BetFair App Development Cost & Features

BetFair App Development Cost & Features


As time passes, the demand for BetFair Apps increases as well. It is not a new concept in this day and age to gamble, which is also known as BetFair. From a very young age, people begin to bet or gamble, and mostly it is for people who love sports. Sports are tennis, baseball, cricket, football, rugby, basketball, and many more.

A few people used to predict the future of the sports game when a group of friends or family used to watch sports together, such as who was going to win the game and the score for their favorite team or player. People who predict the amount get rewards of money when their prediction is correct. This money is collected by everyone who has guessed it correctly.

Today, online platforms are increasingly used for business, startups, services, games, and other purposes. How about creating a better betting or gambling application for this game?

In addition, there are hundreds or thousands of apps available for download on the App Store or Google Play Store in relation to gambling. The use of mobile app solutions makes the process easier, and people can bet from anywhere around the earth and get their rewards without leaving their homes.

Are you interested in developing a BetFair app?

In the following article, we'll discuss how much it costs to develop a BetFair App. Details about the benefits of starting a betting app, the basic features of betting apps, and how much it costs to develop an app for BetFair.

Can BetFair Apps be Profitable?

In the market, launching a BetFair app is very profitable. Similar to earlier times, people are still gambling on sports games or betting. Technology is the only difference now that people use it for a variety of activities and to access various services.

Launch a BetFair app if you're planning to start a new business or online startup. The app allows users to connect with other betting or gambling enthusiasts. They can place bets on any sports game, no matter where they are in the world, through this app service. If the user wins, he or she receives the price, but if the user loses, the price is lost.

Betfair's Business Model

BetFair reached great success within a few years of its founding. In 2020, the company is expected to have a revenue of USD 4.07 billion, employing over 4,000 people with millions of active users worldwide. Its business model has four pillars: subscription revenue model, fees & commissions model, ad revenue model, and brand promotion model. Let us examine each revenue stream in more detail now.

1 Subscription Revenue

Consumers are provided with access to a product or service in exchange for recurring fees that are processed at regular intervals under the subscription revenue model. This is also the model used by BetFair to generate revenue. A monthly fee is charged to dormant users as well as active users.

In general, BetFair has a linear revenue model. The platform offers users the opportunity to bet on sporting fixtures from one or more leagues; in return, it charges a nominal subscription fee for providing BetFair's premium services. Considering the size of BetFair's user base, this has allowed them to report a handsome revenue increase of 9.7%, recently. 

2 Commission & Vigorish

BetFair charges a commission on winning Bets, whereas Vigorish is the amount charged by the company when you place the Bet. Any Betting service will generate substantial revenue from commissions and vigorish, also known as vig.

Throughout all markets, BetFair charges less Vigorish compared to its competitors in order to uphold the reputation of an honest bookmaker. It has been reported that the company made over $64 million through commissions and Vigorish on its own in 2018-19.

3 Advertisements

All premium services include advertisements, not just BetFair. BetFair's platform also provides advertisements for brands and franchises associated with sports. Your BetFair platform allows you to gain ad revenue as well as grow your brand organically by offering space.

Being a leading provider of betting services, BetFair offers a range of brands and companies opportunities to market their products or services on the platform. Therefore, we can safely assume advertising revenue accounts for a substantial portion of BetFair's total revenues.

4 Brand Promotion

A marketing strategy is used to inform, influence, persuade and convince consumers to choose a product or service of a specific brand. Successful brand promotion generates more profits and returns on investment with a well-planned technique.

Budgets need to be set aside for brand promotion, as it is an essential expense. As a sponsor of the soccer team, Stoke City, BetFair wisely chose to promote its brand in an arena where new customers can be drawn to it. It serves as an effective and efficient method of product placement and promotion for them and is already reaping dividends.

BetFair Mobile: Key Features

Internet-related advancements have taken place across a wide range of industries. Additionally, it has strayed into BetFair's domain and opened up a world of money-making opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. The development of sports and betting apps is a result of the evolution of betting, which was traditionally done through a physical bookie or later through a computer or laptop. Next, we will talk about how much it costs to create a BetFair app.

Smartphone betting has become popular since the advent of the Smartphone era. Thousands of betting and gaming enthusiasts from around the world have taken advantage of it. It is possible to place bets right from where you are and at any time when a game is being played with the Smartphone app. Mobile apps from BetFair allow players around the world to place bets and try their hands at this skill game. From your mobile device, you can win rewards and cash prizes so why wait? Read on to learn the features that you will have to use to develop a sports mobile app similar to William Hill if you are considering getting your own sports mobile app created.

At the launch of the first betting app, users were able to place bets, cash out, and check scores in the app. But as technology evolved, the app gained more features, making it more user-friendly.

Other features include live streaming of the match, betting categories, player information, and many others. A single app is used for all of this on a smartphone.

The User Panel

1. Registration is easy

As soon as the user opens the betting app, a section appears. A new account can be created with an email address or social media credentials can be used.

2. Management of live feeds

It is the best idea to include a live feed feature. The gambler will be able to see the match status directly from the app, which will make it easier to create a better betting strategy before they place their wager.

