Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development and Integration

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway development and Integration

As we all know that demand of cryptocurrency is increasing and people are oriented toward it more due to its specific features like it is decentralized and we have no need of the third party to make it. But the main problem arises is its complex trading that is the factor of anxiety. Everyone wants to access and use cryptocurrency on their smartphone and PC. So, for this, we need payment gateway that can help us to manage our cryptocurrency and if we are using Bitcoin payment gateway then we can easily transfer our coin through it and can receive bitcoin by using this. Cryptocurrency cannot be regulated by any country and authority and no one can regulate except you. If you are having Bitcoin then you are the owner of this and you can trade this and can mint your coin with the help of blockchain.  Here, we will talk about top 10 cryptocurrency payment gateways that we can integrate easily in our Web and App by the help of Orion Infosolutions and we can also develop and Integrate our own cryptocurrency payment gateway by Orion Infosolutions.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and at present, it is booming and getting too much hike and it has no more need for introduction. So, all e-commerce web and App Company are including cryptocurrency payment gateway in their web and App because in future cryptocurrency will rein on all currency that is running in the current. Here, we will discuss 10 payment gateways that you can integrate into your Website and in App by the help of us.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is used by thousands of merchants and approximate all merchants are now accepting cryptocurrency and bitcoin as a payment. So, Shopify will release its own payment gateway with 14 days free trial that you can also use and after that, if you think that it is best for you, then you can integrate it. By the help of it, it is very easy to setup your Bitcoin by using App, web, tablet and POS machine.

cryptocurrency payment gateway


Alfacoins also offers you payment gateway that provides you with a payment medium for cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. It supports all three currencies. When we use this method then it will charge 0.99 % as transaction fees.  It also offers us API that developers can use and can know that how to develop a feature in bitcoin payment gateway.


The main fact about this is that its values updated after 60 seconds. It support and process Bitcoin and more than 40+ Altcoins currencies. It is more advanced than any other payment gateway because in which, you can instantly transfer money back in Euro and Dollar. It also accepts altcoin and you can convert it to Bitcoin and vice Versa.


Gocoin just releases and implemented its own payment gateway that works on major e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify. Developers can also use this API and implement it also. It takes charges for 1 % fees. Its working process is similar to other cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Bitcoin payment gateway and Integration


It is very simple in use and having its standard as well.    Its code library is in PHP and Node.js. For Bitcoin traders, all instructions are available there and the user has no need to check its rule and regulations elsewhere. It’s all features are highly secured and advanced that you can use it for making your payment by cryptocurrency.


WordPress counts Gourl as its most rated bitcoin plugins. We can easily integrate all of its features with each web page and by using this; we can directly receive transaction receipt in directly Bitcoin wallet. You can also convert you Bitcoin in all currency here. The conversion will not take place automatically and all rates will be applied that is running currently. It is counted as best according to the WordPress.


It is the best platform for merchants who want to go with Bitcoin payment gateway. For merchants, all kinds of information are published here and videos are also present here that guide new merchants that how you can set up a new payment gateway for your business prosperity. It serves us a number of payment process services.


It is best known in a European country. It has fast transaction speed than any other cryptocurrency payment gateway. It has also the lowest fee for a transaction like 0.8 %. Its main thing is that it supports multiple currencies like US, Euro, PLK and CZK and much more that is currently in top demand. Account Approving process is very simple and faster than any other.



It will guide you in all aspects that how cryptocurrency payment gateway actually works and how you can implement it for your services. It will guide your tip to toe in brief. Its processing fees are 1%.


It is best destinations who want to deal in cryptocurrency. It has become a great place for buyers and sellers that do trade in bitcoin and in another cryptocurrency. Here, you can get bitcoin debit card and bitcoin mobile wallet. You can also get full information about the merchants who are trading in Bitcoins.

The powerful impact of this is that when we make payment then we can get it in any currency that id desired by us. It also includes e-commerce shopping cart plugins and it API.


It is counted as best and famous for bitcoin market because it accepts and offers us payment gateway for 32 countries. It has big clients on its list like Expedia and many more. It provides us with a sleek that serves us user-friendly mobile checkout experience. It is totally more secured compared to other.

Why Choose Orion Infosolutions for Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Payment Gateway Development and Integration

Orion Infosolutions is the best company for cryptocurrency payment gateway development and Integration because it is having rich experience of cryptocurrency development and we are highly efficient in developing new payment gateway for Bitcoins and its similar currency. Our prime focus is on Integration of bitcoin gateway and another cryptocurrency gateway. We reached a point in cryptocurrency Integration that no one can do as smart as we do.

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