Cost to Develop an App Like Tinder

Cost to Develop an App Like Tinder

Hello friends! What’s up…?

‘The Dating Application like Tinder is categorized in the list of high-level applications and the same will cost you Somewhere $15k to $30k. However, there are several possible ways to cut down costs. Read further to know more…

Yesterday I had to use the Tinder Application on my Android Smartphone! It was amazing, not only in navigation and feature but in fact its utility services is surprising the customers and users like (me) and (you).

Actually, I like its swipe navigation feature generally used for like and chat functions!

In fact, I want to DEVELOP TINDER LIKE APPLICATION for business purposes along with a high retention rate!

Don’t you think…equivalent

Well, probably this is not like firing a word of mouth, it involves research and proper selection is important to develop the tinder-like application.

For you guys, I have mentioned each and every aspect/factor/facts/necessity and even cost to develop a ‘Tinder’ dating-like application. So, get yourself comfortable and kick start my blog from top to the bottom without (skipping).

Tinder Dating Application Features

Right from the idea generation to the development of the application, it must important to define what exactly you are touching into the conception part to the completion part. If you are planning to design apps like Tinder then you must include these top-rated and user-oriented features in your planned application.

Look down…

1. Check User Profile

Tinder allows millions of people to check their profiles with names and pics. Make it easy for the people to explore users' profiles with the correct information as well.

2. Chat Option

More than just swiping right or left,

3. Functional Activity

The user can perform several specific and general functions according to the requirement meet with geo-location, search distance, filters, and much more.

4. Feedback System

Nowadays this feature must be present in every application, tinder is highly focused to consume more customer retention rates systematically.

5. Social integration

Sharing made it easy to cover millions of users. Like Tinder, you have the third- party option available there like Instagram and Facebook.

6. Additional Feature

Moreover, Tinder is not stopped here! Tinder has some unique features that tinder itself doesn’t want to disclose. However features like password, in-app payment, etc can be pronounced as an additional features.

Real Talk! Cost To Develop Tinder Like Dating Application

Now let me do some real talk that you’re wondering for…

Cost>>>Cost>>>and Cost

However, if you are planning to develop an app like Tinder…I know you did some study to find out some rough estimate, whether you search on Google, calculate using Mobile App Cost Calculator and may be asked from cross ponderance reference.

Well, this is no good to consider at all! Let me give you a reason…

Because they actually don’t give you a valid cost ratio you want! Hereby you need to calculate by yourself as I did.

Yes! I derive one formula to calculate app development cost! Although it will work great to calculate the cost for tinder application.

Formula; C = TTR x HR

whereas; C has Cost, TTR is Total Time Required, and HR is Hourly Rate

I think you are in doubt, probably thinking how cost can be determined from this formula…is don’t it

But let me tell, the cost highly depends on two factors: (i) how much time is required to develop an application (ii) hourly development rate or simply company cost policy

When you hit a search for app development cost estimation, you will find two kinds of factors that affect your app development cost. Right

The (time) and (cost) is the primary and key factor that highly affects the cost of app development beyond the boundaries.

However, this scenario is also a little difficult to understand the behavior of the final cost as it acts in a different manner or I say cost changes as time changes along with the hourly rate.

If you are considering designing your whole app from the north and east part of ‘America’ it would cost you high as compared to ‘Asia’.

From the above chart, it is clear that where you can save your dollar that matters these days!

I think you understand the importance of time and rate. Hereby let move our study a little further>>>towards the resource part!

What resources do you suggest to develop a Tinder-like application?

[No idea] Scroll down

What Are The Resources Required To Design and Develop App Like Tinder?

The concept of resources required to build a Tinder-like application begins at the stage you set up before the idea of generation.

If you’re cost-conscious and want to get cost-effective services you need to outsource your idea to someone who is really capable of implementing that idea into reality using divergent resources.

So, let get the list down the resources which get a clear and direct hand for the development of the actual application.

A) Analyst – Played Significant Role

The first-time user who interacts with the person from whom, he/she actually interchange the query of something to being developed from one another, the person responsible for understanding the demand of clients, presenting the perfume of business is so-called – Analyst.