3. Payment methods that are safe

In the betting sector, money is the most important factor. It is imperative that the app incorporates a secure payment gateway. These payment gateways make it convenient for users to place bets and withdraw winnings.

4. Gambling Guide

New users will be most interested in this feature. They will gain an understanding of the concepts, advantages, and odds of betting by reading the betting guide. By reading the guide, they will gain a better understanding of the betting concept.

5. Information about the player

In order for the user to fully appreciate the game, every detail about every player must be known. When the user knows this, betting becomes easier.

6. Information on upcoming matches

By using this feature, the users are kept up to date with upcoming matches and schedules, including the exact date and time.

7. The ability to place multiple bets

It is possible to choose from a variety of betting patterns and modes. Depending on their needs and preferences, users can select from all the options available. Examples of these are Check or Call, Check Mini-Raise, Check-Raising, Calling, Call Raise, Folding the Flop, Always Checking the River, etc.

8. FAQ’s

Most of the users have the same questions. It is crucial to include FAQs in the user panel. With the help of FAQs, users can find solutions to problems they are experiencing.

9. Multilingual

Due to the fact that betting apps users are located all around the world. Users must be able to easily navigate the app in their preferred language by supporting multiple languages.

The Admin Panel

1. Login to the administration area

A user's details and information must also be accessible via the admin's account. Once the match is over, the administrator is responsible for updating the winners and losers.

2. Managing user accounts

Managing all user information, such as the number of registered users. A user's information is accessible by the admin so that they can manage betting types, amounts, etc.

3. Managing payments and prizes

Admins manage the total amount of money received from all users. In accordance with the type of bet that was played, presenting the winning amount to the user who won.

4. Calculating Odds with Bookmakers

The majority of bets are placed with bookmakers. An administrator is informed which team has the best odds, as well as the price placed on each player and team.

Admins also notify gamblers of the start and end of matches. Moreover, the user can be removed at any time if he is violating the terms. Each match can be added or deleted by the admin. Additionally, each match's betting price can be set by the admin.

5. Announcement of the winner

Every match ends with the user analyzing all users and declaring the winner. After that, the winning user receives the prize money.

6. Management of games

Admin is responsible for all news related to upcoming and past matches. Each day, the feed is updated by the admin so that users will never miss any betting news.

Betting applications such as BetFair have advanced features

Every betting application or website has advanced features. They're like a support system. Adding features that are unique, impressive, and user-friendly will help you stand out from your competitors. Check out the following advanced features that can help you beat your competition.

  1. A live stream of the event
  2. Updates on the audio
  3. Multiple Language Support
  4. Settlement of real-time bets
  5. Analyze live
  6. Integration with eWallets

Website and software solutions for BetFair

Mobile betting apps have brought a major boost to the market for online gambling. While betting is still not popular in some countries like China or Japan, it is extremely popular in Europe and America. Betting on a variety of sports is available in the BetFair app, along with cricket, football, and others.

1. American Football

In addition to North America, it is becoming popular in many other countries as well. We offer seamless betting on our mobile app.

2. Horse Riding

Horse riding betting is an important concept, but physical betting is something to consider in this context as well. Horse racing bets can be placed with just a few taps.

3. Ice Hockey

Canada's national winter sport, Ice Hockey is also popular throughout Europe, Russia, and the United States. We offer you a rich betting experience.

4. Formula One Racing

The major attraction of F1 Racing is its live streaming feature. Users can use this feature to create strategies to increase their profits while placing a bet.

5. Bull Riding

Bull Riding is an ancient sport that is popular in Mexico and the United States. Brazilian, Canadian, Argentinean, Australian, and many other countries are also facing increased competition. Live streaming of bull racing is available with BetFair's robust software.

Software Development Costs for BetFair

While it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of betting software, the average or approximate cost can be calculated. Costs for building an app depend largely on features, platforms, and your country of residence. This is because developers are paid differently in different countries.

  1. U.S. based developers: – $70 to $300 per hour
  2. Eastern Europe based developers: – $40 to $150 per hour
  3. Japan-based developers: – $55 to $250 per hour

According to the USA developers' details, the estimated cost of building BetFair software can be determined by observing the following activities.

  1. Technical documentation (45 hours – $850 to $4500)
  2. UI/UX design (65 Hours – $1250 to $6500)
  3. Front-end and Back-end development (450 Hours – $8,500 to $ 45,000)
  4. MVP testing (90 Hours – $500 to $6000)
  5. Polishing and bug fixing (30 hours – $300 to $5000)

By analyzing the above-mentioned information, it can be estimated that the cost of developing a BetFair software will cost you around $25,000 to $46,000. But the cost of developing a BetFair app with the most advanced features will cost around $65,000 to $80,000.


Cost of BetFair Website Development

Developing a BetFair website is an easy task as compared to BetFair Sports Betting software development. But the cost of BetFair website development also differs according to the features you are including. The average cost of developing a BetFair website is around $40,000 to $45,000. Get in touch with us if you need a company with extensive experience in BetFair software and website development.