent Search Suggestion.
  • You can search for places and events.
  • Multiple Keyword Search.
  • RAW Photo Support.
  • Redesigned Albums Tabs.

Better And Fast Camera Experience!

  • Improved Portrait Lightning.
  • Portrait Segmentation API.
  • Improved QR Code.

Say Hello To Siri!

  • Siri Suggestion.
  • Add to Siri
  • New Shortcuts App.
  • Shortcut API.
  • Translation.
  • Celebrity Facts.
  • Food Knowledge.
  • Photo Memories Search.
  • Passwords.

New Management In Privacy And Security!

  • Enhanced Tracking Prevention.
  • Automatic Strong Passwords.
  • Password Reuse Auditing.
  • Security Code AutoFill.
  • Password Sharing.
  • Password Manager API.

Fast And More App Updates!

  • Apple Books.
  • Stocks.
  • Voice Memos.


So, these are the full and final tweaks and details about APPLE IOS 12. If you want to know more about it you can visit its official site too.

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