Hereby the analyst person, note down the requirement(s) of the client and passed it to the further person.

B) Business Manager – Linker b/w client, analyst, and project manager

A business manager is a person who acts as a middleman and has the responsibility to fully analyze the requirement of the clients before being confirming the phase of development.

Hereby the business manager eliminates all the uncertain and unwanted queries according to the rate of service possible to be delivered.

C) Project Manager/Team Leader – A Central Point

The person who at the position of project management and team leadership has played a very central role in all the distinct resources. The actual production of the idea into reality is being designed here with duly systemized.

Hereby the work of development of the actual application is being divided into three main categories:

1. Designer

Played the role of drawing plain-sheet art which is required by the team of programmers or developers. Here designer draws the blueprint of the app idea into a virtual appliance which eliminates a lot of risk during the phase of coding.

2. Developer

Being purely and manual development of application using various technologies into consideration. Hereby developers exactly add the taste of client idea and make the intuitive application.

3. Quality Analyst

After the successful development of the application, the team of quality analyst now check the entire application for any errors, if any errors occurred during the test process, it is immediately decamped from the application. It is the best part to ensure the security of the application.

How Much Does It Cost To Build App Like Tinder?


As I said earlier that unwanted estimation is not the correct estimation to go with! Here the actual cost to design an app like Tinder could be analyzed with my 2-phase theory.

Let begin…

PHASE I: Tinder App Development Cost Is Based on App Development Process (Seriously)

It is true that my cost or expenditure is all based on the Mobile App Development Process and from this cost can be calculated from my basic formula (mentioned above).

Planning and Brainstorming

It starts with planning; if you well define your idea with reference then the time will cost nothing. But if you are looking to develop your own having application then it will add some time in planning and brainstorming as usually take 50 – 100 hours.

Documentation and Prototype

Writing down on plain paper with an actual concept and designing the glimpse of the core idea usually took 40 – 70 hours. If documentation doesn’t properly or in between client want some changes after wireframing then surely it rises up cost also.

Design and Development

It is a long-lasting leisure time! Sometimes it even takes weeks, months, and even years to develop a single application. Generally, low complex application with simple features and functions takes 150 – 300 hours of development. A medium-level application like ‘Tinder’ apparently takes 500 to 700 hours of development. A large and intense kind of application surely takes more than thousands of hours.

Testing and Deployment

After bearing a large cocktail now it's time to find some issues in that cocktail. The testing and deployment activities could generally take 70 – 100 hours of practical practice easily and then only hand over to the client made possible.

In the conclusion section; it approximately took 1000 hours to build an app like Tinder.

Is this sound small to you! Let me add rate in this…!

PHASE II – Different Boundaries With Difference Hourly Rate Charges (What You Pick)

It just needs to add the rate and then we can see how much cost you will bear to develop an app like Tinder.

But there is still one question in your mind is that does it still cost-effective to you. The answer is…YES

Let’s compare with other alternatives:

US and Canada

What if you choose Northen and Eastern American Companies to develop an app like Tinder. You know their minimal charge range starts from $50 per hour. Do you think it would be cost-effective?

Think again

The UK and Europe

Come to the right side; opting with an hourly rate of $35 – $170 (none) of the good thing to be considered here. You will get your app to develop well there, but what will be the result if you are cost-conscious. Don’t you with saving option?


Moving to the beautiful island where the mobile app consolidates with the services matching with great utility, is a point you can focus on there. The companies established they're minimal agree to develop an application with an hourly rate of $50 – to $150 which is somewhat, I say cost-effective to the people.


The hub of Gulf countries! Overseas haunt for great opportunity foot in the Indian boundaries in order to develop mobile app services for least-cost ($10 – $80). Don’t you believe>>>about 60% of businesses and users consider Indian companies and their manpower to develop the idea into reality due to the cost-effective factor.

Finally, we got everything we need to calculate the price…

Then, let apply the formula here…and check which one is more cost-effective than among all.

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